TRR - Trap/PowerUp Balance

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Racing is fun. We all enjoy them. But there is one thing that ruins it for some people.

Traps and PowerUps.

There are people who prefer the old system and there are those, who like the challenge and protection of these items. Plus they are a feature of SoD.


There are arguments on both sides, which can be taken into account. The traps and PowerUps should not be removed but it is not entirely fair to ignore the people who complain about the trap and powerup abuses that they experience in the races.


So why not reach a middle ground, where both sides are being considered.


TRR was made to race with speed and use different flying lines and tactics to win. Now, with the traps and powerups added, the racing changed to something else. The traps and powerups seemed to become an important winning tool. Some quite powerful and can guarantee a win or if someone is unlucky enough to run into them... then a completely loss of many trophies.


So why not push back the importance of PowerUps and Traps? Why are they so powerful? Arent they supposed to be more like 'boosts' and aid instead of tools of guaranteed win or loss? Just one of these items is enough to change a racer's standing in the race. Just one. But why? I think most of the PowerUps need a change, a balancing.


Speed boost: The boost itself should not last longer than a second to be really a boost and not a nuclear thruster on a dragon. This way it does give you a small advantage and help you out, especially after you hit a wall to speed back up or to get a bit ahead but it would not be a sure way to win. Or the speed itself should be significantly lowered to still give an advantage but it would still enable others to challenge the user.


Traps in general:  Should not last that long on the race. The last time I raced, the traps set down the previous lap were still active. They should vanish after about 10 seconds or when you pick up another box -whichever comes first. After all, the trap is set for those coming after you. It should not affect the next round. Plus it would make picking up boxes more of a strategy. Since, you either want your trap to last 10 seconds or you pick up another box to get another powerup. Something for something. It would be a fair trade.


Traps in General: Should not appear as soon as someone places them. Give a one-two second wait-time to prevent people from dropping these traps onto someone else's face, giving them a chance to avoid it if they got the handling. I understand it can be avoided in some cases but in shortcuts and tunnels, you most certainly cannot choose another flight line to avoid a sudden bomb on the head.


Fake Box: Should spin you a couple of times and not as long as you bump into something. It is a serious problem if one comes up around a corner. It can and will cost you a race or two, since it keeps spinning you without mercy. One or two spin should be enough to distract and confuse the racers.


The Bubble: In no way should affect the other players. You should not be able to slow them down when they bump into you or block their way. The bubble should be there to protect the user from traps and not to hinder other players. Especially in tight tunnels it can be frustrating when someone whips it out and they win because of that single powerup.


These are my suggestions. All in all: Make Power Ups a feature, an aiding tool in the races but they should not be the primary ways to win a race. And their abuse would not be limiting others so severely. Plus it would bring a much needed balance to racing between those who love to use them every second and those who dont like them at all.


Thanks for reading.



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Very nice suggestions!


Another point about the traps:

Not only do the last longer than they should... but you can run into YOUR OWN traps on any proceeding laps.  Admitally I have done so.  >.<


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-Insert mischievous subject here-

Ok, Why is everybody complaining about the traps? Sorry, it's just that there are numbers of people who are complaining about a really old update that was there since the beginning of the game, but they don't understand that it is strategy and it makes the game fun and challenging. I like TRR just the way it is, and the checkpoints made it far better. If they place traps, the ring is big enough to just go around it.

The one thing I want fix is the Yaknog which is supposed to blind the person behind you temporarily. Either that doesn't work, or that effect hasn't been used on me. The shield too, I'm quite annoyed how there is no possible use for it because I got bumped by someone and slowed down while using it.

The speed boost is more effective when your in last place. This gives you a chance to speed up with the others. What I'm annoyed about is the second place person will use it when someone passes him/her, or the first place person uses it when the second place person is too close so that they wouldn't pass him/her.


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-insert subject here-

If nobody is complaining, then the developers will think everyone is okay with them. But -as you have noticed- not everyone likes it when a race is full with trap-happy people, who abuse this feature. Traps and powerups ARE a nice feature that do give some excitement and fun but currently, most of them are too OP. Most of them do give too much advantage for a single person.


