Tutorial bugs (and lots of it) | Bug Report

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School of Dragons Dev team, I thank you for the fix in Icestorm Island, but your job is far from over. It would appear as though the bugs have reached the Tutorial, and they have been resting there even back when the tutural wasn't at the school back then.


Pressing skip when the video doesn't load doesn't skip the video, and plays all of it.

The videos are great and all, and an interesting addition. I liked Stoick's memories in Return to Dragon Island. But that doesn't mean they're bug free. Depending on the speed of your internet, loading the video can take a while. There are some vikings who want to complete the quest, but they can't without waiting for the video to load just so they can skip it. Please fix it to where we can skip the video before it even loaded.


Hiccup doesn't really land on the ship. He just appears.

Believe it or not, this wasn't a bug when the new tutorial was released. However, the bug-free-ness didn't last for long. When players watch the cutscene of Hiccup landing on the boat, they don't really see him land. It's just a ghost. And before any players try to say that was supposed to happen, I circled the boat, and saw that it wouldn't make sense that we didn't see Hiccup.


Chat appears randomly during the tutorial.

The chat is supposed to be a solo place, where you are just starting the game. You shouldn't be seeing the chat as you're supposed to focus on helping Hiccup defeat the Dragon Hunting ship, as well as rescue your new dragon. However, the chat shows up, and it's missing it's UI elements, too, resulting in floating text.


These are all the bugs I've found. Please get this fixed as fast as you can, Dev team, as if your new-found playerbase depends on it, because in a way, it does. And if it helps you, this is all on the Desktop version (the one not on Steam,) however I am sure bugs like this are on other versions.


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