Triple Stryke or Deathsong

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I have finally lowered my buying options to these 2 dragons
Which one is better overall including the look and stats.

Triple Stryke




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stormjumper the adult male stormcutter

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tornado stryke the adult male triple stryke

this dragon was gifted to me by its mother, who i had rescued from stormheart.


sharpshot the adult male razorwhip

this razorwhip egg was inside a ship at the ship graveyard.

the ship was sinking and the eels wanted to eat this egg. me along with heather saved this egg. heather told me to keep it as i showed great bravery


thunder the adult male deathsong

this dragon was left behind by its mother all alone and scared at svens farm. it quickly bonded with me and i chose to keep it.


glacier the adult male woolly howl

this dragon was injured and all alone in glacier island. predators were coming to feast on him. i quickle nursed him to health and he bonded and stayed with me


ruffrunner the teen male night light

gifted to me by toothless himself for showing bravery in battle



scorpio the adult male deathgripper

i cured this dragon from the venom grimmel had poisened him with. he stayed loyal to me ever since.



fire storm the adult male dramillion

this dramillion was manacled and in a cage, trapped by the dragon hunters. i freed it and it stayed with me.


fangfire the adult male monstrous nightmare

this monstrous nightmare was given to me by valka on my first day at the school.


blaze wing the teen female monstrous nightmare

fangfire's small sister. she stayed with him and also bonded with me.


thunderwing the adult male sand wraith

this sand wraith was trapped by the warlords. i freed it from its cage and bonded with it.


sound wave the adult male thunderdrum

this dragon was found underwater. its wing was damaged so it was drowning. i rescued it, fixed its wing and bonded with it


loid the baby male thunderdrum

this thunderdrum was being attacked by wild dragons. i helped it and it bonded with me.


spikeback the teen female deadly nadder

this nadder egg was found abandoned. i took it back to the school where it hatched.


inferno the adult male singetail

this poor singetail was trapped by the dragon hunters at auction island. i secretly freed it and it stayed loyal to me.


still stone the adult male elder sentinel

this elder sentinel bonded with me for showng my bravery against stormheart and protecting its home.


hobble the adult male hobgobbler

this dragon bonded with me for protecting it home.



silent blaster the teen male whisperingdeath

this egg was found abandoned in the whisperingdeath caves.


rock tail the teen female gronckle

this gronckle egg was gifted to me by trader johan



shield wing the adult male armorwing

i freed this armorwing form the dragon hunters. it stayed loyal to me.


frostwing the adult female groncicle

this groncicle bonded with me as it was grateful to me for saving its home.


lava wing the adult male eruptodon

a gift from trader johan


rock wing the adult female eruptodon

found at eruptodon island, this dragon bonded with me and helped me to defeat the greendeath






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Hello My Future Self, Reading This, and Most Probably Cringing

I'd say Death Song. Apparently they're really good for DT when you level them up, and I think both dragons have the same speed and same shot limit. I think Triple Strykes do more damage, not sure though. Death Songs also look really cool. I still really love Triple Strykes though.


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I knew it was you just by seing the title XD XD

My vote goes to the Deathsong!


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Why are you scanning this place for white text? Lol

Just stop reading this and look through whatever thread this is.

ugh, just frikking stop

Sheesh- I'll just leave you be. You're wasting your time.

See? Told you

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Ruffrunner slept on my subject

Lol XD

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Ruffrunner slept on my subject

So far 2 votes on deathsongs
Anyone else?

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Was i supposed to write a subject... :P

I have both dragons and i think the deathsong is more enjoyable :)




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Ruffrunner slept on my subject

In what ways?

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Was i supposed to write a subject... :P

these are just my opinion: flying, tactics, looks, diving, and overall its wings.

things i dont like: running, and the weird colored horns when its a titan


(thats just some things)

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Ruffrunner slept on my subject

Thank you so much!

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Ruffrunner slept on my subject

So far Deathsong is winning
If anyone wants to step in and defend the triple Stryke

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My vote goes to the Death song :-)

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Chimeragon - Shira     Přijato: 25.12.2020
Titan Hideous Zippleback - Fanktus      přijat: 12.1.2021
Deathsong - Mihrimah      přijat: 5.2.2021
Deathgripper - Eimi     přijato: 5.2.2021 
Thunderdrum - Kowil     Přijato:  10.2.2021
Flame Whiper - Grimborn     Přijato: 11.2.2021
Delivish Dervish - Shadou   Adopted: 16.2.2021
Bonestormer - Patch     přijat:  28.2.2021
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Seastormer -            Elsker Přijato: 23.4.2021
Titan Razorwhip - Razuler    přijat: 16.5.2021
Triple Styke - Rhapsody    Adopted: 27.5.2021
Speed ​​Stinger - Liry      Přijato: 2.6.2021
Noční teror - Smidwarg    přijat: 3.6.2021
Skrillknapper - Sayha     Přijato : 6.6.20214
Titan Screaming Death - Freeya    Přijato: 14.6.2021
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Gronckle - Smok    přijat: 26.6.2021
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Forgot what to write here :0

I dont have both i only have the deathsong as a titan, its pretty cool in terms of flying. I love it in dragon tactics as well!

Dive not always the best but im not sure about triple stryke.


I would recommend deathsong first since im doing fine with it and not a triple stryke.


Good lukc choosing!!



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Ruffrunner slept on my subject

Thank you!

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Deathsong. They are extremely useful in DT with their multiple stuns and ability to heal. They can easily carry the hardest levels. They're very easy on the eyes and they're great for battles. Deathsongs aren't the fastest dergs in the game, but they're decently fast for TRR or just flying around.




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Aloha Lola

Death Song!

I have a lvl 50 and always use it for Dragon Tactics. As Velo said above, they're pretty good when racing once you get a good grip on pitch and turn rates.


On battle events they are also pretty decent. Their 8-shot-limit (I think?) and semi-fast recharge makes them potentially good fighters. 

Oh! And for all those eels you don't like having on your inventory? Death Song is your answer.


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I have both dragons that are both titan. Both are unique in its own way. You can get the Deathsong for free in Call of the Deathsong and the Triple Stryke free in Battle for the edge I believe.
Lets talk about the Deathsong:
Their amber is very amazing to look at and it stays on whatever you shot at for about 3 seconds give or take.
They are beautiful to look at! They are huge as a titan but their different colors on their is a bit...strange.
Their dive isn't very steep sadly but its pretty good flying up.
They enjoy eating eels
It takes some time getting used to landing them lol
They are great in battles!
They shoot pretty fast their main damage is 15 critical is 30.
Amazing in DT! Their health is 3265, they can heal themselves, they can stun the enemy, and do some serious damage!
As for TRR, I stopped racing so I have no idea how well they are. Just be careful on the turns!

Now to the Triple Stryke:
Nice to look at!
Titan is really cool looking!
When you walk, jump, and fly their tail comes together which is also cool.
Much easier to land. Then again they are smaller compared to the Deathsong lol
Their dive isn't that great or when they fly straight up.
I never raced this dragon in TRR so I have NO clue how good they are. But in free rom they feel faster than the Deathsong.
They have a six shot limit
Main damage is 12 critical is 24. They shoot really fast and their fire is amazing to look at when a titan.
In DT They too can heal themselves, but their damage is nothing like Deathsong sadly. They have 2515 health though which is still good! I just wouldn't use this dragon for all levels.

My vote is the Deathsong. Its entirely up to you though :)



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Oh nooooo
I just saw the deathsongs price and it's 750 gems
My budget was 500


Oh well I'll be making another topic of either the triple Stryke or another dragon