We need a balance.


And while you may think it is fun and a challenge, not everyone will think this way. You must understand, that your opinion is your own and may not match the opinion of others. And just because their opinion differs from yours, it doesnt mean they are wrong. So, accept that others might find difficulties with trap and boost abuse, just the same way how you demand people accept your view of excitement when it comes to this feature.


Thank you.

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I just want to add that there

I just want to add that there was a point in the history of SoD where there weren't power ups in TRR. Heck, I was there for it, if only for a little while.

Do correct me if I'm wrong, as I joined June 1, 2014, and I barely had time to learn the old TRR before they changed it. I do, however, have faint memory of doing a race and having my butt kicked because I was a noob and had a lot of trouble handling the fast dragon (I believe it used to be based on skill, not speed).



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Yes there was, I joined

Yes there was, I joined 9-29-13... before even Thunder Run Racing was actually even in the game.  I joined before trophies, clans, new quests (ones we are used too), train more than one dragon, farming, and even the quicker load times.  So I have seen practically everything in SoD.

Everything was limited in TRR back then.  Limited boost, if happiness and energy was low greatly affect your flight more than it does now, and of course the speed.  You used the break more than then you do now. Sometimes you went so fast the boost wasn't needed.  The rings back then gave off a ton of speed, and your dragon kept that speed and momentum, as long as you didn't run into a wall... which btw walls were more finicky then than they are now.

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Oh, I apologize then! I'm

Oh, I apologize then! I'm sorry, I guess I didn't realize there were always power ups ^^;

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The only boost you had was

The only boost you had was your energy bar.  Once that was used up, it had to recharge for it to be used again.  but the boost was nothing near what the speed boost are today.  The boost from the energy bar was far less than what the rings gave.  Basically, when you use the space bar now plus what the smaller rings give off now, is what the boost was back then.  Not a power-up, but just a speed... uh... assist or help.  The power-ups now are OverPowered way beyond what it was before.

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Yes to all of this. Powerups

Yes to all of this. Powerups have been in need of some serious rebalancing for a long time now. Yes, they do have their place, and yes, it would be bad for powerups to go a way for the sake of slower dragons/people who like to use them. But they can't stay as is - it's gonna be bad for TRR in the long run if everythign else gets revamped/rebalanced but powerups stay the same.


Boosts are especially bad with this. I've come across way too many people who, despite having excellent racing dragons, continouously boost during a race to get an unfair amount of distance between them and other racers. There's also the fact that if you're hit with a trap, the effects last so long that you're bound to be unable to catch up to the others again.



Which brings me to the Gas Trap: The effects of this are NASTY. It should slow you down a little, but not bring you to a near complete stop, and the duration shouldn't be so long, either. Especially now that people like to place them RIGHT in front of a checkpoint.


SEASON'S OVER. I'll fix this later.

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-insert subject here-

These are the times I wish we could edit the first post to add stuff to them.

Oh well.

But yes, Zippleback Gas also needs a balancing change.

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Sounds Great!

These seem like nice compromises. I approve. I'd be game for these.


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I agree to all of these,

I agree to all of these, traps need to be rebalenced not removed entirely.



shots should also get a good looking over so they can stop being the mechanic of shame and the paragon of TRR underhanded-ness  and start being an actual mechanic


My ideas:

shots should NOT recharge in TRR,

EX: toothless gets to fire 6 shots in TRR, after your 6th on toothless you're out of shots for the rest of the race NO EXCEPTIONS, you're done shooting for this race with no way of recharging, no powerups for that, no glowzone, no ways recharge.


-also shields should protect from shots so if they get too trigger happy you have a way of stopping it in its tracks


-AND shots should be able to miss depending on things like distance, size, speed, ECT, things that the dragon would have trouble with when flying at full speed for human amusement


-if your opponent turns sharply, the shot shouldn't FOLLOW them like it's a heat seeking missile!


-to prevent abuse the more shot most species have the lower their "aim" stat should be to put dragons that are both fast and have like 10 shots in their place, the wraiths don't need any more advantages to their jack of all master of most of most personas (ten with a good chance of missing and really good racing speed is still quite a lot)

having them miss more often then other dragons would help to balance the field.

