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If we have Johann's Trading Post, why can't we trade with other trainers? I'd love to see trading, and it'd benefit for many people. Trading eggs, saddles, fish, etc.! I'd also like to see trading mystery boxes too, that'd be really nice!


My other suggestion is, selling dragons to make room for more dragons we may need. With this, you could go to your stables, select a dragon you want to sell, and comfirm it with a box saying "Are you sure?" so that if a certain trainer accicentally clicks on it they can say no. 


Also, what about other minigames besides just racing and shooting eels and targets? That seems to be all the minigames we can do in the game. I can't think of any games that'd relate to HTTYD, but I can assure you someone has ideas.


What about ACCESSORIES for dragons besides saddles? Like a flower for the head, necklace, pendant, etc.? It'd really show how unique people can get with the accessories, but make sure to put a limit on how many you can put on your dragon because lag can be a problem. Maybe 1-4? 


I hope this can get to someone. I'd really like to see at least one of these in the game in the future! Especially the first one with trading. It'd be a great benefit for me. 




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I like the idea of trading but not with other people. I think that would be a setup for major problems. People would scam the chat begging for someone to give them a dragon egg, saddle, or whatever. There would probably be people who would bully others to try to make them trade with them and there would be threats of accounts being hacked if someone didn't trade with them. Someone once suggested being able to sell things back to the store for a fraction of what the item costs, sort of like "trading with Johann". I like this idea because you still get to get rid of unwanted items and it eliminates problems that would inevitably come up with being able to trade with other players.


There's a lot of controversy over releasing dragons but I don't see a problem with it since they release dragons in the show. I wouldn't personally use it but I know that a lot of people would. Although I figure if they ever added this feature it would cost a certain amount of gems to release a dragon. It makes sense that they would charge gems to release a dragon because changing our viking name, dragon's name, recustomizing our dragon, speeding up crops or stable quests, ect, costs gems so I figure releasing a dragon would cost gems too.


More mini games! Yes, I would love that. I love TRR but I'd like to experience some other mini games as well even though I'd probably still spend all my time racing after I had played the new mini games. XD


I think more accessories for our dragons would be good. More customization would be good too like changing eye color, giving them scars, ect.


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Subject. (There, I said it.)

     Trading is a very popular idea in S.O.D. Personaly, I agree with HPowers about it being best to sell back to the store. And I think the Admins would be quicker to do this then person to person. Let's hope they do, because I have some stuff to sell.


  I STRONGLY disagree (respectfully) with selling/releasing/getting rid of dragons. I feel like this does not fit the feel of the story. In H.T.T.Y.D. the riders bond with their dragons. I'm pretty sure fans would be upset if Tuffnut and Ruffnut sold Barf and Belch off. In the game, we are supposed to have the same bond with are dragons. I think of it as selling a dog that has been with you for years. Sure, the dragons are made up of pixles, but I believe in, "If you didn't want it, why'd you hatch it?" These are just my thoughts, though.


  I agree that we need new games that earn trouphies. I am so tired of doing laps in TRR. If a good number of players can decied on wanting a new game, the admins will HAVE to listen.


  Accessories for dragons is a good idea. This never crossed my mind, but I think it could be cool. ;)


  Thanks for giving out ideas. GOD bless you.


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:) Agree...

:) Agree... Also, I would like that the password for the site would be the same as the School of Dragons game because it is hard to remember the password if you change one it doesn't register correctly for both in either case...Don't know if it is normal or not...


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Great ideas!

I really like those ideas, although I too don't really like the "release your Dragon" idea. I nthe game we bond with them, train them, they become part of your life. So I don't really think releasing Dragons would be good.


About the trading, I agree with both you and HPowers. Trading between other players would be great if we have something they want, and they have something you want, so you can actually increase community connections in the game. But trading with Trader Johann (more like Traitor Johann) is also great. If we have something we want to sell, for example an egg we don't want or a saddle or a warpaint, we could go to Johann and sell it for maybe 50% of the price (e.g. you have a Stormcutter egg which you don't need, you can go to Johann and sell it for 500 gems, since it's 1000 when buying it).


I really hope they add trading!













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