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So here's the rub.


I, Owlsbane, have finally created a viking character that is true to me and one that I love out of the many from the past. Sadly though, through all of my characters I've had a flaw - dragons. Out of all of them, from the movie franchise to the Rise of Berk game I've never been able to pin down one that just says 'Hey - I'm yours let's go on an adventure'.

It's difficult you see, to be a dragon-less viking in a world that now is filled with the magnificent beasts, so I've come to you with one question.


How do you find your dragon?


There are many great OC's with many great stories of the bond between human and beast and I want that for my own. If it's the personality that's the trick, here is my viking.


Eirian Grove

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Personality: Confident in who she is, awkward in many social situations but free with her animal family, adventurous, cunning, curious, mysterious, charming, loyal and silly. More intelligent then she gives herself credit for, if she has a goal in mind she goes after it. Stubborn in her way of doing things but not unwilling to change to accomplish tougher tasks. Protective of her friends and family, independent and hard working.

Strengths: Always up for new things, uses her sharp wits to see the easiest route, elusive but can hold her own in a fight.

Weaknesses: Can get ahead of herself and temporarily loose focus, dances around big problems instead of tackling them, headstrong, not much of a leader, has trouble with following authority.

Hobbies: Drawing, Writing, Exploring, Weapon's Practicing, Playing with her dragons, wondering about the meaning of life

Favorite Season: Winter

Weapon of Choice: Sword

Favorite Dragon Class: Strike and Sharp

Favorite Dragon: Night Fury

Favorite Animal: Fox


Other then that I'm stuck in what to do. If more questions are needed to be answered I'll be happy to.


This is appreciated.





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What i did for Glacierstorm,

What i did for Glacierstorm, my Woolly Howl, is used an event from my life to create my dragon training backstory. My cat, Oscar(RIP), was free outside of Safeway, in a crate with his three sisters. He was really sick, but we took him in since no one wanted him, they only wanted the pretty kitties. He was a beautiful orange and white calico, and he had a really bad eye infection. I still remember the first night I had him, he was so  sick that he had to sleep with his mouth open since he couldnt breathe through his nose. He fell asleep in my lap on the couch and i fell asleep with him. He ran away about 6 months ago, and he (in all honesty), saved me from cutting... and killing myself. Ive been really depressed since i lost him, and so has Taliah (his rider). DNR i will edit this later


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I have a great dragon right now - Remain the Shivertooth. I'm hoping she's the one that sticks, but I still like advice for the matter :)

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So Sad :(


I'm sooooo sorry ​to hear about your cat, Archery and Dragons. I can't imagine how I'd feel if my dogs or cat ran away.



However, that's a very clever way to make up your dragon's backstories, Archery and Dragons. Maybe I should try doing that with one of my dragons. I usually just make up random backstories, but one problem with that is that if you have lots of dragons (which I do), then most, if not all, would be similar to one another. If you were to use my way of doing it (making up random backstories), then it really depends on your imagination and how big it is. If you have a big imagination, you'll be able to come up with ​more of your own unique backstories. My only advice is to try to be as creative as possible when it comes to creating backstories!



I hope this helps you, even though it probably won't! ;D


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It's unrelated, and I hope this doesn't sound stupid, but what happened to Shadow and Owl? I took a hiatus a bit ago so I missed some things and I think that might be something I missed ^^; Sorry about the weird question!


And to answer your question, I... honestly don't know. For me I guess I just grew attached to Ash and our bond sprung out of that. Wait, no, that isn't really it. I can't really explain what I mean very well, sorry :P But I guess I just... knew. Idk, it sounds weird, but I can't really put it any other way.

I'm sorry, that wasn't much help, was it? ^^; Hopefully someone else can help c:


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A Tale of Ice Dragons and Timberjacks

So not sure about Remain yet, eh?


I do feel your instant connection with Vale all those years ago was telling, and your old connection with Shadow was as well. ...Just something to contemplate, I suppose.


Your struggle is like the one I had about my Patronus, and that took various journeys and about 5 years before I was sure on it. But despite that journey, I don't know how to tell you with this. You've heard my story of finding a many times, and I don't think I can be of further help.


However, maybe I'll add a little more...beyond the ice dragons.


