Tillagagothr - Casual Player Clan Seeking Members!

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Joined: 08/10/2017

Hi there!


I'm in the process of gathering members for my clan (Tillagagothr), which is intended to be a slower paced, more casual clan. There is no trophy requirements and I won't really be monitoring anyone's activity (unless for some wild reason I fill up on members and have people who want in haha!). Just basically looking for some chill people to hang with as I get back into this game and re-familiarize myself with all its ins and outs. :D 


Thanks for reading and feel free to hop on board if this interests you! 


KJALKI - LVL 39 - CFTD17 - 

Clan Leader: Tillagagothr


Favourite Dragons:

Ire - Deadly Nadder

Squall - Sand Wraith

Clover - Triple Stryke

Glowbug - Flightmare


Working Towards:


Wooly Howl