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Hallloooo peoples! This is a fanfiction I wrote in exchange for art from the lovely AllyNadderRider. I hope I got all her characters right and she enjoys the story...and I hope ya'll enjoy it as well. :) Thanks for checkin' it out!



Меня зовут стойкий жук!

*cough cough*

Or not.


Here is a Russian doing the Cossack dance for you to enjoy.


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Chapter One

Chapter One


In all honesty, this was not how she planned it in her head.

Moonstone stood over her, wagging her tail like a dog, her big Nadder eyes darting to and fro in happy anticipation. Alena was roaring her head off, holding her sides. Conely stood with his arms crossed, a displeased expression on his face. Everywhere around her, she heard the hoots and laughs of their fellow dragon enthusiasts.

Alyssa Kay, or, Ally, as her friends called her, sat up from the ground and tried to hide the blush on her face. Moonstone licked her cheek, her big, turquoise dragon happy as a clam like always. The dragon had no idea the embarrassment she had caused her owner.

Trying to avoid the gaze of Conely, who still looked rather like a brick wall of unhappiness and "I told you so", Ally got to her feet and pushed Moonstone's face away from hers, trying to dissuade the dragon a bit.

"Come on, girl, I'm fine, let's, uh, let's figure this out..."

Figuring it out, however, wasn't going to be easy.

One didn't simply get dragon snot out of one's hair and clothes.

Alena was crying now, the bleach blonde on her knees and gasping for air. She wiped a tear from her big blue eyes, took one look at Ally, and laughed again. Conely stepped forward and withdrew a hankie from his knapsack, handing it to Ally with no more than a grunt. She gratefully accepted it, wiping the snot out of her face and trying to ignore the laughter all around her.

So perhaps it wasn't the best idea to try and tickle a dragon's nose to get them to open their mouth. She'd remember that next time.

However she had achieved her purpose, the ax Moonstone had "fetched" for Snotlout now in her hands, covered in dragon slime. Ally tossed it to the dark-haired boy with a grimace, trying to block out his boisterous and obnoxious laughter.

"Here," she sniffed, stalking off.

Moonstone cheerfully strutted next to her, pausing once to sneeze again. It only made everyone laugh harder.

So that was a complete embarrassment.

Ally sighed, glancing over at her Nadder with her best attempt at a scowl. "Moonstone, you could have at least tried to aim the other way when you sneezed. Look at me!"

Moonstone cocked her head in response, let out a shrill Nadder squeak and nuzzled her owner.

Such was the way of Moonstone, the eternal happy extroverted dragon. Practically the golden retriever of dragons, if golden retrievers existed in that time and age, that is.

Ally blinked. What was a golden retriever?


Ally turned to face Conely, her tall friend coming to walk next to her. He, too, sported bleach blonde hair not unlike Alena's. But instead of the blue eyes her best friend had, Conely had such greyish-white eyes that at times they literally reminded her of a cloudy day. Sometimes those clouds were nice clouds, other times, they were storm clouds.

Right now they just appeared to be normal Conely clouds, which meant she had no idea what he was thinking or about to say.

"A lesson learned, hmm?" he grunted, nodding to Moonstone.

Ally reddened. "Don't tickle a Nadder's nose."

"Or enter into an argument with Snotlout Jorgenson," Conely said, glancing down at her with a cold expression. "It doesn't end well with you."

It was hardly an argument. Ally had said nothing negative or mean or nasty of the sort, in fact she hadn't retorted at all when Snotlout yelled at her and told her to get his axe out of her dragon's mouth. She'd stood there in stony silence, waited until he had stopped ranting, then marched up to her Nadder in a huff and tried to tickle Moonstone's nose so she'd spit the axe out at Snotlout.

Her efforts had ended up giving her share of snot and the Lout a good jeer, resulting in her current humiliation and a barrel of laughs for everyone else. Conely could accuse her of being silly, foolish, or any number of things, but not of arguing. She had done nothing of the sort!

"I didn't argue with him!" she protested, glaring at Conely. Her dark brown eyes fixed on his, they stared at each other for a bit. Then Ally looked away, not able to keep Conely's gaze longer than five seconds. "I didn't argue with him," she repeated, unsure how else to defend herself. "We gave him his axe back."

"Trying to get Moonstone to spit it at him didn't end well for you, though, did it?"

She whipped her head up in shock. "How—"

"It wasn't hard to figure out your motive. I know you better than that." Conely ran his fingers through his thick blonde hair, shaking his head a bit. Was that a tinge of a smile on his face? She couldn't be sure. "I have a good, strong goat soap you can borrow to get yourself and those clothes cleaned out. Should help some."

"Ally you look awful!"

Ally jumped, the dark-haired girl whirling to face Alena Willow, her best friend since... well, a very long time. Alena was grinning from ear to ear, her eyes twinkling with mischief and laughter. She was still having a hard time keeping herself together, an occasional giggle emitting from her mouth. "That was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. And the way Moonstone just splattered all her snot on you everywhere, priceless!"

Ally narrowed her eyes at Moonstone, who, in return, squawked and bent down in ready expectation, like she thought Ally was going to play with her again.

"Thanks for reminding me," Ally commented dryly.

