The Tribe of Greens RP *Limited Spots*

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       Those of you who have been tracking Whisper the Wolf's dragon theories page will know about her theory on the Tribe of Greens being relocated to Dark Deep. However, if you haven't seen it, here's what her theory was:


"I think the Tribe of Greens come from Green Island. Green Island is an inhabited island mention in a stable quest in School of Dragons. The player is asked to send dragons that can breathe acid or perform controlled explosions to the island to take out a diseased grove of trees. I think the Tribe of Greens were the people who lived here, but due to this disease, their environment was compromised and they could no longer grow food there. As a result, they had to leave, and the Hairy Hooligans happened to know a spot on Dark Deep where they wouldn't bother the dragons there too much. This part is probably still the only really green part of Dark Deep, making the name of the tribe apt for their new situation, but they originally came from an island that bore the name."


So, after getting her permission, I figured that a roleplay telling the story of the Tribe of Greens would be really cool. We would be sent to Green Island with our dragons to help clear out the deseased trees for the Trbe of Greens, only to find out that the problem is bigger than we thought. 


This is a 6 spot RP





  • Be kind and courteous to other RPers
  • No rude language
  • No magic, talking dragons, or dragonese (if your OC speaks dragonese, you can still participate, just try not to use dragonese for this RP)
  • No dragons like Bewilderbeast, Green Death, Foreverwing, Screaming Death, Shellfire, Submaripper, Ripwrecker, Night Fury, or Flame Whipper - (they were discovered after the second movie)
  • Life happens! So if you think you have to quit the RP that's fine just please let me know.


This RP takes place before the second movie, but after the last season of RTTE.





    My Siggy...







Mild spoilers for the Hidden World follow...























Ballista edit by Silvernight, thank you!


Fireworm Queen by Wutend Bonfire. Thanks!

Stormcutter edit by KittyLlama. Thanks!

Also by KittyLlama, Ballista!




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                                                            Eek and his dragon, Ballista



Eek the Firetamer

Eek is an adventurous viking who has trained many dragons. He has had many adventures and encountered many dragons accross the Archipelago. He is a strategist (because he has needed to rescue friends or dragons numerous times). He has a sense of humor, and is very social. He likes spending his free time at the Training Grounds. He is a skilled fighter, and his weapon of choice is his ice axe. He can take on several Hunters at a time by himself, but on the back of his Triple Stryke, that's another story. 


Tribe: Hairy Hooligan

Clan: Hofferson

School Clan: Alpha Dragon Masters (Leader)(Please Join!)

Height: 5'8"

Age: 18

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Dragons: Spineshot (Nadder), Fearless (Flightmare), Puddle (Raincutter), Windstorm (Thunderdrum), Bandit (Sand Wraith), Sandshadow (Sand Wraith), Hookflame (Nightmare), Mudfang (Moldruffle), Mudpuddle (Mudraker), Windscreech (Silver Phantom), Ingneous (Gronckle), Frostbite (Groncicle), Melodeadly (Death Song), Razerwind (Razorwhip), Slashtail (Razorwhip), Bandito (Armorwing), Furieflame (Singetail), Magmadon (Eruptodon), Arrow (Flame Whipper), Stormtail (Triple Stryke), Ballista (Triple Stryke), Cloudbreaker (Stormcutter), Boulderburst (Snafflefang)

Main Dragon: Ballista


Main Weapon: Ice Axe

Archenemies: Nikora Stormheart, Harald Forkbeard




Ballista edit by DuckinaDragon

Ballista is a male Triple Stryke, and is about 3 months old. He has been with Eek ever since he was born. His mother was enslaved by a war cheiftain from accross the sea. Ballista's personality is very similar to that of Sleuther, but more rebellious. He (like his rider) has a sense of humor, and he is very intelligent. He will protect Eek at all costs, and will not hesitate to fight. He is no stranger to combat, as he was once captured and held in dragon fights. This was only briefly, as Eek was captured too, and helped to rescue him. Eek could not ask for a better dragon. If you don't see Eek around Berk or the School, he's probably above the clouds on Ballista's back.


Kind: Triple Stryke

Gender: Male

Length: 30' 2"

Color: Light Copper with cream stripes and a golden belly.

Favorite Food: Eggs

Age: 3 months

Stage: Broadwing



Other interests: Star Wars, MARVEL, Jurassic Park/World



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