TTR sheep?

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Does anyone know what the sheep in Thunder Run Racing are even for? Are they just decoration? Do they give speed boosts? Anything?



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I think they give you a slight speed boost, kind of like a single-use ring.  Also, they're required for certain achievements.


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Um no

Sheep do nothing except kinda guide u twoards the best path sometimes. They are useful for achievements though. But the achievements are not that good soooooo yeah. Basically useless.


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It used to be that there was a sheep collecting achievement that would give you a mystery farm decoration chest (I think that was it) for the first level, a mystery saddle chest for the second, a mystery dragon stable chest for the third, and a mystery dragon egg chest for the final, but I think that was changed at some point and it now only gives you something like a fish chest and power up chest instead of the stable or egg chest now. But you had to collect something like 10,000 sheep for the dragon egg one. It took me weeks to get them all.

But yeah, now days they are mostly useless, except for the slight speed boost. :)



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Nope. It still gives you an egg chest and a stable. You just gotta keep checking the rewards.

I did mine and I burned myself and my dragon in wooly canyon hunting the same five sheep for 5 hours straight.


I got a hideous zippleback for all my troubles :'D






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Really? Huh.

Oh, really? That's funny. I just went back and looked at my finished achievement in my Viking's notebook and it had been changed to have the progress meter read 60/60 sheep collected in TRR instead of the 10000/10000 (Or however many it was, I can't remember now). I did that because one of my side Vikings hadn't gotten the last two chests when I was collecting sheep with him. Did you get the achievement recently? I'm not sure when they might have changed it, if they did, but if it was fairly recently then it must still be a thing.


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I don't remember what the first three rewards were, but I do remember that you get a saddle for getting 200 sheep, a stable for 600, and an egg for 1,000 sheep collected(I got a skrill). You can preserve your dragon's energy by going through the first lap(single player) and collecting all the sheep, then exiting the race course and repeating it.



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The sheep do not give you a speed boost. I have tested it going very slow, and literally NO SPEED was gained unlike the rings (not including checkpoints)