TRR gone crazy! What happened?

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Hello guys! I want to tell you about an issue in Thunderdrum racing that I've never seen before, and that I doubt you have seen too. (and as a bonus, a hacker in the end)

So I don't know about you but TRR is somewhat... strange nowadays. And today I was going to race with 5 other players. When the countdown started, we already have numbers. There was a skill near me and it was the first, and I was fourth. And then the countdown finished, I started to fly forward, but suddenly the server said we only had 20 seconds left!  It had been only 9 seconds since the race started, and I was still in the fourth place! The race finished after 20 seconds, and this was the condition:

Nice, huh? I know dragons are fast, but total time: 00:00:00? Everybody finished as DNFs, I lost 5 trophies but somehow it can't be seen here.

And as I said as a bonus, a hacker. He started before the countdown, but I could only took a screenshot after countdown finished:

See? We are only starting, and he is already there. You can say he is fast, but I say I saw him starting before the countdown ended.

Not really nice things, eh? As I say, strange things are happening in TRR... it feels different somehow... Anyway, thanks for reading!  Let me know what you think! :)



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yes, those things happend to

yes, those things happend to me a few times, too...the glitch where we ended up as DNF and lost trophies, hackers starting the race sooner than the countdown finished, backward racing when the racer fools the arrow and somehow becomes first in a few seconds, or even everyone finishing the 3th lap expect me who went for the 4th lap! o.O oh I forgot a speed hackers...and I probably forgot some other glitches and strange other words, yes, TRR isn´t what it was anymore.... sadly :/


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Yep, the same thing happened

Yep, the same thing happened to me before.

Quite annoying, and as there were very few people in the lobby I either had to race with the hacker or with nobody :(


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-insert subject here-

This has happened to me twice in a row few weeks ago.

I have raced the same person as well.


Something tells me that this might be another hack...