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I reposted the Role play's Rules due to someone replying to the DNR. This time, I will add two DNR posts: One for the Rules and the other for the Spots.


While I am on this, I'll fix the Plot too:

"A mysterious hive-mind figure [an entity of many names] has plucked various beings from around the Multiverse. These people fall into a strange alien bioluminescent Boarderworld existing outside of time and reality itself and they are tested over their survival. Meanwhile, as activity of trans-dimentional crossing increases in this Boarderworld, the rifts between space and time destabilize, which is increasing the chance of wormholes to form thus taking more people in*. The events of the Seventh Wave has unfolded, but will it be the last?"


Role Play


Nasayan Info Gallery and Wildlife

Old Spot Thread


I will say this more than once to ensure that this is clear:

Do not Reply to the two posts below. The Rules may be altered as the RP goes on, and I need a chance to edit those posts in order to do so. For tracking, please wait until you see two of my posts below.



[*] Read Tooncended~ Boarderworld (All Info)




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DNR (Do Not Reply)

Do not Reply [DNR] to this Comment. If you want to reply, scroll to the top of the screen and select Post Reply.


Red = Urgent (important) rule.

Purple = Note

Blue = Link


~Roleplay Rules~

Extra: Canon characters can di.e too. You can play a character that had already kicked the bucket and have them in the roleplay.


  1.  Basic Role-playing rules. Click Here to view the basic rules of role playing.
  2. Read the Rules before you before you decide to join.
  3. I don't want to call myself the "leader" of the Roleplay so don't rely on me too much to drive up the plot as it is slow going. This is a semi-open book RP.
  4. Watch your grammar and punctuation.
  5. If you have a problem or concern with the rules, Do Not Reply to this post directly: Scroll to the top of the page → Click "Post Reply" with a pencil and pen icon → Post your complaint. If you are in this RP, notify me in the PM.
  6. For both protagonists and antagonists: If you are planning for a character to die, please tell us and how you want your character to bite the dust. I'll tell you how they can die, and we can work an arrangement before it happens.



  1. If you are Suspended from the role play, you must set down your characters and not participate in the roleplay. Penalty for posting while your suspended will have us ignore your character's actions. If you continue to post while suspended, the other players (or me) will gain the right to control your character's actions, and it will stick. If it continues, we'll decide what happens to your character and you will be booted from the RP.
  2. Suspension only occurs to someone if a player were to take something too personal and breaks the peace code. So play nice.
  3. If you are suspended, and do not post until your sentence is up, you may get back in the RP early for good behavior. Because the roleplay is slow going, the sentences can get pretty long.




  1. Participation is the most important thing in this RP. If you join, but won't do anything, within a few weeks, your name will be marked in Gray as a warning. Then you'll soon be kicked. See PM Rules R#2.
  2. Please let me know if you are having any technical difficulties, interaction issues, or you don't feel like role playing for a while. If you don't want to be kicked, ask me to hold your place and I will.
  3. If you want to participate in this roleplay, don't decide to have your character sit around in the background and wait for someone to interact with them. Our characters will not respond to any of your characters if they don't do anything. If you don't post anything, you are not participating.



  1. Every player has the right to leave the role play if they can't be a part of it anymore.
  2. If a player were to quit, you must find a way to conclude your role as your characters. Talk to us on the PM if you need to quit, and what you can do with your characters.
  3. Don't quit unannounced. Alert us if you want to quit the role play.



  1. Blood is allowed, but try not to be over descriptive.
  2. Keep gore at a minimum. It is okay to get a little gross, but only when it is necessary.
  3. No cussing. If your character were to cuss, don't quote the cuss word directly.
  4. No nudity. Your characters should not be naked anyway [unless they are animals and don't wear any clothes in the first place]. Shower or bathing scenes are acceptable as long as they have something covering them.


  1. Canon characters only: Your character is allowed to fall in love with another as long as they already share a love interest in the canon cartoon.
  2. Don't ship two characters together out of nowhere.
  3. For Fan characters, if your character falls in love with a franchise character, it should be taken slowly, and keep the romance at a minimal.
  4. If a fan character falls in love with another fan character, if it's yours, the same as above. But if it's someone else's, ask permission first.
  5. If the other player's character is aromantic, romance can be pushed for comedic effect. [*Don't do it too often or you'll start to get on the player's nerves]
  6. Do NOT join this role play just so your OC can be together with your favorite characters.
  7. Adultery is strictly forbidden.


~Cartoon Rules~

The two character per franchise limit has been officially removed!

  1. Cartoon-Live Action hybrids like Space Jam or Who Framed Roger Rabbit is automatically forbidden.
  2. No books, video games, comics, novels, Manga, live action, claymation, stop motion, nor fan-made cartoons. See rule #3 and Video Games.
  3. If there is a licensed cartoon adaption for media (see #2), the franchise is allowed, but only through cartoon canon. See Video Games.
  4. Anime is allowed, but only if the anime exists as an English Dub. Name the anime in the Cartoon slot. *One character anime limit has also been removed
  5. Fictional characters/people from Japanese anime holograms (a.k.a... Vocaloids) are not allowed in the roleplay. They can be mentioned, however. 
  6. Because the Boarderworld is a link between realities, you can change the origins of your characters from canon and can have alternate versions of said character.
  7. Note: I do not recommend playing 2 alternate versions of the same character. If it's canon, then it's worth a go, but it can be a waste of your space.


~Video Games~

I will only allow three video game franchises that do not have an official licensed animated adaption:

(1) Undertale

*Animated videos and gifs are fan-made. Impressive though

(2) Overwatch

*Shorts are licensed to the game community, but not a real cartoon product

(3) Cupheads

*May not actually be a cartoon, but it has the cartoon esthetic enough to be allowed in this RP.


