Titan Up Faster Than Ever! [NOT-A-CHEAT]

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Hello, this is my first post on THIS game, but I do have some experience XD. So I was looking at a new quest called Nightmare Fireworks. This came after a quest with a gem bag, so I was pretty hype on a TREASURE CHEST of GEMS!!! So, I was ready to send any dragons I had availible on this quest. I scroll down the list and see that I can use NONE ;-;. So I see why and discover that I need a Titan Nightmare, sigh. I have a adult level 16 Nightmare but he isn't a titan. I then start the grueling task of getting another titan. 50 rune stones?!!? I DONT HAVE 50, I HAVE ONE!!!! Well, then this great idea hit me, "Would it be easier to pay the 500 gems instead of getting the runes stones?" This is where math came in handy, if you get 40 gems every 5 days, and that happens 73 times a week, how long will I have to wait? Everyone, if they join every day one time a year, will get 2920 gems. Thats alot of gems! So in 12.5 weeks I'll get my Titan Nightmare. 



I have been playing for three days and already have 243 gems... So I guess no more waiting 13 weeks. For everyone whos curious, battles usually give 50 gems, and thats basically what I always get. So for anyone who is wondering, It is MUCH faster to purchase the Titan level up instead of waiting for quests to do it. I played three battles today and got 150 gems. I sent my dragons on a quest and got 25 gems. Tomarrow I get 15 gems. Don't wait for quests, save your gems.

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I have used gems to get a titan multiple times. It's easier to do gem stable quests to easily gain 500 gems in a few days than it is to gather runestones as one runestone quest already takes 4 days.


I do take the rune quests, but gems are less of a drag to gather :þ











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I just got my Titan Monsterous Nightmare and sent him on the quest. He will come back victorious and bring a chest full of gems. Though I dont know how many that is...

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A chest can net you quite an amount of gems if you're lucky! I got 500 from my last one.

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