Like she suspected, Alena didn't even notice. She'd already moved onto the next subject, brushing off Ally's somewhat sarcastic remark completely. "Well you should go get cleaned up, and quick, because tonight I want you to come over and help me make some carrot stew. Mum didn't like it so much when I made it last, but I think if you helped me it would taste better, or I'd maybe finally get the ingredients down right? Anyway you should come and help, then we can go..."

It amazed Ally that Alena could talk so much. Conely and Ally could go for hours without saying much more than five or so words to each other, while Alena filled the air with words and sucked all the oxygen out while she was at it. She was a nice friend to have around, but not an easy one to understand. Kind, she just...talked a lot.

Alena looked like she was just getting started, so before she could get another breath in, Conely put a hand around Ally's arm and his other hand up in a "stop" motion. "She gets it," he said, clipped, but with perhaps a twitch of a smile on his face. "Let's focus on one thing at a time."

Thanks, Conely, Ally breathed inwardly.

"Oh okay," Alena chirped, falling into step next to the two. "What are you going to tell your mother? How many tunics have you wrecked now?"

Ally didn't need a reminder. She groaned and shook her head, brown hair flying everywhere. Conely put an arm up to protect his face, while Alena went on without a care in the world.

"Where are your dragons, anyway?" Ally voiced, noting Moonstone was the only reptile in their midst. Moonstone found a stick and starting running around excitedly, squawking.

"Captain is out chasing butterflies," Alena said with a wave of her hand, skipping ahead to go out of her way and jump in a recent rain puddle. "I don't know where Conely's monster is."

Conely sighed, shook his head, and eyed Ally. "He's out fishing."

"I wish Moonstone would develop hobbies like that," Ally remarked, looking up at the Nadder as she ran around with her stick. She looked like she was going to hideof happiness. "She's so dependent on me, though. She doesn't know how to get away and play with other dragons, at least on her own. She always wants to be with people."

"I think she just wants to be a person," Alena remarked. "Or maybe she thinks you're a dragon so she wants to be with you always."

In response, Moonstone ran up to Ally and dropped the stick at her feet, jumping up and down in excited anticipation. Ally picked up the stick and threw it, the turquoise dragon screeching in delight. Conely covered his ears in distaste.

"She can be...loud," he commented, eyebrow raised.

"Not as loud as Captain," Alena sang, jumping around in the grass much like the excitable Nadder running after the stick. She flicked her blonde hair over her shoulder, smirking. "No one is as loud as Captain."

"Except," Conely murmured, leaning down to whisper in Ally's ear, "Perhaps Alena herself."

It was all Ally could do to keep from laughing out loud.

The three friends made their way to Ally's hut, where she quickly excused herself to retrieve a new set of clothes and some soap. Making them swear they wouldn't come down to the water's edge or let anyone else down there, Ally raced down the rocks to the beachfront not far from her house. She picked her way through the sand to where there was an outcropping of rocks. It made the perfect place to take a bath without anyone seeing you.

Moonstone, as always, was one step behind her, happily splashing through the water and shaking her head, before diving beneath the surface. Ally couldn't help but laugh at her dragon, setting her new set of clothes far, far away from the shore lest Moonstone decide to get really wild.

"Okay..." Ally sucked in a breath and glanced around the surrounding hillside to make sure no one was around or watching. Once sure, she reached up to take her shirt off...

And promptly heard a boy hollering.

Instantly her hands came down. She frantically smoothed the snot-covered shirt and whirled around wildly, looking for the cause of that noise. So help me if that's Ruffnut I'm going to kill him...

Instead, here came Moonstone with a boy hanging out of her mouth, trotting happily through the waters while the boy screamed and yelled and tried to escape out of the clutches of the dragon's teeth. He was having little success.

"Moonstone!" Ally gasped, her hands flying to her freckled face in horror. "Moonstone, drop him!"

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Chapter Two

Chapter Two


Moonstone obediently complied. The boy fell into the water.

Never in her life had Ally felt more embarrassed than she did in that moment. Her cheeks reddened, her eyes grew wide. She splashed into the water and helped the boy, sputtering, sit up. "I'm so so so so very sorry, I'm really sorry, are you okay?"

The boy shook his head and sputtered some more, blinking back water out of his eyes. He coughed out some sea water, then focused on Ally with an almost comical expression.

"Is that dragon yours?" he asked with a wheeze.

Ally considered disowning her reptile for the time being due to her bad behavior, but decided that would be stupid. Especially since Moonstone was headbutting her affectionately. "Uhm, yeah..."

She peered closely at the stranger, struck by how his general face expression kinda reminded her of her friend Dyllan. Dyllan was off Berk and on a fishing excursion, but the general grimace and faces this boy could make struck her as extremely Dyllan-like.

His hair color and eyes were a different story. He was very blonde and had deep, sea blue eyes. He looked to be about nineteen or so, and when he stood up to shake water out of his hair, he was very tall. Probably about six foot two, she'd venture to guess.

She had no idea who he was. She'd never seen him on Berk before.

The boy glanced over at Moonstone and with a tentative pat, touched Moonstone's horn. "How long have you had this feller?" he asked, eyeing Ally with wonder.

"I've had her for years," Ally replied cautiously. "Her name is Moonstone. She's very friendly."

