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(Bringing this back up~)


Well, I was thinking, and I thought that it will be really nice if the SoD team could add a Trading option.


But not only an island, but also a ''personal trading'' system.


I mean, when you click on a Viking the next options should appear (if added the trading thing):


Send friend request    Send Clan Invitation    Farm    Profile    Trading


The only requirement to complete the "personal trade" would be both for the Vikings to offer an object of trade, and also, both Vikings to accept the negotiation. Once they both accept, they should wait a few seconds to complete the trade.


(Just in case you wanted to know: If by chance there's a connection error for one or both of the vikings, the trading would be automatically cancelled and none of the Vikings will lose nor gain anything to/of the other. This should happen, also, if one/both of the Vikings leaves the game while trading).


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why not? seams like a great Idea it remindes me of a game I usesd to play and I know for a fact I have a cupple things I don't want in my backpack/farm







I have never done this before, :) I will learn any help will be well recived









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It sounds good but...

I do not think it is a bad idea. Moreover, it is a great idea, which would make the game more realistic. I love your concept of its execution and that you thought about the elimination of the main problems.

Nevertheless, there is one factor which hinders us in carrying it out: the children. SoD originally made this game to them, that is why we have chatban, scientific methods, family-friendly storyline, etc. With trading option, it would be far easier to take advantage of them than recently. Some of them tend to be too soft-hearted and innocent, therefore they would make inequitable bargains as well as fair ones. Believe me, if someone "grieved" in chat over his/her "poverty", at least one person would try to help him/her with eg. "egg-for-bait" deals, not to mention that there would be numerous gold diggers. Maybe it could be restricted if SoD permitted only "(nearly) same price" businesses.

To be honest, I would never seize that opportunity (*imagining that overzealous "hyperventilates-when-sees-a-cool-dragon" newbies begging my antisocial xss for stuff*) but I am the minority. Many people crave for it. :D


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. . .

Waaaah the chuldren /kick


Aah...I hadn't thought about that...

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. . .

Wait--I got an idea that could prevent users from being scammed, whether they're children or not.


When trading, objects could be clasified into Tier 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, like in Dragon Tactics!


So that, things like gold coins or fishing bait would be Tier 1, clothing would be Tier 2, gems and treaure chests would be Tier 3, saddles would be Tier 4, and dragon eggs would be Tier 5.


And, like Dragons: Titan Uprising's leveling up system, you cannot trade lower Tier items for ones that are of a higher Tier. Meaning you cannot trade, for example, a Tier 1 item for a Tier 3 item, and such.


Hope it works--

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Brilliant! :O And it would even be easily learnable since we already know it from Dragon Tactics.

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Gods i wish we had a trading system. This is a great idea!


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Sending stuff

Like someone mentioned, I have extra stuff I don't need or want that I would REALLY like to give to my little sister, who just started playing. If there was a gift option so you could send things from your inventory (farm and hideout stuff, too) I would definitely use it. Of course, if they added this and not trading and people used it for that, things wouldn't go well.




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