TRR is getting on my nerves

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helluu guys, thunder run racer here, i just wanted to bring this up to know if im the only one going through this issue or not but when racing, not trying to be cocky but when im coming 1st at all times the game switches me to second like on the last lap or the second lap, and it reallly gets on my nerves, like im coming first literally in front of the other racer and it tells me im second ? like it does hurt lmaoo jk but its annoying, anyone else go through this ?









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yea. this happens to me

yea. this happens to me too.

its very annoying.


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Aegiswift(Sand Wraith)

Hunterbolt(Titan Skrill)


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XD ikk cant stand it thinking im first then ending up being second lol

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Are you talking about the little green (1st) or yellow (2nd) place marker above your viking's head? If so, those aren't to be trusted. LOL They aren't accurate... and if you're really close to another racer (within 1/2 second or so) than even the little dots on the map aren't always very accurate either. You also can't assume you're in front just because you don't visually see the other racers either, as the game keeps a "bubble of clarity" around your viking, making other racers seem invisible when they are, in fact, on top of you.


Varying lag and server times between players can affect in-race timing, but it doesn't affect your individual finishing times. It's... kind of like you are on seperate racetracks and you are all being timed seperately. Then the game reveals who was faster at the end.


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All this time

XD LMAOO so all this time I was probably never first way to ruin my vibe XD, thanks for letting me know tho !