Two ships at Battle event ?!?!

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Hi there, fellow Dragon riders !


Hope you're okay during these troubled times!


Anyway, I take the quill... no, the keyboard, today, because of something that occured not far than an hour ago during a battle event.


Quick summary:

there were two ships at the same time in the Training Grounds.


Long summary:

At first, I was waiting for the ship, there were only one coming, an Outcast ship. Then, when the Outcast ship arrived near the Dragon Racing tower, my game froze a second or two, like it does when I switch to or from MMO, and there was another ship, this time a Berserker ship, as you can see on the battle ground:

The first ship to come was the one on the right and the second, that came from nowhere, on the left.


I thought it could be a glitch, that two game rooms could have somehow merged, but frankly, I really don't know how these things works so... as far as I know, it could be anything.


Anyway, I kept firing at "my" ship, the Outcast one, looking to bring it down. But, it seems the Berseker one was far more hurt and it sinks first.

Then, well, victory, yeah, silver medal, yeah -even if I didn't help to bring this ship down. So, I come back to the Outcast ship, it's still here, frozen on its track, and when I fire at it, it does nothing so I can't even bring it down... whereas before the Berserker was defeated, I could still hurt the Outcast one...

So, the battle has ended, there is no health bar on the ships, but there is one ship that seems to have nothing to do here... And I have no idea which one.


I don't really know what happened here. I hope it's only a one-time glitch, but with the update lately, I wanted to make sure you know, in case this keep happening.


By the way, yeah, the ships's health bars on the screenshots are frozen when I play on computer (they go down when I play on mobile). But as it's this way since I play and it's been months, I don't really bother, so I don't think this glitch has anything to do with the two ships glitch.


So, any ideas of how this could have happen, if it could happen again, or has it happened to you too?


Stay safe!



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-insert cool subject here-

OH NO! My dream came true! All logic is abandoned, I am no longer at reality! BAAAAA!!!!



I had a dream once that the developers added a rare ultra battle event update where we had 10 minutes to take down 4 strong ships in the Training Grounds. Such event took hold once a week, and as such, they offered a pretty hefty prize if you win. It was long and epic and I wished it was real. :D




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Devs, take notes! XD

Ooh, that would actually be really cool!  But I don't think 10 minutes would be enough.  15 to 20 would be more reasonable.  Now I kinda wish they'd do that... XD


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Now I'm intrigued...

Mmh... Even if the glitch I encountered was certainly only a glitch, I have to admit, the idea of a real battle against several ships is really interesting...

When the devs try something like that to add more challenges to the battlefield, count me in!