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I mispelled the name before sorry

Hello it's me again and I'm here to show you the new species that 1flower has greatfully made me.

Part of the nordic god trio

(This is Splattershot my Thundereaver don't steal him please.)

These Striker class dragon are thought to be a species of dragon Thor made himself. These powerful dragon have powers like skrills. These dragon can only be tamed by nordic people due to them having a link with there god, but there trust is not easily earned by a humans alone they need to have a dragon with them so they can try to tell the thundereaver that your a good person since they can't sense it themselves. These dragon tend to be friendly though they can be hostile to skrills because of being there rival. These dragon love to be treated like a king, they also have enormous egos, but they will care for there owner if there in risk. Note these dragons are massive.





Shot limit:20


Jaw strength: 10







Currently Being redone. Please be patient

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Don't reply

Adoptables here and App


Rules aswell

No magic taming, Short backstory will be denied, credit to 1flower, don't steal 1flowers/my art, Egg hatching that counts as magic taming though I let it slide for the first person which already happened.









Batch 1 

1) Common












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Don't reply

Links to the other of the nordic god trio

Fenrirs (Wolf based dragon hype!) (Loki)


Golden Guardians and there callings (Maybe one of those will have three heads...) (Odin)


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im not replring direct






​Happy Holiday! From Timber and FALCON VA!



 ​Credit to, Themasterplan ( Channey) from Swift Champions

FALCON VA gone account got hacked



​October 2015- July 29th 2016

​I hope i get it back




My adoptions


Name Scensoredcreaper

Spices GrassScreaper

Credit to Pyrelyth



Squid the Squilfier credit to Spy Girl thankyou Spy Girl:)



Hopefully more soon

Other account FACEBOOK account

Name: Satoshi Kamiya

Clan: Western Dragons or Eastern Dragons

Trophies: 20


Deadly nadder nadder level 20

Whispering death Deadly level 10

This accounts age

Satoshi Kamiya 2014-2016 it will be around for much longer


My clan that has fallen apart i will forever remember SkyBrooke


Games i play:

School Of Dragons (dont play only active on fourms now)

Star Sable Online

Lif steam edition

Lif Sheringetti

Fly like a bird 3

Knight of the Dragon

Farming Simulator

Dragon City

Dragons rise of berk

Ice Age villege

Jurassic Park Builder

Jurassic World Builder

riders of icarus

project icarus online

Star Stable account:

Name: Astrid Queenstone

Riding club: Princess Swallows

Postion: Club owner

Level: 18

Places unlocked: Dino Valley, Golden Hills, Epona, South Hoof (I unlocked the whole map finally)


English Therobred (RavenWings)
​North Swedish Horse (Ice Lord)

Jorvik Pony (Wild Guardian)

Jorvik Warmblood ( Midnight Diamond)

Fjord Horse (Dimond wish)

Icelantic horse (Wolf blood)

Fressian Sport horse


danish warmblood-lightwish

danish warmblood-phantomlord


Amercian Paint horse- darkwish



Waiting list horses i will probley get next:


Welsh Pony

Tinker Horse








































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Tracking! Can I reserve one?

Tracking! Can I reserve one?




Welcome to My Sig!


Scroll down to learn more about me and my


fantastic dragons!



I'm very interesting I promise!


Nice to meet you! I am...

-a secret santa present from lxNightxFuryxl



^Thats me!^



^My very official Dragon Training Liscense!^
Created by me, if you would like a Liscense pm me!

My Dragons!



(You should read the info underneath each one, it's interesting!)


1st dragon: Sherbert, Female, Deady Nadder

She's the big sis, the leader of the team. You've never met quite a Nadder like her! She's the oldest, and she knows it too. She keeps all my other dragons in check, while also training them with me. She speaks dragon of course, so she communucates what she knows with the others to make my job as a trainer a lot easier. She's my best friend and my dragon soul. I've never had a more dependable friend. 


2nd dragon: Black Cloud, Male, Skrill

Black Cloud is determined to the end. Ever since Yohann started selling skrills, I knew I wanted one, and after I saved for a LONG time, I knew that was the right choice. He's my most powerful and trusted of the team. He was also turning into a promised racer, until a recent search-and-rescue accident, where he lost his tail to one of Drago's forgotten traps. He's recovering, but he may never be able to fly again. 