Halo barely gets a pass because of Halo: Legends and Halo: Fall of Reach, which are indeed licensed products done by various artists.

There are four video game franchises that has a licensed animated adaption that are not allowed:

(1) Sonic

(2) Mario

(3) Donkey Kong

(4) Pac-Man


Wreck-it-Ralph version of any Video Game character is allowed. If you want to play a character from that movie they shall only be by that movie's standard. The video game character must be an actor playing the role for the player and is aware that they play in a video game.

On that note: The Boarderworld doesn't have a player on a joystick. Mark that as your character's story of being some place new instead of being in an Arcade.


~Live Action~

If your character came from animated adaption from a live-action franchise, that is okay as long as it is the cartoon canon. However, there is a few cartoon adaptions that are not allowed:

(1) Mr. Bean

(2) Power Rangers

[Not actually a cartoon anyway despite the fact it's labled as one on many sites]

(3) Tron: Uprising



Just because a live-action character appeared in a cartoon as animated counterparts does not mean the live-action production is allowed (e.g. Supernatural). Please respect that this is a Cartoon roleplay, not a Live-Action roleplay.


~Villain Rules~

  1. The villains can be redeemable. The choice is yours.
  2. Misunderstood villains are not necessarily villains, but more of anti-heroes.
  3. There could be people who world work for the main antagonist, or there could be people working for themselves, or they could be brain-washed. Let me know how you want your villain to be when you get a PM.
  4. Anti-Villains count as villains —Anti-Heroes don't. If they have the intention of doing offensive harm to the protagonists, they count as villains. Villains that fight only out of self-defense are ranked as misunderstood characters.
  5. Talk to me if you want your character to be working for the main antagonist.
  6. Monsters native to the boarderworld is free-for-all playable. There's no limit of playing the native species or animal characters you come up with as OCs.
  7. Some villains don't have to be villains in the actual show. Prior to the 1st villain rule, misunderstood villains count as villains, controlled heroes or protagonists. You just need them to go against the real heroes in the roleplay; thus, can act as a third good-guy character of a single show.
  8. Only my villains can know/work for the Overseer.


~PM Rules~

  1. If there is a new player, there is a new PM.
  2. If you have been kicked due to participation problems, you'll still be in touch with the PMs. That is unless a player joins and a new PM pops up, then you'll be left behind.
  3. If you've been kicked for more serious reasons, you'll immediately be left behind.
  4. Most of our conversations are regulations concerning the roleplay. However, a simple friendly chat can happen regularly.
  5. There can only be 120 characters when typing recipients for a PM. If this RP were to overpopulate (make it beyond the 120 character limit), the RP chat will be moved to the Discussion Thread.

Once again, Do Not Reply to this post

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DNR (Do Not Reply)


  1. Do not reply to the spots thread. It will be edited. Scroll to the top of the page and select "Post Reply" with a pencil and pen icon.
  2. Do not reply to anyone else's spots post as they may need to be edited in case of the addition of new characters.
  3. If you are already in this rp, you don't have to post again here. However, when playing a new character, you may post the new character here. Extra: Introducing a new character in the roleplay whether it's a side-character, villains, background character, temporary character, or brief cameos, you don't have to place it in your spot post. Editing your spot post is only optional.
  4. Don't copy-paste the form. If you do, don't make it obvious by marking it on bold letters and keeping the words typed within parenthesis.
  5. If you are a new player wanting to join this RP, put "I've Ascended" in your subject line.
  6. If you are already in the RP and you are posting here to play a new character, you can put whatever you want in the subject line.
  7. Spots are unlimited.
  8. For the Arrival slot, you can say that your character has been brought to the boarderworld by means of the Overseer without asking me.
  9. This Role Play will remain open until the second half of the story. Unless you see a red bold notification under this rule, the RP is open to all players.

For those of you who are already in the roleplay and you have spots in the original TC thread, you don't have to go back and edit. However, fill out this form if you introduce a new character.



Name: [List your character's full name. If you play a canon character and you don't know the full name, don't be afraid to look it up]

Gender: [Tell me whether the character is male or female. If neither, use the term masculine (male) or feminine (female)]

Species: [List your character's race/species]

Temperenment: [Describe your character's personality]

Occupation: [Is your character a villain, working for somebody, or just a survival victim? If you want to put the Overseer, talk to me first]

Arrival: [Did your character arrive naturally (through wormhole or black hole), or did they arrive by the will of the Basicorn (unconchiously by waking up stranded: Not knowing how they got here)]

Cartoon: [Which cartoon is your character a part of?]

Fan character, or Canon: [FC, OC, or a Canon character. Note: a canon character is a character that exists within the show itself. Not one that you made up]

Appearance: [Post a picture or give your best description]

Additional Info (Optional): [Add whatever detail you want about your character]


There are now 3 players active in Tooncended


Gray = In Danger of getting kicked due to lack of participation

Orange = Temporary/ Resigned Player

Red = Villain

Blue = Suspended Player


  1. Megaboltphoenix: Atticus; Edd; Anna Deliolah; Plank; Sam Manson                                Villains~ Poochi; The Steward; Sockmonster (Ed); Darkshift; Higaretrametheus ("The Steed")
  2. Nightflowers: Pink Night; Sunset Shimmer
  3. Chameshida: Asgore; Doraemon; Fujisaki Yuusuke; Reigen Arataka
  4. Icee Glacier: The Tick
  5. Hypergoof: Magic School Bus
  6. RMW: Frida; Enid; Takashi Shirogane; Darkwing Duck                                                             Villains~ Shego
  7. ShiroKageFox: CT-6116 ("Kix"); Commander Surx Draconum


(One last time) Do NOT Reply to this post—

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Tracking, in case I decide who I'm going to have for a new character.



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