"A dragon for a pet," the boy murmured, reaching back to scratch behind some of Moonstone's scales. The dragon cooed, nuzzling the hand of the boy like she'd known him his whole life. "She's super! How did you get such a vicious beast to be your friend?"

He's not from around here or anywhere near here.

Suspicion overtook her. Ally stepped back a little, her senses on full alert. If this boy was from a surrounding island or an ally of Berk, he'd know of the famous Berk dragon riders. But the fact he had never seen a girl with a dragon rose every sort of alert in her mind. He wasn't familiar with their ways.

Could he be one of those dreaded dragon hunters?
"Who are you?" Ally asked, a little clipped and somewhat accusingly.

The young man glanced at her with a wry smirk, almost like he was all knowing and she was just a little kid. "Wouldn't you like to know?"

"I should!" she declared, glaring at him.

"You're feisty," he commented, his smirk growing wider. "I like feisty girls."

"Moonstone," Ally said abruptly. "He's your toy now."

The boy's eyes widened, but before he could react Moonstone let out a shrill screech and grabbed him up by his leg again, running up and down the beach with the boy in her jaws.

"No no no no okay I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry!" the blonde male yelped, struggling to free himself. "I'm sorry I was teasing I'm sorrrryyyyyy!"

Ally waited for a minute of two of profuse apologies before she ordered Moonstone to let the boy down. The Nadder, begrudgingly, did so, but not before some well aimed licks on the young man's face.

He came up sputtering from the water again, but this time Ally didn't help him. Instead, when he'd cleared his vision, she stood over him with the only weapon she'd happened to bring down to the beach with her, a little knife she carried in her boot.

"Who are you?" she seethed, threateningly. "And what are you doing here?"

"You remind me of my cousin Bjorn," the boy muttered, slowly standing up. He towered over her, glancing down at the knife skeptically. "He's all dead serious about everything. Doesn't know how to have any fun."

"I'm going to ask you one last time," Ally snarled, sticking the knife closer to the boy's chest until she was poking him with it, "who are you and how did you get here?"

"Easy, girl, nothin' to get your dander up about." He cleared his throat, eying the knife suspiciously. “I got here by boat, a little one off the coast of...whatever your island is called. You can see it over there.”

He waved to the left. Ally took a quick look at the direction he pointed, noting a boat that was slowly sinking.

“I may have picked up some holes in my ship,” he admitted, glancing back at it.

“Who are you, though?” she growled.

“Ah, now that’s another story entirely.” With a sudden push of his hand so her knife was no longer in his way, he bowed. His wild blonde hair stuck out at weird angles, and he proclaimed in a loud, obnoxious tone, "I am Matthias the Fierce, the greatest viking that ever sailed the seas!" Straightening, he let that smirk come across his face again. "And I'm here to warn your chief of his impending doom."




It was with no surprise that the stranger was met with apprehension from everyone. No one quite knew what to think of this "Matthias the Fierce", save the twins and Snotlout, whom he instantly hit it off with. He had that same wild personality as the twins, with the need for attention like Snotlout. He was loud, boisterous, full of jokes and pranks, and yet...

He wasn't stupid, either. And that's what really disturbed Ally.

After making Matthias walk up the rocks to the cliff edge where Conely and Alena were waiting for her, she explained in hurried tones that this guy wanted to see Stoick, and he was here with either a warning or a threat. She couldn't be sure.

Immediately Conely took charge, pushing the guy forward and ordering him to walk if he wanted to see Stoick. Matthias complied, smiling and waving at anyone who happened to look his way. He was cocky, confident, and far too sure of himself.

Ally didn't like him in the least.

Conely, Ally and Alena sat outside the Great Hall, where Stoick and some of the other leadership were talking to Matthias. With a stranger in their midst, everyone was on high alert and had their dragons on hand. Conely's Monstrous Nightmare, Sharpclaw, yawned and stretched at the feet of his owner, before curling up and falling asleep again. Captain and Alena were playing tug of war with a large rope Captain had found on the beach, the large blue Thunderdrum running around in circles with his end in his mouth, clueless that if he pulled hard enough he could easily throw Alena off balance. He was too nice and too naive to do such a thing, though.

Moonstone stood, perched on top of the Great Hall, singing her heart out at the setting sun. There was nothing like a sunset in that Nadder's eyes, and she'd sing and sing like a little songbird until she could no longer see the sun. Which, singing from a Nadder isn't quite like that of a songbird, more like a grate on steel. Tonight, though, Ally could care less if the Nadder irritated everyone in town. There were more important things on hand.

Like who this Matthias fellow was.

The door to the great hall opened. The Dragon Riders, Stoick, Spitelout and Silent Sven came out, along with Matthias. Stoick looked serious as always, but Matthias was joking with Snotlout and the twins in complete indifference, laughing at a joke the Jorgenson boy told him.

The thing that struck Ally as odd, though, was no one was trying to restrain Matthias. He was completely free from any bounds, and there was no one guarding him should he try to run for it.

Can't they see he cannot be trusted? she wondered in amazement.

"Attention, everyone," Stoick called out, knowing full well his village would all be present to her the sentencing of the young man.

Conely and Alena came to stand next to Ally. Several other members of the Berk tribe appeared at the steps of the Great Hall from wherever they'd been waiting out the decree. Pretty soon, all were present.

