Unable to access Dreadfall Dailies.

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Hey so I noticed this yeasterday after an update but I can’t access the Dreadfall Dailies. My character just twitches upwards from the back of my dragon, a sheen of light crosses the pumpkin menu, but nothing else happens. I’m on mobile so island if it’s something I’m doing or what, but I usually use my iPhone or iPad mini.


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Thumbtack, bring back that subject!

I also seem unable to access the daily quests, for some reason.

I tried on both pc and mobile, but in both cases clicking the quest board results into nothing. My quests have been working just fine since they got fixed until now for as far as I know.

I'll just rely on stable quests until the issue is fixed.


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I've been noticing a pattern

I've been noticing a pattern with the dailies. On the sixth day when it's supposed to reset it glitches and doesn't do anything. On the seventh day it works just fine. I wonder why it does this.



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i might actually have an answer for this

I know of a couple of people who, in the middle of a week, skipped one day and got reset back to day one (example: was on day three, missed a day, started over again). My guess is that it considers us as having 'skipped' the sixth day, and resets us back to day one, instead of doing... I don't know, whatever it's supposed to be doing.

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