Titan Scauldron or Thunderdrum?

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I have enough gems for a new titan, and both my Scauldron and Thunderdrum are candidates as they are still in the broad wing stage. I was just wondering which one is more useful, ex: for battles or stable quests? 

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In terms of usefulness? Scauldron.

Without a doubt. Best dragons for battles and getting gold 




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Titan thunderdrums are the

Titan thunderdrums are the most superior dragon when it comes to battle, only if you can aim from the checkpoint though I literally always get first with my fello BoomBreath 


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Both are excellent for Stable Missions, but battle depends if you are Shot Limit > Base Damage (Scauldron) or Base Damage > Shot Limit (Thunderdrum). Appearance wise... Thunderdrum is better and look way less broken than the Scauldron.

Personally, I'd go for the Titan Scauldron for battle-wise.


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What I would go for is titan

What I would go for is titan Thunderdrum as I mostly aim the from the checkpoints through the battle. But that's just me. As Whoop hidesaid, titan Thunderdrums are the most superior dragon when it comes to battle, only if you can aim from the checkpoint. That being said, if you don't prefer that way of fighting, the Scauldron is a really good dragon for battles too.


Now, when it comes to Stable Quests and Dragon Tactics, I'm not sure which one is more useful.  


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Like others said above, go for Thunderdrum if you can aim well from a distance. Scauldron if you still want gold as much as possible without being concerned if you're on top of the ship battle results (Which I honestly don't care, because I seem to get the unwanted rewards when I'm #1).


I have a titan thunderdrum, but if given a choice I'd rather use my Scauldron (which is un-titaned at the moment).

My computer space is limited, where I have to bend my elbows just to play. As you can imagine, it's uncomfortable and makes my fingers cramp more (as the style with thunderdrums is to spam + aim).


If you love the sound of vaccuum cleaners and the rush of seeing your titan thunderdrum pump out millions of airstreams, go for that. If you like a big goose dragon who'd make a squirtle jealous of its water squirting powers, go for Scauldron. 


Cons of each dragon, you need to adjust your camera angle because the thunderdrum whipping its tail in your face can be distracting, and the goose dragon when on land has a very inflated throat sac, which I do not like at all. And its head might be on the way sometimes.



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