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Is there any difference between the UDT eggs in the shop and the regular ones, besides the price?

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I don't think so.

I don't think so.


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Nope, just that you can buy

Nope, just that you can buy with coins once you get enough UDT points.

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im saveing up for a

im saveing up for a zippleback

and i got a gronkle they are more fun to fly then they look



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I just got a zippleback with

I just got a zippleback with coins a few days ago

Nothing is different about the dragons at all! :3





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is it cool to fly and im only

is it cool to fly and im only geting one if snaptrappers arent added soon

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Does it "cost" UDT points?

Like if u buy an egg with coins, will that number of your UDT points be gone? For example, if I earn just enough points to buy a Gronckle, will I have to start over with 0 if I want to get a MN after that?




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*Insert Subject Here*

That's what I've been wondering too, if it takes away UDT points...


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No, it does not.

To answer your question simply, it's a no. It does not use UDT points, that's just what is required to purches the dragon before it is unlocked in your buy inventory. The eggs that require UDT points to unlock them is bought with coins or gold(which ever you prefer). You just are required to reach a certain level of experience before that particular item is avalible to you. Hope this helped XD and good luck in your races.


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