So just to catch up anyone else reading this, my dragons are entirely decided by whether or not they breathe ice. That's my weird fixation. Before the Bewilderbeast, I had a hard time picking a dragon to favorite. I thought I'd like a Night Fury like everyone else, but I would have been just as happy with another dragon. When the Bewilderbeast came out, it was my instant favorite, but that was hardly a personal riding dragon, now was it? So I was still just going off personality quizzes, which had placed me with a Stormcutter.


Then the Woolly Howl was released in Dragons: Rise of Berk in the fall of 2014. In terms of my HTTYD fandom life...this changed my life. It was a rideable ice dragon...Strike Class, on top of that, and with a fur-like appearance, something no other dragon had and made it seem more mammalian and therefore welcoming to this real=life dog-and-horse trainer. It was an instant love. I like to think I had the very first Woolly Howl OC because I made Winterwind the day the Howl was released (though back then her name was "Frostfur"...very original, I know. Glad I changed it.)


As more ice dragons were released, my love for them hit just as intensely, and I ended up having to weigh them against the Woolly Howl to decide if I wanted another dragon. The ultimate was the Snow Wraith, the most wintry of the dragons and forever my favorite, but that dragon was untrainable in canon, and so I didn't even contemplate it further. (The personality was wrong anyway...which is why it's untrainable.) As for the choices there were influenced by a real-life event.


One thing that happened in my real life was that I had my real-life Toothless...a horse named Jetta. She was my world, and she happened to have passed away that year. Well, I wanted my dragon to be an ice breather first and foremost but be Jetta in dragon form, even going so far as to make her backstory similar, so I picked the ice dragon I thought was most like Jetta. The Shivertooth was a trickster, nothing like Jetta, so that was out. The Prickleboggle was actually too gentle for my fiesty and adventurous girl. The Groncicle fit personality-wise and remains one of my favorites - some days rivaling the Woolly Howl (the Groncicle IS the ultimate ice dragon) - but it's gluttonous and lazy, whereas Jetta was energetic and an extremely picky eater, not to mention the Groncicle's sensativity to heat limited my and my dragon's exploration. That left the Woolly Howl and eventually the Windgnasher. The headstrong Windgnasher would work, but as a Strike Class dragon, the Woolly Howl had the energy and intelligence I associate with Jetta (this is the horse who regularly untied herself and undid locks, as well as worked through problems I couldn't figure out).


So...Winterwind remained a Woolly Howl. She's been the same since 2014, and I think it would take a pretty detailed ice dragon, or a lot more details to the Windgnasher, to ever make me change my mind on that. She is my dragon. If I were to design a dragon, I would openly rejected the stubby salamander look of the Howl or the Night Fury or the Sand Wraith...but I admit, I love everything else about the Howl, from the curved boar-like tusks to the little tuffed goat beard on its chin! Seeing pictures of canon-colored Woolly Howls now takes my breath the same way pictures of horses who look like Jetta do.


But you, Owlsbane, know all of this. You know I belong to my Howl. But because it took 4 years for my dragon to come to the franchise, I'm constantly wondering...what if it had never come? What if there had been no ice dragons, or if the Bewilderbeast had been the only one?


I know what my dragon would be then, Owl. I'm certain. It would be a Timberjack. And that's the story I personally want to tell you, as that decision doesn't hinge on firepower or looks or even what dragons are rideable or trainable.


Back in 2013, I made a quiz for my friends and I to take, using all the available dragons of the time to decide what dragon we matched personality-wise. I originally got Night Fury, second-choice Deadly Nadder. When more info on the Stormcutter came out and I added it, I got the Stormcutter. But for a reason I can't explain, I always liked the Timberjack. I liked the forest connection. Nature has an almost spiritual pull for me (I'm a wildlife biologist, after all), and so it just seemed fascinating. There was a deer-like quality to it that I couldn't explain my pull toward until later. But so little was known about the Timberjack's personality at the time that there was really nothing in it in my quiz. By the time I had updated the quiz to include the Timberjack's more detailed personality, Rise of Berk was starting to churn out dragons like mad, and soon the quiz would be overwhelmed and useless and the Woolly Howl would be released so I wouldn't care. But I took the quiz again just for fun with dragons that did have enough info to be considered.


The quiz was set up to match you with a dragon based on personality first and foremost. You're given a number of questions to evaluate your personality, and then I drew up a description that's meant to correlate with matching you to a pet (dragon, horse, dog, whatever) based on the answers. Then someone - me or the tester or anyone else - compares that description with unnamed, numbered personality descriptions. The one that matches best ends up being your dragon. That way there was no bias. (One friend was really upset to get a Gronckle...though Gronckles are so sweet that I thought it was a compliment to her personality.)