"Our friend, Matthias the Fierce, has traveled afar with incriminating news about the foreigners from the East, far beyond the boundaries of our homeland. I want every able bodied warrior to meet me in the Great Hall immediately. It seems our current allies the Outcasts are in dire need of backup."

Immediately there was a commotion, and several of the seasoned warriors sprinted up to the Great Hall in haste. Nothing got a viking moving faster than the thought of war. Stoick turned to his son, Hiccup, and said a word or two to him. Hiccup nodded and turned to his Dragon Riders, motioning them and Matthias to follow down the steps of the Great Hall and let the rest of the adults discuss their plans on their own.

"A war? Someone attacked the Outcasts?" Alena said at last, wrinkling up her nose in disgust. She shook her head, glancing down at Captain. "Who on earth would be dumb enough to do that? They don't have anything worthwhile."

"Not about what they have," Conely remarked. He fingered one of the long horns on Sharpclaw, the big dragon still fast asleep despite the commotion. "It's all about power moves."

Or it's a trap, Ally thought, her eyes turning to gaze upon Matthias with distrust. Devised by the great "Matthias the Fierce" to take all of Berk's warriors away so he can attack us from within.

She couldn't believe Stoick let him off so easy! No one could just waltz into Berk and proclaim they have information the Outcasts were being attacked and not give himself liable credit that he wasn't trying to attack them himself! Ally had and never would trust strangers that didn't have proof of their identity. And this guy had nothing, literally nothing backing up his claims.

As if he could hear her thoughts, Matthias caught her eye on the way down the stairs and lit up mischievously, breaking off from the twins and Snotlout to head her way. Ally turned her back on him, motioning for Moonstone to stop singing on top of the roof of the Great Hall and come down. Moonstone reluctantly obeyed, flying down to join her owner with a screech of disappointment.

"Come on, Moonstone, let's go home—"

She'd barely finished her sentence when a hand was laid on her shoulder, and she turned to see Matthias standing behind her.

"Hey," he said, his smirk crossing his face again. "Thanks for bringin' me up here and helping me out, you're a real trooper. I hear you go by Ally. What's your full name?"

"You're welcome," she managed, trying to hold back a growl. "And never mind my full name. Only my parents use it."


Ally turned to face Astrid, her mentor, her hero, her friend. One glance between the two confirmed to Ally she wasn't the only one with reservations about this "Matthias", for in Astrid's eyes Ally detected a bit of mistrust as well.

Astrid walked over and patted Moonstone on the head, reaching underneath her chin to scratch Moonstone's special spot. Moonstone made a noise much like a purr, leaning into Astrid's touch. "Moonstone is looking good," Astrid said with a smile, ignoring the boy who stood next to them. "Would you like to take a flight tomorrow morning and go over those moves I taught you?"

"I would love to," Ally replied eagerly. "Thank you!"

"Of course." Astrid nodded, then shot a glare in Matthias's direction and gave him a slight punch on the shoulder. "Come on, Matthias. Stoick said you'll be spending the night with one of us."

"Oh, I'd actually like to go to Ally's house," Matthias responded, turning back to Hiccup and the Dragon Riders. "She's the first one I met and we really hit it off. If that's alright?"

Ally's mouth dropped open. Snotlout and the twins stared at their new friend with looks of betrayal. Astrid's eyes narrowed. Fishlegs turned to Hiccup, and Hiccup cleared his throat in obvious dismay that he was the one who had to make a decision. "Well, there's nothing wrong with that, I suppose," he began. "If, that is, Ally and her family are okay with it."

Ally could feel the eyes of Conely and Alena on her. Alena because she was jealous Ally got to have a guy stay over at her house, and Conely because he recognized her distressed look. She looked from the Dragon Riders to her friends to Matthias, who was still standing there like a big jerk with that stupid grin on his face.

Bridger would be home tonight, though. And if Matthias was some sort of rascal or scoundrel, Bridger would handle him. Maybe it's not such a bad idea to have him close on hand, so I can watch him and make sure he's not out to harm us all...

"Sure," she said at last, meeting Matthias's gaze dead on. "If you want to, Matthias the Fierce."

"Matt is fine," Matthias informed her. "Only my cousin calls me Matthias."

"Matt," she repeated, trying not to spit his name out. "I'm fine with it. I know my mother and brother will be fine with him staying at our house as well."

Did he flinch when she said brother? Ally certainly hoped so. His smirk may have also faltered, but she couldn't be sure.

Moonstone, completely oblivious to the tense atmosphere around her, strutted over and headbutted Matthias, rubbing him with the side of her head so as not to poke him with her horns. He laughed and ran his fingers around her head, his triumphant smirk giving way to wonder for a split second as he handled the dragon.

Within an instant it was gone, and he was facing Ally once more with his "I can do whatever I want" face.

She could not stand this guy.

"Lead the way, Ally," he said cheerfully. Matt turned to the Dragon Riders. "Nice meeting ya'll. Nuts, Lout, later."

"Hey, if you decide you need somewhere else to stay, let me know," Snotlout called out frantically as Matt fell into step behind Ally. "My door is open!"

"Ours too!" the twins hollered.

