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could toothless have the cool blue glow like in how to train your dragon two like what it looks like on my profile pic






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Spelling Correction

It's ALPHA, not alpfa.

And I am going to say no to your question. Giving Toothless the blue goal in SoD might give away spoilers for the movie.





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Agree and Disagree

Hi r10_01r. If you are refering to the blue on members toothless i would agree with ravenous. If the admin decide to do it with hiccup's Toothless, I would agree with you (it has already been said a change was coming to Hiccup, Astrid, Etc. Why not the dragons). As for spoilers to the movie, I know toothless was going to have the blue before the movie went to cinima because of all the movie posters released, and it is no longer at the cinemas, i doubt Admin would wait for the video release (in reponse to ravenous who typed his/her response today according to the displayed date). (spelling mistakes and bad gramma may apply).

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I think they should add it as

I think they should add it as a skin for Toothless so then players can decide if they want to put it on.


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-Why need a subject?-

Good idea. :) That would be cool if they could add that glow as a skin for Toothless in the store. :D


It would be nice to at least decide if we want it on or not.



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It would be cool if they did.

It would be cool if they did.


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I was hoping they would add

I was hoping they would add this too (the glow), but then wouldn't they have to give ALL the dragons special features, not just Toothless? For example, implement Spine Shot for the Nadder, or give Skrills the option to ride lightning? Just an idea o3o








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I think this would be a great

I think this would be a great idea. But I am also with reaveuos ( sorry I do not spell names too well ). SPOILERS!

 Maybe it can be added about a month after the movie comes out on dvd so it will give the people that did not see the movie a chance to see it. 


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