Titan Toothless (admins/devs please read)

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Dear admins/devs,


I know you've added Titan stages for all of the starter dragons. I was wondering for when you start to implement titan stages for other dragons, would Toothless have it too?


Also, if he does; could you allow us to customize his glow and tailfin to be different colors such as red, purple, green, white, etc? I know its cannon for him to have a blue glow and red tailfin but this game isn't exactly cannon.. 


I believe its fair for us do to so since majority of the players have to pay you guys around 25 bucks every 1-3 months or so, and the only special thing about Toothless is well.. Just his model? He doesn't have anything special really out of all the other dragons, and people are always complaining about people having Toothless clones. If you allow this, you shouldn't be in trouble with DreamWorks since its still Toothless. In the tv show, it does show him having multiple tailfin designs.


Another suggestion, could you possibly create tainfin designs or different colors for Toothless and put them in the Trader Johan Shop for perhaps gems or gold?


Sincerely, dragonrider34


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I think different paint and

I think different paint and tailfins are a great idea

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yea,my Toothless is quite

yea,my Toothless is quite boring cuz it looks like Hiccup s and NOT like mine.I mean,i feel like i just borrowed him from Hiccup.


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