Titan Deadly Nadder Recolored Permanently(ish) Yellow

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I noticed this during the Dreadfall update, but with the Flightmares also being recolored, I figured that it would blow over after it was all replaced with Snoggletog.


My Titan Deadly Nadder, Tigerseye, seems to be permanently stuck in a yellow tinge.


His profile seems to read different.


Aaaand so does the color palette page.


The only thing that I can think of that is making him yellow is the glowing algae. HOWEVER, I have NEVER put any bottle on ANY of my dragons on ANY of my vikings. (I honestly think the glowing algae is kind of a poor idea so I ignored it since it's release).


After leaving the color pallette page, he glowed for a split second and resumed the plain yellow form. I have not attempted to re-color him since I'd hate for the Gem purchase to be a waste.


I don't understand what may be wrong with my dragon. Is anyone else having these issues?


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That’s... interesting.I have

That’s... interesting.

I have two Titan Nadders, but I saw no problems with their colors - but that might be related to the fact one has a Snoggletog Sweater and the other the Ice Skin


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Alrighty, thank you!