The last time I took this test, I got the Timberjack. Gentle, peaceful, proud, skittish but protective, active but calm and level-headed, a solitary creature that is still kind toward people and just as much a part of the forest as a wildlife biologist like myself has been allowed to become.


I went back to the dragon to review the idea and...I wasn't sold immediately, but over time, I knew it was right. Take out my winter love - practically winter obsession, really - and the Timberjack was everything I wanted in a dragon before looks. And its looks aren't bad. I prefer a dragon with legs, but the head, large wings, and long neck and tail of the Timberjack is paricularly delightful to me. The Timberjack just felt...right. If no rideable ice dragons had ever been put in the franchise, I know I'd just be brimming with love for my Jetta-styled Timberjack. It's my favorite non-ice dragon and...well, finding it was like coming to live in the right location or finding my Patronus.


But it took something pointing me directly at the dragon for me to even see that, and even then the dawning realization was slow, and we don't all get something directional like that. But I'm also a pretty oblivious person. Now I am decisive, which I think is something you have some trouble with. But you're not oblivious. You just listen to your gut and follow it. If it leads you back to Shadow or Vale or stays with Remain or goes off somewhere else, go with it.


Edit: Picture of Jetta and I. Perhaps it helps to have had a "real" dragon.

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Soon her ice dragon would come for her, and she would ride on its back to the land of always-winter.

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Icebones (in-game name Stormblaze): male Skrill

Galewing: female Titan Wing Skrill

Slashtail: male Triple Stryke


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Icevein: male Groncicle (2nd main dragon)

Hoarfrost: male Groncicle (Icevein's father)

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Fireball: female Titan Wing Gronckle

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Boulderdash: male Catastrophic Quaken

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Bramble: female Titan Wing Whispering Death

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Fleetsteps: male Speed Stinger

Spitfire: male Scuttleclaw

Jadeheart: female Titan Wing Scuttleclaw

Silvershard: female Razorwhip

Swiftslice: male Titan Wing Razorwhip

Windrider: female Stormcutter

Owleyes: male Titan Wing Stormcutter

Rainshed: female Raincutter

Shadowhunter: male Devilish Dervish


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Horntail: male Titan Wing Deadly Nadder

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Seacry: female Thunderdrum

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Evermore: male Tiny Tooth Death Song

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Legacy: female Silver Phantom

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Firegale: female Monstrous Nightmare

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That's an amazing story, Whisper!

This really inspired me to write a story about how I met my dragon :p



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If you see a sheep running away, then Ghost Light is nearby.

My OC Aelyras (actually it's my only OC) tamed Ghost Light when she was trapped on a dragon hunters ship. She and the dragon tried to escape together and then they stayed together forever. (this is the story really short)

I don't have many reasons why the Flightmare is the main dragon of my OC, it just felt right. When I saw the specie, I fell in love with it and never changed it.

I'm not sure if you mean this, but if you want to find your type of dragon you need to look at the specie's class and personality. If it matches your (OC'S) personality it's a great dragon to be your (OC'S) main dragon. You also have to look at the rarity and tamebility (I know, that's not a real word XD). There are no Night Furies except Toothless (for now) and a dragon like a Changewing is, according to the series, untamable. You should also look at how "convenient" your dragon specie is to be a main dragon. A Bewilderbeast for example, is waaaaay to big to fit into your hut and stable. Plus, a really big dragon like that Bewilderbeast needs to eat a lot. One meal and Berk ran out of fish...  Next, what are you and your dragon going to do? Are you going to race a lot? Take a fast dragon. Are you going to explore islands for unknown dragon species? Take a brave dragon. Are you going to fight a lot? Take a strong dragon with good firepower. 

Maybe that's not what you meant, but this is my guide for if it actually is. XD


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Changewings are Trainable

Changewing's aren't untrainable. Not only does the Book of Dragons short claim all dragons it discusses are trainable, including the Changewing, but also Hiccup trained a Changewing named Phantom in the Dragons: Riders of Berk comic "The Legend of Ragnarok." The TV show - which is already un-canon on a number of things - claims that Hiccup isn't very good with Changewings, but he's also not very good with Whispering Deaths, either, and we know they're trainable. Same with Speed Stingers; heck, they almost trained one in the series. Even the Green Death gets trained in Rise of Berk. So far, the only dragon species in the franchise that have been given a clear "untrainable" status are the Snow Wraith and Smothering Smokebreath (though I do wonder about Death Songs, too; so far, there's been no success there).


