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Hello!I wanted to ask if i get a new mwmbership(i got my latest one 2 or 3 years ago,before that October 16th Toothless thing and i still have Toothless) after it expires,will my Toothless be locked even if i have him from the last membership?


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Hi Irinutza!
This is a link that might work, and no you will not keep toothless unless you first got him before 2015.
Please tell me if you solved it, good luck


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i already have toothless

i already have toothless before membership but my question was if i buy a membership that gives me Alpha Toothless,would it be available after this membership expires?

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No it won't be avalible anymore. I am a member, and when my first 3 month expired, toothless became locked, so you can't use him, or send him on stable quests, but he still takes up a stable and is shown on your dragon list with a lock sign on him. It is really annoying.

Hope this helps! (even though it is dissapointing)


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