3rd dragon: Pebble Tooth, Male, Whispering Death

Pebble Tooth is a good friend. He's a weird little dude, and he spends most of his time, that's right, in the water. For some reason, my dragon only is in the dirt when he has to be and the rest of the time he's getting the dirt off. He's the nutball of the group, and he thinks it's so funny to tunnel underground then pop up and scare my other dragons. Now I have to teach him to mind...


4th dragon: Bean, Male, Gronckle

Now, Gronckles aren't my favorite. I really only got him to complete the dumb quest. (don't tell him that). But I've actually come to love his undying loyalty and his constant need to either snuggle, eat, or take a nap. He reminds me a lot of myself. Natually, he's the glue of the crew, his love and caring for others only getting stronger as days go by. 


5th dragon: Kaya, Female, Sand Wraith 

Kaya is the newest recruit. She is quite the character! I didn't know what to expect when I bought her, Sand Wraith's are so rare. But she has grown to love my other dragons as they have grown to love her. She is known as the baby of the team, but she is quickly losing her softness, and she is determined to lose the title of baby. She's determined, and my best racer. She's still young, and has a lot to learn, but she really looks up to Sherbert. I know with Shebert as her mentor, Kaya will be a great dragon!


She will probably be my last dragon, unless an amazing species comes out. I'd personally rather have a small team of great dragons than train so many dragons I don't remember their names! 

^A pic I made of my dragons! + My OC Maja











{Clan Pride Beyond this



point!!!! :)}

Very proud member of this fine clan!!!!

Created by me, PM me if you are interested in a banner for your clan! 



This banner was created by the incredible talented and creative Ambusher Sauri

















"Ohana means family, and family means nobody 

gets left behind or forgotten."-Lilo and Stitch


Clan Dragon!

Created by our leader, 1flower, (Spyroed). 



The Forgotten Racers

Proud Member

complete with our clan colors! ;-)



:(____End of Clan Pride___:(



Toothless Love:
(I don't own any of these gifs!)

^Borrowed from Treesbane, I thought it was cool!



My adorable adopted baby Gronckle Pedro! by catiedragons

Name: Una (White Wave)

Species: Titain Wing Tide Glider X Sliquifier

Gender: Female

Personality: Shy

Bio: Out pops this cute little girl! She isn't quite sure of her position with you, and fires her

icey cold water all over you, making you laugh. She then edges closer to you making sure

that you aren't going to harm her. She jumps right into your arms and finds a comfortable

spot sleeping in your hands.

Bio and Dragon by Scoubidous. 


Meet Santa:      

And Christmas:  

Credit goes to toothless572


Read below it's very interesting! 

Santa (male) and Christmas (female) are brother and sister, and I adopted them from 

Sirenemoon. They are both super sweet, and I decided they should put their amazing personalities to good use! 

Santa is a really steady flyer and is amazing with kids, adults, teenagers, and every other

form of viking you can find. So I talked to Hiccup, and now Santa's job is to teach new

members of the school how to fly a dragon! (He loves his new job and is very good at it!) 

Christmas is so compassionate and loving! You can never catch her in a bad mood, and she

has a talent of overlooking the differences we have and finding the good in all of us. So, I

decided she would best serve our injured vikings as one of the very first therapy dragons!

She spends her time in the infirmary, whether she is playing catch, chasing lights, or

curling up and snoozing.

(She is very good at her job too!) 

This is Acid, my Arizontia. 

creds to Golden Scarlet


My terrible terror, Nicholas! Creds to SadoMazoCat


This is adopted Nighty Fury, Eden. 

creds to Slyler Smile


My Celestial Soul, a new dragon species created by kimbenoso . Thanks!




And this is Spice! He's my special little Terrible Terror. Allthough he is blind, my other

dragons treat him just the same. 

creds to skyleaf


And this is Bluestar! She is a little nervous around other vikings because her family was killed

in the dark ages. But I beleive, with a proper reintroduction to vikings, she won't be very

skiddish anymore. Once you get to know her, she is fun and playful.