Matthias only laughed at their offers, glancing down at Ally with a look she couldn't quite describe, but made her feel very, very nervous. "That's alright. I'm sure I'll be fine with Ally."

Or not, Ally thought, if I stab you in your sleep, you treacherous...

She would leave that last thought off for the sake of her mother, even if it was true.


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Chapter Three

Chapter Three


To Ally's horror, Bridger was not the least bit concerned by Matthias's presence in their home or the fact he was staying the night there. Bridger went on as usual and did his own thing, completely oblivious to Ally's discomfort and clear annoyance with their intruder.

Her mother, Naomi, on the other hand, took it upon herself to treat Matthias like an honored guest. She not only made him a wonderful meal, she sat Ally down across from him and urged him to tell his tale of how he came to Berk.

It was all downhill from there.

Matthias seemed to be having the time of his life, the blonde viking catching Ally's eye every once in awhile and smirking like always. The rat. She knew, she just knew there was more to that smile. Matthias was someone to be fearful of, he was not to be trusted.

Why was it everyone trusted him? Particularly mother and Bridger?

"Well we are so grateful that you came and warned us of the impending attack from the foreigners, Matthias," Mrs. Kay was saying, forcing Ally away from her brooding. "Are you planning on going with us tomorrow to Outcast island?"

"I'm afraid not," Matthias answered, taking a large bite out of the chicken leg in his hand. "I have my own tribe and people to return to."

"And where is that, pray tell?" Ally murmured, stirring her finger around the table in imaginary swords and daggers. "You never did mention."

Naomi, catching Ally's eye, gave her a warning look that spoke volumes more than words. Stop being so timid.

Its not timid, mom, Ally thought, focusing on her imaginary drawings. It’s called caution and vigilance.

"Oh, my tribe is far from here," Matthias said with a wave of his hand, finishing off the rest of his chicken with two more large bites. "Wayyyy far from here. We're farther south, farther than the Archipelago, that is. In fact we're so far south most people would question if we were really Nords or Germans!"

"Denmark?" Ally asked, unimpressed.

"Yeah," Matthias said, after some thought and a long look at Ally. "I didn't realize you people knew where that was."

"We may be secluded," Naomi said with a laugh, "but we're not uneducated. Of course we know of our fellow Norse countries. We're well aware Berk is only one island amongst large expanses of land. I have family in Denmark, where about are you?"

Matthias, on the other hand, seemed hesitant to answer. With a laugh and a couple Danish jokes, he expertly guided the conversation away from where he was from and his tribe and back on Berk, asking questions that made the hair on Ally's neck tingle. This guy is such a snoop, he's a spy! she wanted to cry out.

How come mother didn't see that? Usually she was so observant and careful, she always knew what to do. Why was it she wasn't paying attention to this guy?

"Well, I'm off to bed, I think Bridger beat me to it," Naomi said at last, standing. "Thank you for gracing us with your presence, Matthias. I hope we can make your short stay in Berk a worthwhile one."

"You already have," Matthias assured her, glancing back at Ally. "All of you."

You won't be saying that when I slice your neck, Ally thought inwardly.

"Ally, are you off to bed?" Her mother paused at the stairs, glancing back at Ally. "You should think about it soon."

"I will," Ally promised. "After I feed Moonstone."

"Can I help?" Matthias asked, leaning back with a lazy yawn.

Before Ally could tell him no, Naomi lit up and nodded. "Why of course! Then Ally can show you where you're sleeping. She'd be happy to, right?"

That last sentence was said with a very direct look in Ally's direction, the one Ally knew to mean there is no discussing this.

Of all the jerks to get stuck with, this guy?

"Of course," Ally said between gritted teeth, leveling her gaze at the tall blonde. His smirk returned, he leaned back further and used a fork to get some meat out between his teeth. "Love to show him around."

Once mother had cleared from the stairway and bade her good nights, Ally stood up abruptly and walked out the door, not bothering to check if the great "Matthias the Fierce" was following or not.

Which, of course, he was.

"Hey Ally," he said, sidling up next to her and putting an arm around her shoulder. "You're rather cold toward me, how come?"

In response, she shrugged his hand off her shoulder and stalked off to the small lean-to Moonstone called home.

Matthias laughed softly, falling back a tad to shadow her. "You don't trust me, do you?"

What is there to trust? she wondered.

"If it's any comfort to you, I don't trust your people, either."

The tone in his usually playful voice had picked up a hard edge. Ally stopped and looked back at him, his cocky smirk gone and replaced with a frown. He eyed her, mistrustful, crossed his arms, and snorted. "You and that Astrid girl are the worst, though. Don't trust the two of you at all."

"Don't trust us!" Ally exploded, throwing her arms out in exasperation. "You don't trust us?"

Of all the stupid, rotten things to say. He didn't trust them? He was the one who had just barged in on Berk and proclaimed the foreigners from the East were attacking Outcasts, and he said he didn't trust them?

He didn't respond to her, he simply brushed by and walked into the shelter. "Hi Moonstone!"

Back to his annoying, cocky self. His sudden change in temperament caused Ally to hold back, though, in guided distrust. Was it safe to be out here alone with this guy?

Moonstone was ecstatic to see Matt again, jumping up and down and wagging her big, spiny tail in happiness. Matthias laughed, scratched under her chin, then stroked near her eyes. "I will hand you that your dragon is excellent, and beautiful, and gosh does she got a sweet temperament."

