Titan mode possible in SOD

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So I just came across this thought. It has been brought up many times, titan mode for dragons. The usuall saying is once a dragon reaches level 20, it could unlock titan mode. But, here's the new scoop.

Remember how SOD got permission to use ROB's dragons? Well, they have titan mode... And I believe that sooner or later, SOD will take the titan mode dragons from ROB and implement them into SOD.

My suggestion is that they do just that. Also, increase the dragon level cap to maybe 30, when they reach lvl 30 is when they could unlock titan mode.


What do you guys think?


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I doubt

I doubt they'll do that because they'll waste money and not earn enough in return adding all that. I believe they'll make titan wing skins to sell for gems so people will pay money.


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umm titanwing isnt a mode its

umm titanwing isnt a mode its like evolution in pokemon theres no confirmed going between forms once they are titan theres no going back