Some dragons are trickier than others, though. The Skrill, Whispering Death, Scauldron Typhoomerang, Razorwhip, Scuttleclaw and Devilish Dervish are examples of dragons that are considered very wild and very difficult to train, compared to something like a Gronckle, Deadly Nadder, Hobblegrunt, or Sliquifier. (Most of the "hard level" dragons are hard due to aggression, but with the Scuttleclaw, it's more due to energy level, attention span, and being too stubborn to take orders.) Monstrous Nightmares are medium-level in terms of being "in-tune" with their rider. Hideous Zipplebacks have been shown to need two riders.


Which all reminds me, Owl, if you ever want to look at my self-compiled Dragon Manual, just let me know. I have one that contains canon information and only canon, with my sources listed at the end of the document. Maybe you can read or skim through to see if a dragon pops out at you?

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Sounds like a great idea - perhaps I'll find a dragon that I never knew was there?

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Wiggles the whispering death ate my subject

I wish I could give you some advice. But I'm actually quite bad at giving advice for this type of thing as I'm one of those people who just kind of makes characters without knowing exactly how. The only thing I can tell you is to just play with stuff in your head for a while and see what you like though I know that's probably not very helpful and you've probably already been trying that. Really the only thing I can do here is show up and say I hope you find your character. All I can offer is emotional support. I do wonder why you decided to move away from Shadow though. I remember you once did it because you felt pressured to do so. I hope this time it is your choice and not someone elses.





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(Drawn by my amazing sister)

(She even drew the fur on the shoes)

            (My in game character)- A friendly young Viking who interacts better with dragons than with people. This is partly because although she now lives on Berk her family was originally from the Berserker tribe. When Dagger came to power Hypergoof, her sister and her parents were forced to flee as they were terrified of their new chief after he threatened to kill Hypergoof's parents for speaking out. The family found a new home on Berk. After working hard to get the Hooligans (what Hiccup's tribe was called in the books) to trust her (mostly) Hypergoof got a job working at a dragon rehabilitation center which is part of the reason she knows so many dragons. Hypergoof has a few problems. One, she is terrified of hot things. (A problem I myself have) She will not touch any stoker class dragons as a result. (With the exception of two individuals) She will still try to help a injured stoker as long as she doesn't have to touch it. Her other problem is also based on one of mine. I am Hypersensitive to sound and certain noises hurt me. Hypergoof has this too but in her the pain can cause her to go Berserk. One of the worst noises is whistling. She will attack anyone who does it near her. (Note this does not mean that I will fire troll those who's character whistles in game. It is a character trait for role playing and storytelling only.) Hypergoof also can't stand large crowds for too long. She will often retreat if things get too noisy. Hypergoof is a good fisher and farmer but a horrible fighter. (Unless she goes Berserk in which case she may get hurt but will do significant damage to her opponent.) She is generally friendly unless she gets stressed out in which case she becomes snappy. Most of her friends are dragons. Because of this Hypergoof has picked up dragoneese and speaks it quite fluently.





Littlebird (Hypergoof's sister) and Hypergoof's parents don't have much back story at the moment. None are in game.



Termite- Is one of Hypergoof's few human friends. (She is in game now as HypersFriendTermite. The chances of seeing her are low though. If seen she will probably be with Wiggles.) She is a woodworker hence the name. She didn't trust Hypergoof when they first met but soon found that they had a lot in common. She is the true trainer of Wiggles but often leaves him with Hypergoof when she must work on something.  Hypergoof and Termite like to take dragon food out into the wilderness ware they wait to see what shows up. A pass time they lovingly call dragonwaching.






