The Trading Post at the School- still there or not?

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Recently a couple of my clanmates posted on our clan message board that the trading post at the School is no longer there. Me and another clanmate said that we can still see it. I've been wondering how many other people are experiencing this and if certain devices/platforms of the game are experiencing a glitch where they can't see the trading post at the School or if the School's trading post was intended to be removed and some people are experiencing a glitch where they can still see it. If you'd like, leave a comment telling me if you can still see the trading post at the School and what device/platform you're using.


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Forgot to say the device/platform I'm using. XD

I'm using a Windows 8.1 HP laptop and the download version of the game.

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Stay whelmed and keep feeling the aster

Last time I logged on (a week ago, if my memory serves me right), it was there! I play on a windows laptop as well-I haven't gotten around to actually buying a nice setup. It was there on mobile last I checked (iphone 12). 


Off topic-I keep seeing you in thunderdrum racing but I'm too much of a coward to race on mmo. Maybe some day lol


My siggy is a mess and I'm too lazy to fix it lol Please wear a hard hat and a hazmat suit


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Nice to meet you! I'm Shifter. Below is some random stuff in no particular order for now... Actually, the order is amazing art idk how people do it, random timeline revations inbetween, and what is totally the end of my signature... yep

Absolutely awesome clan banner by EmeraldHuntress65! I highly recommend getting a clan banner from her.

Also, my (old) profile picture was edited by the amazing (I need to get new adjectives*) Root! I think the thread is still open and you should totally go and get thy viking upgraded.


Here is some artwork done by some very talented individuals...

Look at this amazing art by Reyna! She drew Ivy, my titan boneknapper, perfectly! He looks awesome and so sweet!


Oh my word, this is Ivy as a human! I can't get over how good this is and how much detail was put into this amazing art that just made a very special boneknapper come to life. This masterpiece was made by DyliehIdol1214

(the picture needed to be this big so you can all of the awesomeness detail)


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH LOOK AT MY BOY SURGE!!!! He's a titan scuttleclaw as a human. He literally looks so amazing and perfect. I cannot thank you, DyliehIdol1214, enough for doing another of my boys. I'll finally stop bothering you now XD

Like, look at him and Ivy, I literally have no words.

(Running into squish problems again, will post link to the actual picture on their deviant art soon so Surge and Ivy's portraits can be fully appreciated)-------squish problems have been resolved, as of 02/03/2021 (you can also tell where I'm from just from that lol)------nevermind, still having squish problems as of ten minutes after I thought I fixed it -.-


You guys, look at Sam. This completely amazing drawing of my first titan deadly nadder (adopted back in 2014), just warms my heart and makes me so happy! Thank you SilverNight so much!


Sooooooooooo, this awesome dragon was created with three words: whelmed, shadow, and forever. Flitt took on the challenge and made this beautiful work of art. I simply can't get enough!


*note to self: look up synonyms for awesome

*note to readers: if there are typos, tell me s'il vous plaît

La fin. Je prends mon arc et je prends mon congé.























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Shall we begin?


SoD stuffs...

Main dragon: Surge (titan scuttleclaw) and Ivy (titan boneknapper)-I know, I cheated with two :)

Friend code: pm me-I'm not on mmo much so it'll make me actually do that lol

Where can you find me: see above

Favorite thing to do: when I'm actually on mmo, people watching

Clan: leader of my own clan that only has my vikings in it cause I'm scared to live up to people's expectations lol (it's called The Dauntless Runners if you're wondering)


Real life stuffs...

Age: senior in high school, I'll only give you that lol

Gender/pronouns: female (she/her)

Favorite color: green (more a seagreenish type dealio)

Interests: I'll just give basic words for now, cause we're strangers lol: nature, music, science, dc comics, theater, anything we can have a deep convo about

Favorite word: bubble 

Favorite genre: science fiction

Where from: lol pluto



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Multiplayer racing is really fun(at least in my opinion XD). If you ever decide to race in multiplayer I'd be glad to see you. I always enjoy racing with people I see on the forum, are in my clan, or are on my friends list.

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Huh. Interesting. Why would they remove it? I think its a good location. Anyway, I can still see it. 

I play on a Macbook Air and a Windows 10 Surface 






                                About me:                                                                                                

Gender: Female

Nationality: Australian (hence the name...)

Hobbies: Drawing, role playing, reading and almost anything not school work

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Fav HTTYD dragon: Nightlights and Scuttleclaws

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Clan: Limitless 

Fav colour: purple & blue

Fav animal: Dragons, dogs and cats

Fav food: CHOCOLATE!!

Other games I play: Minecraft, Age of Empires and StarStable (hopefully Skyrim soon!)




I'm a Border Collie breeder and trainer!!

I've Got Quality Border Collies on





 The Art Part!


That will expand over time...


Thank you CoolCaramel for this amazing GIF/picture of my 


By Angel Nerd!

(Aussie, my main SoD viking)



PM me for a banner!



If you've had enough of the bugs I encourage you to sign this petition!


Thank you so much for this EmaraldHuntress65!



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banners were done by DragonRiders Fury!


Thank you LissaFish for the

idea of the SoD petition!


Credit goes to Angel Nerd

for the portrait of Aussie (my viking)


Thank you Chameishida for the pixel dragons!

The WindWalker GIFs were made by Shoki!!


The Dragon head Skylar was made by Tigerli1y!


Thank you artist for all your time that you've

spent just to give a random stranger a litle piece of art!



Now its the end! :P

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What's this about the Trading Post?