"I trained her myself," Ally clipped.

"Wouldn't know it, she's a lot friendlier than you." Matt winked, then turned his focus back on Moonstone. "Do you ride these dragons?"

"What do you think dragon rider means? Someone who walks dragons for a living?"

"Good point," he mused. "What I wouldn't give to ride a dragon."

All of her little alarm bells went off in her head. Before she knew what she was doing, Ally pushed Matthias away from Moonstone and into a wall, whipping out her dagger from earlier. "If you touch my dragon or try to take her from me," Ally said fiercely, glaring up in the much taller boy's face, "I will kill you."

"Huh," he snorted. His blue eyes narrowed.

Then he snagged her arm and pulled the knife out with ease, tossing it out the enclosure door. Moonstone stiffened, her eyes turning into little slits. She let out a small growl, an unusual noise for Moonstone.

"You hurt me and Moonstone kills you," Ally managed, too scared to attempt to wrench her arm out of the boy's grip. "You can bet your life on it."

"I know." The look in his eyes was cold, maybe even murderous. Slowly, he released his hold on her wrist and dropped his hand to his side, sucking in a deep breath. "I'm very well aware of what a dragon can do."

With that, he stalked out of the lean-to, muttering, "And I'm perfectly capable of finding the guest room. Good night, Ally."

He left her in a state of confusion and heightened fear, mixed with a healthy amount of anger. She may not have proof of his evil intent, but she knew deep down that the foreigner attack on the Outcasts was not the reason Matthias the Fierce had come to Berk.

It was something far, far worse.

And that was furthered in evidence by the return of the main Dragon Riders, proclaiming no such attack existed on the Outcasts, and when everyone came to find Matthias, the found the Kay house empty of his presence...

And no Moonstone waiting for Ally in the lean-to outside her home the next morning.





Astrid, bless her heart, was the first on scene when Ally sounded the alarm that her precious Nadder had gone missing. "I knew that dirty rotten scoundrel was up to no good!" she yelled, fuming. She caught Ally's arm and hauled her toward Stormfly, her eyes blazing. "We're going after him!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," Hiccup exclaimed, putting his hands up in protest. "No one is going anywhere without a carefully formulated plan!"

"That's my dragon out there!" Ally cried, glaring at the older boy. "And I'm going to get her back!"

They weren't the only ones in an uproar, either. The entire village was hopping mad over the false alarm about the attack on Outcast island. Angry warriors surrounded Stoick and the great hall, calling for revenge on the boy who cried "foreigner" so they could hunt him down and hang him. Ally wasn't quite against this, either.

"And to think," Naomi growled, coming to stand next to her daughter, "we even fed him and took care of him! Yet this is how he repays our kindness?"

The urge to say "I knew it all along!" did come upon Ally, but she had more important things to worry about. Like the fact Moonstone was out there, being ridden by a crazy rogue viking who no doubt was planning on doing something awful to her. Oh, Moonstone, if only I had acted on my instincts! she moaned inwardly.

"Enough!" Stoick yelled at last, silencing the villagers. "I've heard enough. We were all fooled. I'm sorry I was taken by his charm like the rest of you. That I fell for it. But the past is past, and we can't dwell on it further. We have a missing dragon and a warrior we don't know out there with who knows what intent. My son is right, we need a carefully formulated plan and the Dragon Riders on this."

Ally opened her mouth to interject she, too, would be going on this mission, but Astrid squeezed her arm and nodded. "I won't leave you behind," she promised.

The seventeen-year-old girl closed her mouth and nodded. So long as Astrid is here, everything will turn out fine, she assured herself. We'll find Moonstone, and then we can dump Matthias's body off in the ocean somewhere.

Well, not if Hiccup was there, but she knew Astrid would be inclined to do the same. It gave her some small comfort.

"We'll find this boy, and we'll get Alyssa Kay's dragon back," Stoick promised. He caught Ally's eye and nodded. "Now dismiss!"

Slowly, the villagers wandered off, pacified for now. The Dragon Riders and Ally stayed behind, along with Conely and Alena who had just arrived on scene.

"We heard," Alena panted, putting a hand to her side. "I'm so sorry! We'll make that jerk pay!"

"We go where she goes," Conely grunted, nodding to Hiccup.

"Uhm," Hiccup said, hesitating. "I don't think that's a good idea..."

"You'll need more dragon riders," Alena argued, gesturing behind her at Captain. The big Thunderdrum put his head to Alena's leg, sighing from their sprint across the village square. "We're fairly experienced, we know what we're doing."

"I don't know..."

"There is no question," Conely said, clipped in tone. He crossed his arms, eyes fixed on Hiccup, daring the chief's son to respond. "We go where Ally goes. We help."

Ally cast a grateful glance at Conely. What did I ever do to deserve a friend like him?

Hiccup turned to Astrid helplessly, as if to ask her to stick up for him. In response, the blonde girl raised and eyebrow, shrugging. She was as much on their side as anyone could be.

"Fine," Hiccup said at last. "But you do exactly what we tell you to. We need to find this guy before he gets too far. No telling how long ago he left, or what direction he went."

"I think I know," Ally murmured.

