TRR and BEL glitch.

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This glitch has been happening ever since, and I actually didn't see posts about it, while this glitch can cost you dozens of trophies.

When the game starts in TRR and BEL, it happens so many times that instead of flying, you just fall to the ground and can't fly up. If you fall in water with this glitch (TRR), it teleports you further back. The only way to fix it is to land and then start flying, but that still costs you precious time, which is mostly impossible to gain again.

In BEL on the other hand, you can't fix it at all, as your dragon can't land in BEL. Maybe if you just shoot lower targets, but you are also very very slow. This glitch bothers me the most of all, so I really hope for it to be fixed.




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Yeah, it is impossible to win

Yeah, it is impossible to win because of thsi glitch >.<



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I have no idea what is this about, sorry O_O 


I actually ahte most about the bouncing around or slowing down or stop when hitting walls in Thunder run, this bug is the worst, the new. Thunder run has this ever since the new Thunder run arrived, its happening in the servers to, bouncing around, stopping turning back, its sickong frustrating its giving me stress. I cant believe nobody even post about this, this sucks so much :/ Why would the Admins even make such horrible stuff for no reason, its like a bug, which is not removed :/


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You use the flightsuit?




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I agree. This glitch has happened to me when I know I am going to make a decent run at the race. I get so pumped up but then Shadow and I just fall into the water and have to make a straining effort to go again. Then when we do, we see 2 other riders whiz past us. Not fun at all...