I could see it, last time I checked (yesterday)

I'm using an Acer laptop with windows 10 and the download from the website version of the game


Also, there's a Scauldron sale if anyone's interested


This Be My Siggy!


for now, there isn't a lot here... *echo echo echo*

This is a pic of my Viking, Tyra"Cinder" Haddock (also my profile pic,)


My Dragons:

Sparka-Shockjaw, starter dragon, female

Blu D.eadly Nadder, second dragon, female,

Liv Eruptodon, third dragon, female

Cactus Whispering D.eath, male

Icicle Groncicle, female

Copperwing Armourwing, male

Flint and Steel Hideous Zippleback, female-male

Sherlock Woolly Howl, male

Akosua Monstrous Nightmare, female

Teklira Fireworm Queen, female (unplanned, received the egg from a battle event)

Dragons coming "soon"

Bronzie Razorwhip, female

Bronzelock (name subject to change) Woolly Razor (Woolly Howl in-game), female

Ossium Bonestormer, male (his name means bones in Latin

Wendigo Boneknapper, female

Nessie Scauldron, female


Stuff about me:


Name: Can't tell you, but y'all on the forums can call me Izzy

Gender: Female (at present :P)

Species: Time Lord (Time Lady is preferred though)

Age: Early Teens

What Am I a fan of? Doctor Who, Sherlock, Portal (specifically Portal 2), Back to the Future, How to Train Your Dragon, and other things that I can't be... bothered to list rn

Preferred Music Genre: Anything from lo-fi to HEAVY METAL XD

OC count: many, many OCs, but my *favourites* are: Sour Raspberry (a.k.a Maria Dracula), she's a punk vampire,

Izzy, my core-sona (She and Wheatley(know him? yeah, him, up in space) are 'together')

my Wizard-sona, of the same name (from the Discworld series, books), who, for some reason finds Rincewind 'cute'


and many other OCs, literally too many to list

Things I'm Good at: weaving OC's stories either into the main protagonists story, or getting them to show up IRL (sort of), playing the drums (Grade 4, despite my dyspraxia, look it up)

Things I'm Bad at: co-ordination in general(because of my dyspraxia), explaining 'complex' things to dumb people, etc.


Yeah, that's about it!

oh, and I'm new-ish to the forums, but have been knocking around for a while, I'm not new to the game though



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Still There :)

yeah, it's still there

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Its still there for me. I play on a Amazon fire tablet.


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Stormly: Adult Monstorus nightmare 

Dragy: Adult Groncle

Gold: Adult armorwing

Sheath: Adult razorwhip

Mole: Adult Whispering death

Opal: Adult Light Fury

Omega: Adult Night Fury

Limestone: Elder Sentinal

Elder: adult Death song

Blackstriker: adult triple strike

Ezrea: teen flamwhipper

Typhoon: teen raincutter

boulder: teen thunderpede

Anemane: teen squifler

Sparker: adult singetail

Magmamouth: adult eruptodon

Grasp: Titan deathgripper

Earthworm: teen whispering death

Sunstone: Pouncer Nightlight

Thisbe: teen skrill

Thornheart: baby pricleboggle

chickmunk: Adult screaming death

Windstar: baby shockjaw

Zipe: adult speed stinger (prononced zip)

Jellybean: Titan Hobgobler

Leopard and Jaguar:teen hidios zippleback

Frostbite: adult chimeragon

Azurica : adult stormcutter 

Eroptor: baby eroptodon

Arrow: dart nightlight

Tussle: ruffrunner nightlight

Zippy:baby speed stinger



Icedive: adult flightmare

Midnightsoar: adult deadly nadder

Cloudskipper: adult light fury

Lasuite: adult nightfury

Seaskipper: adult razorwhip

Flint: elder sentinal

Zymzer: adult night terror

Snodoo: baby hoblegrunt

Potato: baby hotburple

Yarlzo: baby terrible terror

And 2 unhatched eggs



Alpha: adult flightmare

Empress: teen nadder



Evergreen: Adult sand wraith

Glen: teen deadly nadder



Icestar: adult flightmare

Frosty: adult monsorus nightmare

Assasin: adult deathgripper(though in game I had to name her Icevenom)


My vikings are seerdrava, seerdragythewarrior, Maxthestormheartspy, and windstarofseerdrava, and AstidOfDrava


Main Dragons


 Jellybean: purple and green or blue and lighter blue

Grasp: black-green and orange-red

Thisbe: black and green 

Zipe: black and green

Azurica: Black and Green and blue



Rivertail drawn by me

Leaf the Woolly howl edited by me

I do not exept friend requests




made by the amazing chameishada


My clan banner made by the talented StormySavage 

  Windstar made by Frost Shards



Midnight made by Frost Shards


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Hmm.. It's not there for

Hmm.. It's not there for me... I'm on a Mobile device.






~ Purples and pouncer

Pouncer Banner



Rumplepurp:   Titan Rumblehorn

Lavender:  Titan Deadly nadder

Poucer the nightlight!!

Dart the nightlight!

Ruffrunner the nightlight!!

Whispy: Whispering death

Gronckla: Gronckle

Icicle: Groncicle

Eruptoda: Eruptodon

Amora: Armorwing

Thunder: Thunderdrum

Marella: Monsterous nightmare

Zug and zap: Zippleback

Prickly: Prickleboggle

Flama: Flamewhipper

Melidy: Deathsong

Razorlona: Razorwhip

Stormia: Stormcutter

Deathloutia: Deathgripper

Opal: Hobgobbler


Erupto: Eruptodon

Grappila: Grapple Grounder

Iridescent: Slitherwing

Galisha: Dreadstrider 

Tidellia: Tideglider

Zip, zap, snap, trap: Snaptrapper





Tide glider and pouncer was made by chameishida :D

And the spotted fury and the gif was made by Whiteandblacknightlights!

Pouncer bannner was made by Dragonriders Fury

Ikran Hybrid is made by toothless0603

Thanks you all!