(wants to chew on Mildew's new chair just off camera)

(FUN FACT: Mildew is one of the only people Wiggles doesn't like)

            A young rambunctious whispering death with a sweet heart but a naughty mind. Hypergoof's friend Termite adopted him as a baby when his whole family was killed by dragon slayers. Unlike most of his species Wiggles could be described as... cuddly. He wants to be friends with everyone he meets and seems completely oblivious to his size and appearance. He simply does not understand that he is scary and is baffled that some people won't play with him or give him a hug. His best friend growing up was Termite's mutt of a dog Drool, and Wiggles learned the odd habit of waging his tail from his canine friend. Most dignified dragons (especially whispering deaths) are appalled by the behavior but no amount of laughing at Wiggles or begging him to stop for the sake of dignity will change anything. Wiggles simply doesn't care. All that matters to him is how much fun he's having. He will even allow himself to be dressed up for snoggletog and will parade around in the Jingle bells and antlers with pride. (As seen here.) Wiggles is an all around charming and sweet creacher but he is not without flaws. He can not be left alone for more than five minutes or else he will chew on something, especially furniture. Usually damaging it beyond repair. He can not be taken to a marketplace because the concept that Termite "hasn't bought that yet and so he shouldn't eat it" is something he can not seem to grasp. Nore is the one that "That doesn't belong to us!" Termite has taken to carrying a bag of dried mutton strips (Mutton is Wiggles's favorite) to redirect the serpent's attention if she catches him with the look in his eyes that she learned to recognize as his "I'm going to chew on that" face. Despite her best efforts Wiggles is a hand full and Termite often leaves him with Hypergoof if she has to go do some woodworking. Wiggles thinks of Termite as his mother but he thinks of Hypergoof as a friend and enjoys playing with her. Hypergoof shows no fear towards him at all and will even let Wiggles hug her if he asks permission first. (Hypergoof does not like being touched without warning but will happily accept a hug from a friend.) Interestingly Hypergoof found that Wiggles is a very good racer despite his poor eyesight.





(Relaxing at home)

          The first dragon Hypergoof ever rescued and one of her closest friends. He is a Pink and Blue deadly nadder. When he was a hatchling his curiosity got the better of him. He wandered away from his nest in the dead of winter and found himself lost in a blizzard which would have been the end of him if he hadn't stumbled onto the front lawn of Hypergoof's house. His crys alerted the family who quickly took him in out of the cold and thus saved his life. Cuteseepie and Hypergoof have been friends ever since. Cuteseepie has a mellow gentle nature broken up occasionally for excitement at an adventure. He will defend Hypergoof or if need be prevent her from attacking someone who whistled. His level headedness balances out against Hypergoof's goofyness rather nicely. 





(Showing off again)

          A skrill that Hypergoof found injured while dragon watching. Her success in helping him helped her get the job she currently has and also built up a friendship between Hypergoof and Ziggy. It probably helped that Ziggy is not a very old skrill, only having just left his parents, before somehow getting hurt. Much like a cat Ziggy tries to be more dignified than he really is. One moment showing off his impressive wingspan with a majestic yawn and the next he's off chaiseing a light or a leaf when he thinks no one is looking. He often roles his eyes when Hypergoof playfully teases him by saying his name in a funny pitch or calling him "The Zigster" but a poorly hidden grin betrays the fact that he doesn't mind as much as he lets on. Ziggy is decently friendly to most people who don't insult his dignity (only his close friends are allowed to do that) but he is still technically a wild skrill. He spends most of his time off chaising storms and doing whatever else wild skrills do only he stops by every once in a while to visit Hypergoof. Manny people wonder why he keeps coming back as he always seems more annoyed with Hypergoof than anything but it is just a mask. A false front. He secretly really enjoys her company. In fact perhaps Hypergoof's absurdity amuses him. FUN FACT: Before meeting Ziggy it was Hypergoof's life dream to see a live skrill. (Partly her Berserker heritage) For her meeting Ziggy was akin to meeting a celebrity. Of course things got more normal between them as they got to know each other but Hypergoof is still pretty darn proud that a skrill let her be his friend.








(Knows the owner of this house hates it when he sits there)

           A young flightmare who was one of Ziggy's friends then also became Hypergoof's friend when Ziggy brought him to Berk. Unlike Ziggy though, Causemoe decided that he liked Berk and the school so much that he would stay. He is a complete showoff and loves to be the center of attention. He can get huffy if he finds someone who does one of his favorite things better than him. He especially hates it that Wanda can glow brighter than him. She often tones down her glow when she's near him to spare his feelings.