The Dragon Riders turned to Ally. Conely glanced down at her questioningly. Alena threw her hands up in dismay. "Well why didn't you tell us before?" she exclaimed.

Ally turned to Hiccup and Astrid, her lips pressed in a firm frown. "I'll show you where he's going."

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Chapter Four

Chapter Four


It was good to finally be alone with Astrid, flying on the back of Stormfly. Well, as alone as they could be, considering the rest of the Dragon Riders, along with Conely and Alena, flew above them. Astrid had cued Stormfly to dive down lower than everyone else, giving the two girls a chance to talk.

"You doing okay?" Astrid asked quietly, glancing back once to eye Ally.

Ally turned away from her gaze, trying to find something else to focus on. Like the sea below. Which was empty. With no sign of Moonstone or Matthias.

We have to find them, we have to find them, we must, she thought, her throat tightening.

There was no option, here. There was no giving up, at least for Ally. Moonstone was her everything, her life. She had put so much time into that dragon, so many hours of training and bonding. To lose Moonstone was like losing a loved one. A lot like losing her...

She didn't even want to go there. The memory of her father was too painful, the man she'd dreamed of being like. She didn't want to remember, she didn't want to fathom the same could happen to her precious Moonstone.

"Ally, we'll find her," Astrid said, putting a hand on Ally's knee. "We'll find her, Ally."

"But if we don't?"

In response, a shout came from above. Ally and Astrid looked up to see Hiccup waving them frantically forward. "Dragon rider up ahead!"

"Where?" Ally cried, leaning around Astrid to get a better look. Sure enough, far ahead, there was a single rider on a dragon flapping its wings in such a happy-go-lucky way that Ally knew without a shred of doubt that was her precious Nadder. "It's Moonstone!"

"Surrounding formation, everyone!" Hiccup ordered, before turning to Conely and Alena. "You two, fly above and underneath Moonstone to keep Matthias from escaping that way!"

"Astrid!" Ally leaned in to the girl, yelling in her ear, "Get me close!"

Astrid didn't need anymore instructions. She urged Stormfly to pick up the pace and zoom ahead of the others, their target clear.

"Guys..." Hiccup began as they shot by him, but they didn't stick around to hear the rest of it.

Matthias was too busy trying to stay on the Deadly Nadder to even notice the shadow that fell upon him until it was too late. In position right above Moonstone, Astrid let out a war cry, followed by Ally throwing herself off of Stormfly, diving toward her dragon...

She hit the back of Moonstone hard, knocking the breath out of her temporarily. Matthias whirled to see what was behind him, letting out a small yelp at the sight of Ally. "How did you—"

Ally didn't give him a chance to finish. With a screech she leapt on the boy and shoved him right off Moonstone, watching in satisfaction as he plummeted down below, screaming the whole way down. "Next time think twice  before you steal my dragon!" she yelled.

Moonstone squawked, fighting Ally's hand as she attempted to dive after Matthias. "Moonstone, stop!" Ally growled, holding the saddle. "Let him fall!"


The urgent tone in Hiccup's voice caused Ally to glance over at the boy on his Nightfury. Hiccup pointed down at the falling figure of Matthias. "He'll hideif he hits the water!"



Suddenly the thought of someone dying because of her actions hit her like Thor's hammer itself. "Go, Moonstone!" she yelled. "Go!"

Moonstone didn't need a second invitation, she folded her wings and dove for the falling viking, picking up speed the lower they went. The wind whipped in Ally's face, tears crossed her cheeks. All she could concentrate on was the young man, the boy, falling to his death...

He can't die, I can't do this, he can't die...

Faster, faster, faster! They had to fly faster, they had to catch him—

And like that, it was over. Moonstone caught Matthias's leg with her clawed foot and jerked him up, dipping his hair in the water. Matthias was still screaming, flailing his arms and crying like a baby. Ally's heart pounded against her chest, her ears, everything. They'd barely saved him. He'd nearly died.

All because of her.

At last he stopped screaming. Glancing up, red faced, at Ally, his eyes grew wide, looking first from Moonstone's grip on his leg to Ally herself. ", you saved me?"

She didn't even have a sarcastic comment or threat to give him, she simply nodded and flew back toward Hiccup and the others, who had watched the spectacle without so much as lending a hand. It bothered her Hiccup hadn't tried to save Matthias himself. The lad could have died, and it would have been Ally's fault!

Ally met the group in the air, flinging Matthias toward Conely and Sharpclaw. "You better watch him," she mumbled. "I can't."

The brunette turned Moonstone back toward Berk and took off, trying to put distance between herself and the other riders. Shame filled her heart, she couldn't believe she'd nearly killed a man.

"You did good, Ally."

Ally started, looking up at Hiccup and Toothless coming up beside her. "But, but I nearly..."

"Yet you didn't," he pointed out. "And I knew I couldn't save Matthias. You had to, otherwise you would have never forgiven him."

She thought that over, then decided he was probably right. If Hiccup had been the one to catch Matthias before he fell to his death, she would have wanted to kill Matt in some other way.

"Revenge is not the answer," Hiccup informed her. "Ever."

"Ever," she repeated.

And she felt a tad more respect for Hiccup than she'd experienced ever before.




