Unable To Finish TRR Races, The racing gear / saddle speed bug...

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Hi all, I am not sure if anyone else experiences these bugs like me, but ever since this snoggletogg update I have been unable to finish TRR races. Basically when we start the races even when I am ahead the game never gives me the green little ''1'' on the top of my head. And yes, I made sure that I never skipped any green rings, no matter what happens it never seems to give me the number 1 position even when I deserve it. And whenever I get to the finish line the HUD disappears like it usually would to prepare to show me the scoreboard and let me see my timer. But what basically happens whenever I finish is the game just gets stuck on load forever or my name does not even appear on the scoreboard at all!! Despite me finishing the track first! The game just keeps me on hold until others arrive and claim the top 2 or 3 spots etc..and my name is still nowhere to be seen, not even as ''DNF''..Its almost like I am just non-existant in the race.


Also the racing gear / saddle speed bug still keeps happening. As someone who loves to race not being able to use racing gear hurts my race, my dragon just goes completely wild on sensitivity when I have my saddle and gear on. I really want to be able to use my racing gear, and my saddles, without my viking turning into a speedstinger on steroids or my dragon going absolute nuts on the dive / turn sensitivity. Basically turning and diving / rising way too sharply. Please fix the TRR races also..I never get my trophies from racing, I do not even appear on the leaderboard, this is so annoying..Isnt there a way for me to fix all this? 

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This happened to me so many times. I've lost twenty trophies from it. I'm probably going to PM an admin about it.


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Same here!

I have the same problem like you. I could be first, second or whatever place, but after I finish the race, the game get stuck. Sometimes leaderboard appears, but I am not there and other players have always racing time 0:00:00. I do not get any rewards like coins or cookies or trophies. It happens when I am playing on computer. Racing on mobile Phone is ok, but I am not as fast like on my computer. It is very frustrating.

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Same here

Literally same here since Dreadfall event happened and i dont think PMing and admin would help cus i did the same, put me to email the problems i showed everything i could and that they will send me an email when they fix it and that i will have an update. That was like 3-4 weeks ago..

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Double post!