(Knows the best places for the best view)

         As mentioned before, Hypergoof is scared of stoker class dragons. When approached by a fireworm her normal reaction is to flip out as if the little dragon was a bee. Wanda however is an exception to this rule and not only is she a fireworm but she is a fireworm queen. Hypergoof once got herself lost in a snowstorm and was found by one of Wanda's workers unconscious and soon to freeze if something wasn't done. Wanda is a very empathetic dragon. Even though she didn't trust humans she didn't want to see a helpless creacher in such a way. She took Hypergoof into her nest to warm up. Hypergoof was stuck there for several days not knowing which way was home until Cuteseepie tracked her down by scent and took her back to the village. During Hypergoof's time in the nest Wanda decided she liked this little human. Hypergoof was terrified of most of Wanda's children and since Wanda didn't understand Norse yet Hypergoof communicated her unease by sticking as close to the fireworm queen as she would allow. Purposely mimicking the bodylanguig of a scared puppy to get her point across. Wanda was sympathetic of Hypergoof's fear and allowed the little human to stay near. Keeping the meaner members of her family at bay until Cuteseepie could find the lost viking. Wanda was a bit suprized to find that a dragon was the one looking for the girl. She has a healthy dose of curiosity in her and often visits Berk for "research purposes" as she calls it. Wanda is curious about humans and wants to learn about them. Hypergoof is grateful to Wanda for her kindness and will come when she calls. Something Wanda finds amusing but also gives her an easy target to study. Personalitywise Wanda is the type of person one might have a fancy tea party with. She is every bit a queen but is also an intellectual with a kind heart. She hangs around Berk to study the uneeq human and dragon interactions there. Seeking how to possibly spread that type of friendship for the good of dragon kind.







(Wonders if she'd get in trouble for blasting me into the water behind the camera)

          A pink thunderdrum who someone in the dragon rehab center found as a baby then dumped on Hypergoof since no one wanted to deal with the hatchling. Their relationship started out terribly due to Hypergoof's sound sensitivity. In the beginning Hypergoof could barely stand Burpetta but eventually the dragon realized that her loudness has hurting the human and learned to be more gentle with Hypergoof's delicate ears. Sometimes Burpetta can be careless but she never means any harm and will correct her behavior when she eventually realizes she did wrong. She is kind by nature but loves a bit of mischief now and then. She also has a bit of the stubbornness common in her breed. Once she sets her mind to something it is difficult to convince her otherwise.






(Sleeping like the baby he is)

            A screaming death. He is the baby of the group despite being the biggest member of it. When Alven found out that one of the eggs he'd planted under Berk had hatched a screaming death he decided he wanted such a beast for himself. He knew he couldn't capture the adult so he decided to get his hands on a hatchling. He captured a bunch of the successful breeding pair's family members in the hopes that more of them would carry the incredibly rare screaming death gene. The captive dragons were force bread and after many many attempts Alven got what he wanted. He didn't get to keep it though as a couple Hooligans who had snuck into Alven's hideout looking for helpful info about future plans found the baby screaming death instead. They took it back to Berk to figure out what to do with it. Several people wanted to kill the little guy before he could grow into an island eater but Hypergoof over heard and was horrified. She knew what it felt like to be disliked for what she was rather than who she was. Some people didn't trust her because she was a Berserker. She knew it wasn't fair to judge someone that way. She stole Chomp and (With Wiggles and Termite's permission) hid him down Wiggles's tunnels. Wiggles didn't mind and enjoyed having a roommate to play with. Chomp stayed there unknown until his loudness and the sheer amount of food being brought down there gave him away. By then though he was old enough that he had enough personality to proved him a gentle giant rather than a monster and he was allowed to stay. He is not at all a full grown screaming death and has the personality of a giant toddler. He is surprisingly gentle especially considering his breed. He is so mild tempered that he will stare blankly at fire trolls wondering what they are doing. He will only engage if he thinks it's a game. Despite his gentleness his size and strength can be a problem. He will occasionally knock someone over with his tail by accident then stare at them in confusion not smart enough to understand why the person fell but knowing it was still somehow his fault. When other screaming deaths were allowed into the school Chomp was thrilled to have playmates his size. Chomp is very much still a baby mindwise. He is very food oreeinted and can be prompted to do nearly anything for a snack. It's a very good thing he doesn't consider humans food. It's hard to imagine that he could ever be related to the screaming death who once tried to eat Berk but he is. The danjoris one happens to be his somewhat distant uncle. Fun fact: Hypergoof often refers to Chomp's uncle as Mr. Island munch and insists that she will continue to do so until his actual name is found out or created.







