Titan Dragon is not a titan

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On the 14th of September 2018 in the evening I bought a titan DeathSong from my diamonds.

I played school of dragons for a while and then logged out. I have several people in the game on my account LarissaSchouten, I came on the home screen where you can see all your persons. I go to person named XXTitanHunterXX and I looked at my dragon and I saw that my dragon was not a titan. I thought: This is not possible ?!

So I went back in and saw that my DeathSong was indeed no more titan.


Without membership it is very difficult to get 500 diamonds.

I also have school of dragons on my tablet, so I opened school of dragons on my tablet ... But even there I saw that my DeathSong was not a titan. In school of dragons I have two accounts so I logged into my other account on my tablet and teleported myself to my other person, even there i saw that my dragon was not a Titan. I think this is very strange because I have not recovered any diamonds.

So the game has saved something, but not everything. What should I do? Can someone solve this for me?

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