Of course slow dragons with many shots like the prickleboggle could have their hypothetical aim stat be high with no issue since they are quite literally the worst racers in the game.


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.......... whaa?

*face palm*

And this is why I keep quiet and leave posts alone. Why can't I just follow that simple rule?

I respect opinions, I just don't agree with you at some parts.

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Drums R Round, Pi's R Squared

It is okay to have your own opinions, just don't have it sounds like it is wrong for us to have ours.  Maybe what words you used made Ragkt feel like you were telling them their opinion is wrong.  There are different ways to words things, some for the worse some for the better.


I'm not sure what you were referring to with the glitch that was here since the beginning of the game.  But if you are referring to power-ups, they are only about a year old.  The game has been around for over three years now, going on four.  If this wasn't what you are referring, if you don't mind me asking, specifically what are you referring?


You replied wanting people to stop complaining, yet you complained yourself in your reply:

"The one thing I want fix is the Yaknog which is supposed to blind the person behind you temporarily. Either that doesn't work, or that effect hasn't been used on me. The shield too, I'm quite annoyed how there is no possible use for it because I got bumped by someone and slowed down while using it."

"What I'm annoyed about is the second place person will use it when someone passes him/her, or the first place person uses it when the second place person is too close so that they wouldn't pass him/her."


Being "annoyed" when talking about something in the way you worded it sounded to me like you were complaining, the very thing you don't like other people doing and said so at the beginning of the reply.  That might not be how you intended it, but that is how it reads to me.


If you don't like someone else doing something, it is best not to be doing it yourself.  If you do it yourself, hardly anybody will respect your opinion because you are doing what you don't like being done to you.


The whole, "If I do it, that's fine.  But if they do it to me, that's it."


Practice what you teach, so you don't come across as being hypocritical.


If I misunderstood anything, I apologize.  But that is my opinion of how your reply read to me.


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*face smack*

Yes, of course. You're right. I'm sorry I've been acting stupid again. (I thought it was just a rant, but then my foolish side got to me)

I actually don't like using speed boosts when I'm 1st place. I believe paitence is what makes a fair race.

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This. All of this.

I think the reason I'm so frustrated with the power ups is because of how OP they are. These compromises would keep the power ups, therefore keeping one side happy, but they would be less OP than the are now (and would not practically guarantee a win), making the other side happy.

Thank you for writing this. I hope the SoD team sees this!

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My apologies; double post.

My apologies; double post.

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I like this

the shield bubble Usually disrupts me and make me upset more than all others example I was winning a race with my Flightmare and a person went from speed booster with shield bubble on top of me and made me lose speed and balance besides I lose the race.......


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-insert subject here-

Bump cause... why not?

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I see your bump

Good bump! You never know who might see, right?


Let's do something about these durations across the board as we polish racing up.

I'm thinking the minimaps need some love too, so let me finish scrubbing those, and ..... :)


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-insert subject here-

Ah, thank you.

Racing would be most certainly more fun for everyone with a bit of balance.

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-insert subject here-


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And I'm that one person that would complain about being bumped by other riders, having people around you rubber-banding too close to you and all of a sudden you get stopped by their players' hit box.

I find it no point in racing and it's really frustrating, concentrating on racing and trying to not to get hit by other riders near me is really annoying. I know it's a glitch but by now they should've fixed it ever since they updated Thunder Run Racing. That would be my only concern, but overall I agree with this suggestion with the traps, I find those annoying too, and I only use them if people fire at me or use traps as well.

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Hitboxes, grrr

BeaReptileLover wrote:

And I'm that one person that would complain about being bumped by other riders, having people around you rubber-banding too close to you and all of a sudden you get stopped by their players' hit box.

This is getting a closer look, it has now gotten a star next to it on my list, as I climb through these items. 

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A wild post appeared!!!

Yes! I never ever uswant power ups unless absolutely  necessary.  (Like I'm  8n last or near last) I tend to dub players that don't use them 'noble racers'


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