Titan Rune Mini Game?

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With the introduction of Titanwing dragons to the game and the promise of a certain character after getting 50 runes, many vikings have been clamboring to get titan runes. Currently these runes are available in certain quests. However I find that the time it takes the quests to complete, and the difficulty of getting a decent chance in these quests to be very disconcerting. 


What if along with the stable quests the game includes a minigame that has a chance of giving titan runes. 


"But then people will get titan runes extremely quickly and it wont be as cool"


Make this mini game similar to the battles, every few hours it is accessible. Vikings have to get a relatively high score for a small chance to get a titan rune or two. Like (going off Alchemy Adventure points) at 10-15,000 points theres a 10% chance to get runes. It should have half decent prizes still since it only happens every so often. So lets say on a good day a person gets to partake in the minigame/activity 5 times. There is the chance that they could get upwards of 10 runes, but it would be more likely that they get only two or three a day so it would still take a decent amount of time IF that person can break pass the threshold consistantly and partakes in said activity those times. (or with my luck get 0 for doing it those 5 times) 


Getting Titan runes would still be a grind, but it is much more feasible, plus it would still take a decent amount of time (which something with such interesting benefits should take a decent amount of time)





Have it be a normal minigame but one would need to get an extremely high score and sacrifice a percentage so instead of 10 it would be down to like 2-3% chance to get a rune


Wat are your thoughts? 


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I'd definetly prefer this way

I'd definetly prefer this way of getting them. Seeing as the game is aimed at children, I cannot think of a single person I know that would have the patience and time to get the runes as you do at those ages.



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Yes. Yes, please. Definitely.

Yes. Yes, please. Definitely. Plz admins. This is a more of what I thought trying to get a titan dragon would be like in the first place. You're trying to get your dragon to their peak form, it would make more sense to use a test of skill rather than "sit here for three days and you MIGHT get 5% of the way there"

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Absolutely agreed. It seems

Absolutely agreed. It seems like a far more lucratieve way to earn runes, plus a (somewhat) reliable source. For pol like me who have simply too many dragons (about twente three...? And at least the same ammount in eggs) it's quite impossible to earn enough...




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You know what could be good?!

You know what could be good?! Titan training.. Just as ROB you could go in a special facility and train your dragon for a couple of hours and when its done we would get a titan dragon or the percentage would rise up..I know this idea is kinda easy but if the percentage would rise like about 1-3 it would be more time consuming than difficult!




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I agree... a bit.

I'm slightly disappointed that it doesn't work the same way as ordinary levelling - IE you get them to level 30 and take them to Titan Island. But only slightly. It's kind of nice to have a proper challenge, but it's frustrating that the stable quests pop up so rarely.


I thought that one rune could be given as a prize at the end of Loki's maze. Catch: once you have the rune, you can't get another one for 24 hours - the maze just gives you gold if you play it again within that time.


Alternatively: have one slot in the stables devoted entirely to rune quests. Set the probabilities so that the 24-hour one-rune quest pops up the most often and the others much less frequently. Do not alter the quests themselves, ​just make them easy to find.


Neither is a route to "instant titan without paying" - I don't believe in a free lunch, and if Titans are supposed to be rare and unusual it's fine to make them difficult to earn. It'll still take weeks to earn enough runes for a Titan and to see Valka. You'll still have to exercise patience. It's just that the method of getting the runes is much less elusive, so you can be working on it without the frustration of being unable to earn any runes for days at a time, and it would be slightly more satisfying, I think, to watch the rune count go up slowly but steadily.


I'm no programmer, but I imagine these would be fairly "easy" fixes too: they can just alter what's already here rather than write a whole new thing.


Just my thoughts. Any other ideas?





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Awesome and Great Idea!

I would definately agree with this idea! i done quests and didnt get a single titan rune!