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I wasn't exactly sure where to post this (or even why I should) but I thought it would be nice to have a thread where players can share tricks they know. So I thought I could start it off. I don't know what to call this trick, (you can pretend there was a really awesome name though:) but here are the steps. 


1) Find a high point and fly up to it (the higher up the better, especially for beginners)

2) Get off your dragon and stand at the edge.

3) Jump. 

4) At the last possible second, press R and mount your dragon.

5) Double click the space bar before you hit the ground.

6) You can add your own ending like a vertical twist or dive.


Tips: Practice to get faster at steps 4 and 5.


This is a good trick to use in a trick contest since you are kind of limited with what you can do with your dragon.


Try it out and make sure to share your own tricks!





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So you mean kind of like

So you mean kind of like Dreamworks Dragons Wild Skies?

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Not Sure

I'm not exactly sure, since I stopped playing that once SoD came out, but for this thread, YOU can design the trick to be anything you would like.

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u mean like what i do every time that i do a stunt act, exept i start flying before i hit the water, only ever failed at it once.


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Yeah! This thread was a good idea.

I did your trick at my favorite place off Berk. You know there the Timberjack dragon Taxi is? Further off the coast you can see this island with a hole at the bottom like hole-in-rock in Auckland, New Zealand. Well, further on, there is this really high rock/island, and it is really fun to jump off there, especially with the caamera turned so you look down.

Another idea for a trick is this:

1.) Go to the school.

2.) where the two houses are where the headmaster stands, on top of the houses are these rings.

3.) fly, dive and climb through those. Make a good show out of it and show off your SoD flying skills.


See ya' later!

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I do those tricks all the

I do those tricks all the time!!!! Its really fun.




Playing FNAF...

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Lighting Firepits: Night Fury Style

1. Go to the Wilderness

2. Go up, up....and up!!

3. Stop until you are even with the tall waterfall's top

4. Locate the fire pit that is next to the small tent

5. Dive Down Like A Night Fury!

6. Blast the pit when you almost reach the ground, and Quickly Fly Up High Like A Night Fury




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the duck and weave

can only be apllied in the wilderness and berk.

find the waterfalls or any thing really.

go to the top(in wilderness) near entrance dive down and follow waterfall down till you reach the salmon fishing area or turn around and go to the waterfall near the logging area and start again.

(berk) start at the fishing area. fly straight up the waterfall and try to fly over and under as many bridges as possible.



stay as close to the ground/water with out landing or stopping

try to avoid hitting any poles/trees/rocks.(maximum speed):D


its great way to train for thunderdrum racing



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Two cool on-ground tricks + pictures included

 Amazing thread! What a long list of tricks, I'm going to try all of them when I get to the game. I've been keeping two tricks which I urgently had to share. The two below are on-ground tricks, but they're wonderful! 

1. Basic jump mount
When we mount on our dragons in this game, we are mounted in a blink of an eye. With this trick, you can directly jump on top of your dragon. 
1. Make sure you are off of your dragon. Stand next to her.
2. Press the spacebar and jump on the back of your dragon.
3. When you are in midair (which lasts under a second) press "R" on your keyboard.
Tada! Here is how it should look like. xD
I know, its extremely simple but you can use this to make even complicated mounting tricks. xD
2. STANDING on your dragon!
1. Find a quest giver. This only works with quest givers! For this example, I'll be using Astrid.
2. Stand on top of the quest giver's head. 
3. Hit "R" to mount on your dragon. Both you and your dragon should be on the quest giver's head.
4. Hit "R" again to un-mount. The quest giver should be under your dragon. If the quest giver is not under your dragon, don't worry this is perfectly normal. Instead of standing on the quest giver, you can stand near them and repeat steps 2-3. This takes many tries so you have to keep changing your position. You can try standing on the quest giver's head again and see if it works.
It should look like this. xD 
An even better picture:
These two tricks are great for pictures! Have fun doing them and adding more to them! xD
I really want to try any new updated versions. 


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Oh, and the photographs you see below are only techniques, not hacking.


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No! Bad Tigerus and Euphrates!!! Do not eat my subject!!

How do you do the techniques in your siggy?


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I plan to do more with this!&

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                     Dragons I hope to get


Name: Echo


appearance: (both done by The talented VexyLu. Thanks!)



Here is baby Echo by nightfuryatom4! TSYM! 



And here is my first Dragon, Skyfire! (Also by VexyLu;-)


Okay! I plan to do a lot more with this but thank you for reading my OCs!!!! So long dragon riders!!!!






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well i have mine.  go to the

well i have mine.  go to the training grounds and find the water pit ( i call that the jacouzy ) mount your dragon and dive to the small rock sticking out of the water swirl around in and go up and down and up and down in rythm with the other rocks sticking out of the water.  once you are at the last one go down in the water and keep pressing down and zig zag to the first double rock thing like a bridge and imidiately go up go above the second rock bridge and go down to the small rock sticking out of the water.  then swirl around it and go back to the jacouzy.  there how you like it







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well i have mine.  go to the

well i have mine.  go to the training grounds and find the water pit ( i call that the jacouzy ) mount your dragon and dive to the small rock sticking out of the water swirl around it and go up and down and up and down in rythm with the other rocks sticking out of the water.  once you are at the last one go down in the water and keep pressing down and zig zag to the first double rock thing like a bridge and imidiately go up go above the second rock bridge and go down to the small rock sticking out of the water.  then swirl around it and go back to the jacouzy.  there hope you like it.

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censored un piccolo trucco da

Ho un piccolo trucco da raccontare :p


Bisogna andare alla scuola e mettersi vicino alla cascata che va nel mare del lago con il punto di pesca


C'è una corrente sulla cascata che ti porta giù e con gli amici si possono fare gare a chi riesce a starci più tempo e fare un trick con il drago


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