(LOVES sand)

(I really shouldn't be suprized)

            A female sand wraith. Punaluu comes from a subspeasys of sand wraith on a volcanic island with black sand. (Like the beach Punaluu is named after.) As such they adapted to the environment by becoming black. A side affect of this is that now the subspeacys looks even more like a nightfurry than the normal ones. Some money hungry showmen found out about them and decided to make a quick buck. They stoll an egg from this island and paraded the black hatchling around claiming it to be a nightfurry. This charade ended when they made the mistake of bringing their show to Berk. Seeing that the dragon was being treated badly the Hooligans took the baby from the showmen and took it to the dragon rehabilitation center for treatment for whip wounds and malnutrition. Punaluu is much healthier now and is a happy energetic young sand wraith. One problem she has is that her dark coloring is only designed for a certain type of area and she can not camouflage most of the time because of it. Not being able to hide occasionally gives her episodes of anxiety but a quick trip to a beach ushuly fixes it. She is very shy around strangers but around those she knows she is a complete goof. She can also be a bit naughty. Sometimes she feels out of place like she doesn't belong and so interacts well with Hypergoof who doesn't fit in all that well ether.







Bumbles the candy loving Lazersight Vesperwing who likes to stalk me for my food.

(And probably the only adoptable I'll ever adopt)

Adopted from goldenfury360 who made the species

lineart done by NightmareRebuff 


Click here if you want a Lazersight Vesperwing of your own;



(I have other dragons but I didn't want to make my sig any longer. I have removed some that were once there too)


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Hey - remember her?

I've been figuring, after reading all of your lovely responses, that just like in life you can't change who you are but you can grow. I also see that some of you wish to know what happened to Shadow; well I'm here to give you the answer :)


Instead of Eirian, I fixed up Oweress to be as I have grown to be. Here is the result.


Oweress Jade Moonfire

Age: 16

Home: Berk

Occupation: Helping with various jobs around the village

Dream Occupation: To be a dragon caretaker and studier, much like Bork the Bold.

Appearance: Olive colored skin with a darkened blonde hair, usually placed up in a bun. Bright and wide eyes, sometimes shifting color from green to blue and then gray depending on the lighting. Average height for her age and skinny, her arms give away her strength much to her dismay. Her clothing consists of darkly colored pants covered by a black skirt holding a satchel on the left side. Shoes are covered in dark fur that’s been matted over the years of use. Shirt is a tight but flowy black suit, giving enough room to move around and keep warm in her travels.

Weapons of Choice: Sword and Bow and Arrow

Personality: Oweress is brave and pure, always optimistic about the world. She can find new ways to solve a problem regularly and only asks for help when she feels stuck. She is at home more with dragons than Vikings, sometimes calling them scary instead of her own herd. Oweress is caring and patient, wanting to see the best come forth from any species. “Life is hard enough, we need those who will help us rise rather than fall. I’m proud to be one of those people.”

Strengths: Caring and protective, Oweress always knows what to do when someone’s in a jam. Very trusting of herself she climbs and maneuvers to places some won’t. Understanding she can make mistakes, Oweress is willing to change to accomplish something but still holds fast to her beliefs.

Weaknesses: Can be short sighted and makes missteps. Is hotheaded when others won’t listen to her ideas and doubts her. Is shy in social situations, will get what she wants in the end but may give away too much information.

Hobbies: Writing, Exploring, Flying and studying dragons, improving on her stocks of fish and currency, catching up with family and friends, exercising.

Favorite Season: Winter

Favorite Meal: Porridge and Seafood, but doesn’t mind sausages.

Favorite Non-Dragon Animal: Fox

Dragon Companion: Currently Searching


Now onto Shadow. I set her aside because of the dilemma of cannon. It got to me for my own story that there is just one Night Fury that we know of and it was getting complicated to keep weaving around that fact. I had to change so many things and you saw the result over my many, many, many, many annoying posts in the past of 'is this okay?' 'what do you think of my dragon?' 'Isn't she the best' so on and so forth. However seeing as I still love her to bits, I've decided to make Shadow into a necklace, a kind of luck charm for Oweress. I even made a small and sweet story of how it came to be.


Hiccup was always bombarded with the question of 'where can I get a Night Fury?' Toothless seemed exhausted as well, taking everyone for a small ride around the island on his back just to let them have the feeling of calling him their own for a moment. After a month Hiccup finally put a stop to the rides telling them that Toothless was his dragon, and that he had no idea where others were. Many left sad, some moody, while Oweress stayed and asked for a favor. "Hiccup, I need a favor from Toothless."

