Triple Stryke and Woolly Howl Unique Skin

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Hello everyone been a few years since I've posted on here, honestly took me a bit to find how to post again on here lol. So yea back to the topic, a few years ago there was a poll on which dragon would we like to see next with a unique skin. I have a few suggestions, starting off with the triple stryke. A new edition to the crystal skins would be very nice and I would love to see the triple stryke be apart of it with an emerald skin since the green would match the poision aspect of the triple stryke. Or just a poison skin like the green triple stryke in rise of berk would be amazing (I'll put a picture down below). Now for the woolly howl, I would love to see a yeti skin or a snoggletog skin like in rise of berk (I'll also drop a pic down below). What type of skin would you guys like to see for the triple stryke & woolly howl or skin in general, would love to see all the cool other suggestions.



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