They spotted a safe island to land on and dropped Matthias on the sand, where the interrogation began. At first, the great "Matthias the Fierce" refused to answer their questions, sitting next to the water stubbornly with his arms crossed. One threat from Astrid and her axe, though, seemed to curb him of his inability to speak.

"You think after your blatant attack on my people that I wouldn't come for revenge?" he spat, glaring at the group. "It's your fault you fell for my plan, and your fault for attacking my people in the first place! I would be a dishonor to my people if I hadn't tried to bring you back to Denmark to pay for what you did."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Ally held her hand up before anyone else could even respond to the ridiculous accusation. "Time out! Who and what are you talking about? We never attacked Denmark!"

"Oh, so you're telling me there are other dragon riders out there?" he mocked, blue eyes flashing. Standing, he began to pace the sand, fists trembling. "It was a woman dragon rider, that's why I suspected you, Ally. You were the first one I came across, and you have the right colored hair, too."

"A woman?" Hiccup repeated.

"Yeah, she destroyed our village with a four winged dragon," Matthias returned, turning to face the leader of the Dragon Riders. "I have been searching for her ever since."

"That's none of our dragons or riders," Fishlegs mused, glancing at Hiccup. "A four winged dragon? A Stormcutter?"

"I haven't ever seen one in person," Hiccup admitted. "Matthias, whoever attacked you will be found, we promise. But it wasn't us. Why were you attacked in the first place?"

"I figured it was because some of our villagers are active in the dragon trade," Matthias returned, glancing at Ally with narrowed eyes. "I'm still not so sure it wasn't you, Ally."

"Matthias, despite the fact if I had known dragon hunters were hiding in your village, I still wouldn't have attacked it," she told him.

"And why not?"

"Because revenge is not the answer," she said, watching Hiccup out of the corner of her eye to see if he approved. "And if any of us knew some of your people were involved in dragon hunting, we would have just chased them, not burn your village down!"

The blonde became quiet, glancing at the group in silent apprehension. It became so still it was almost awkward, until at last Matthias cleared his throat. "So you're telling me I stole a dragon from dragon riders who didn't attack my village?"

"Uhuh," the group said in unison.

"Great." He sighed, rubbed the back of his neck, then shrugged. "I guess I'm going to be punished for what I did, huh?"

"No." Hiccup stepped forward, placing a hand on Ally's shoulder. "If Ally forgives you for stealing Moonstone, we do, too. And next time, instead of just blazing ahead with a plan to get us all captured, maybe just ask us if we attacked your village?"

"But if you were the dragon rider who destroyed my village," Matthias said, cracking a smile, "would you be honest?"

"True," Hiccup mused, and everyone began to laugh.

Ally leaned into Moonstone's head, stroking the turquoise reptile across the face. "Next time, girl, don't go on a joy ride without me, okay?" she whispered.

Moonstone simply cocked her head a little and chirped, as if to say, well, I knew he wasn't  bad, so why wouldn't I take him for a ride?

Ally sighed and shook her head, letting out a small giggle. "Only you, Moonstone, only you."

"Hey Ally?"

She turned to Matthias, who looked down at her with a somewhat sheepish, boyish look. Somehow he didn't seem so menacing like before, or cocky. "I'm sorry for stealing your dragon."

Ally took in a deep breath and nodded. "I forgive you."

"If it's any comfort," he said, glancing up at Moonstone, "that was the best ride I've ever had in my life. And thanks for saving me, too. I don't know if I would have saved you if I'd been in your boots."

"Hmm, well, I didn't really want to, but I couldn't imagine the thought of someone dying because of me," she told him.

"Good, 'cause that someone didn't want to hideeither." Matthias winked before reaching up and ruffling her hair.

To her surprise, someone shoved his hand off her head. Ally whirled to face Conely, who was scowling at Matthias with a somewhat threatening look. "Don't do that," he growled.

Matthias held up his hands in surrender, backing up. "Just being friendly..."

"Not with my girl, you don't," Conely warned.

And suddenly, Ally was struck for the first time with a serious case of blush and shock. His...girl?

Moonstone licked Ally's face and let out a squawk of happiness, then next licked Conely.

It appeared her dragon approved of this match.


The End



A/N: Yeah, that was a direct reference to Valka and Cloudjumper. *Shakes head* Tsk, tsk, Valka, don't go destroyin' Denmark 'cause of Dragon Hunters! You need Stoick to talk some sense into you... ;)

Hope you enjoyed the story, Ally, and I hope whoever else read this enjoyed, too!

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I absolutely ADORED this!

Oh my Thor! You did such a wonderful job! You kept everyone perfectly in character, and I have to say, you do a better job of writing Moonstone than I do myself! You kept her giddy personality perfect. The story was brilliant, very well written and with enough suspense, especially considering it was a short story. And that little bit at the end with Moonstone the matchmaker was priceless XD

In case this wasn't clear, I LOVED this! Thank you so much!

(Your drawing is undergoing final stages, because I am a perfectionist, and redo things like six times before I think they are good enough XD)

Thank you so much again!


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May the Purple be with you ;)

Awesome job!  This was a really good story ^^ Easy to follow, good vocabulary, & just an all around awesome job ;D

Heh, heh, Matt reminded me of a crazier, less caring version of Carl.....


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