"If it's one last ride, you heard the answer with the rest."

"No that's not it. I was wondering if I could have a scale." Hiccup looked confused.

"A scale from Toothless?" Oweress nodded and was full of glee when she was handed her scale.

"Thanks Hiccup; and you too Toothless." Oweress left them with scale in hand after giving Toothless a small pat on the head. Later Oweress fastened the scale to a string for a necklace. "With you, I can say that I have a Night Fury. I shall call you Shadow, and together we will travel the world in search for my own dragon to ride."



I still have no answer to which dragon Oweress rides, but it's progress none the less.


To everyone that read this far, thank you and have a wonderful time in the skies.




Oweress M.

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Who will it be? Who is -the one-?

Hmmm, this is a tough one. I'll fully admit that I actually have a few top favorites which I can't quite decide between, so the stories of my Viking characters have been indivivdually crafted to suit a particular dragon - Sharq Byte has Ripsurge the Shockjaw, and a Skrill names Scensoredtrike who was adopted by Sharq and Ripsurge when she was found as a lost baby; Khestrel has her Stormcutter, Galestride, who was freed from an aristocrat wanting to keep the dragon as a vanity pet; and then there's Quihnn with her Raincutter, Rainridge, who actually found a stranded and amnesiac Quihnn, and after a few misunderstandings and getting to know each other, the two escaped the island they were on before what seemed like a terrible natural disaster wreaked complete havoc on it.


There's reasons I like the dragons I like - I will admit that largely that goes by appearance, but also the dragon's animations which altogether convey a particular type of personality to me. For example, even though a lot of people seem to dislike the Raincutter's animations, I, for the most part, adore them - they convey a sort of happy-go-lucky, if a little bit goofy, personality to me - and the fact that their little arms are so mobile makes me giddy with joy. Shockjaws just plain look laid back and chill with everything, even if they currently don't have their own animations. Skrills look like they're ready to take on any adventure. Stormcutters are cool weirdos with all that odd head-tilting and four-winged action. And Shovelhelms, another favorite of mine, convey a friendly, adventerous but steadfast personality to me.


Then again, though, my tastes seem to be pretty unconventional - a lot of my favorite dragons have them big jaws, which people seem to hate for some reason. :[


Sofar, the Shivertooth seems to be sticking with you, but you say you're not about looking the dragon over and seeing what kind of personality it's conveying to you? It can be tough trying to find "the one". And sometimes, you just need to take the good with the bad - after taking my Shovelhelm, Bruiser through the racing tracks and being surprised at how well he did (seriously, at one point he was catching up to Toothless and a Snow Wraith), I thought about making a Shovelhelm Quihnn's main as I originally planned. And yet, whenever I looked at Rainridge again, I decided against it - not only were quite a few quests done with her already, but dagnabbit, she's a gorgeous dragon and giving her up ended up seeming like a stupid idea. I just liked her too much. Same thing with Ripsurge at one point. Shockjaws are pretty impoerfect, and the SoD team goofed up a lot - with how their colours and patterns should be, the lack of a thick neck, and their darn hero skin, for crying out loud. It's supposed to be a more sea green with blue, not purple. But I digress. I had thought about replacing him with my Windwalker, Riptide as my main. And yet, I couldn't do it. I was just too sentimental, and looking him over again, he was a darn fine dragon, warts and all. So, I kept him without the hero skin, adjusted his blues to my tastes (and a little closer to his original colours), and decided he's not going anywhere. He's the main on Sharq Byte and that's final.


Khestrel is a different matter though. She's still a WIP, and had another dragon standing in for a fan-made species. I ended up ditching that concept, and moved a lot of her and her dragon's elements over to Sharq Byte and Ripsurge, where they worked out a LOT better. So it's iffy to count her in this right now.


Anyway, that's my thoughts on the matter. I hope that maybe it can help you out. Excuse any brainfarts, it's late at night.


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I just wanted to say, you're

I just wanted to say, you're Snoggletog edits in your signature look fantastic!

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Heh, thanks! I do think

Heh, thanks! I do think Galestride and Khestrel's ended up looking the best, but then again the spot I chose for them seems to be the best for Snoggletog screenshots...such hogs. XD

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Turns out, Hobblegrunts are just the dragon that I was looking for. So, welcome Halfeye - my dragon buddy.



The Halfeye is some fun symbolism, meant for how I was always seeming to be half blind to my dragon problem.