^This is Cobra, my adopted wolf by MidnightMare. He is a strong-hearted, strong-willed,

and strong-souled wolf, which completely contradicts the other side of his personality which is

that he is go-lucky and care-free. He's quite the character.  





^Both made by Sleepyraccoon. Thank You!

^This is my amazing legendary Night Fury named Olleander. I won't bore you with the very

long story it took to get her, but she's amazingly fast, dangerous, and commands respect

from all who meet her. Creds to kimbenoso, for the amazing work on her. Her special

talent is this venom-like acid she can inject into her victims like a snake! But she is loyal,

and she will remain that way.


And this Nightinggale, a Night Flurence adopted from Wutend Bonfire. Some backround information, they are very happy and over-trusting creatures. They are nocturnal scavengers,

but they are very graceful and are always there when you need them to be. 





^This awesome Fluddlebeak was make by GreenCheekedGroot. His name is Bark, mostly

because these things are going fast and I had to thing of a name fast cause I really

wanted him!




Meet Maja, my Night Fury. 

If you are coloring Maja for me, reference below:


^ The Officail Maja!!!!! ^

Lineart by SongOfTheHorse, Coloring by me!!!


This is the original Maja. I owe this work to Treesbane, for creating her. Thank you!

Creds to SkyLeaf


Creds to Scoubidous
creds to mesaprncss
^creds to Autumn5467

^Creds to Duckei


 requested by NadderForever by Skypeoplephoenix732


Creds to Skypeoplephoenix732



This, no offence to the other works, has to be my favorite so far. LOOK IT HOW CUTE!!!

*cough* ok I'm done spazzing creds to the amazing and talented Skrilltheskrill






    By the talented Shedinn. Thanks!

    Gifs of my Fav Disney Character, Stitch!








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    You can reserve one but you

    You can reserve one but you get 1 day form it being adopted by someone else. Also batch 1 is out 1 most of them is common...

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    Tracking. By the by, what level "rareness" would my randomly-colored one be?


    Dm for inquiries 

    * * * * *

    Yo, I'm Spy! I'm a 16 y/o girl from California! I speak English and basic French, and draw a bit. My pms, dms, whatever are always open so why not send me a message? I love talking to people! ^-^ Go have a freaking amazing day you fabulous people! <3~

    * * * * *

    Artwork of Spike~

    Traditional drawings by the incredible grumpyforlife2, redesign sheet by myself

    * * * * *


    Burnt Mist my Gill Grunter. Species made by the awesome Infinity12356! You can get your own HERE!

    Pearl and Orchid my Scale Wings. Species by the exciting Flowercrystal! You can get your own HERE!

    Cooled Ash my Long-Nosed Fintail. Species by the great Georginia47! You can get your own HERE!

    Tree's Whisper my Cave Runner. Species by the marvelous Selethesis! You can get your own HERE!

    Coal my Sawback. Species by the bright Buddyfan1! You can get your own HERE!

    Chip my Ridgetooth. Species by the superb Sand Wraith Girl! You can get your own HERE!

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    Epic (Above rare) Reason: Has

    Epic (Above rare) Reason: Has a patern and patern colors are unique then base. Paterns make a big diffrence on how rare they are

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    Cool! Thank you for responding so quickly, and feel free to ask me for more linearts, they are fun to make ^-^

    Happy Holidays~

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    I CALL 2 ill start workng on

    Name: Willow

    Personaility: She is super fun and adorable! She is full of energy and loves hanging our wiht all my dragons! 


    I found a mysterious egg while I was hunting with my best friend/dragon-half, Sherbert. She started acting strange, and I went over to see why she continually clawed at a rock. I tried to help her move the rock, but it was too big. Then, she shot fire at it! Nadder fire is the hottest of all, and it melted the giant rock before my eyes. Before me was a tunnel, and we just had to explore. With my bow at hand, we walked causiosly down the narrow pathway until it opened up into a large carvern. In the center was a massive titanwing dragon; an evil raincutter! it was feasting on eggs that obviously werent his; there was only on egg still intact. without hesitation, Sherbert read my mind and blasted the surprised raincutter with a poweful blast, and with a new hole in his wing, away he ran. I grabbed the last egg ang hid it in my knapsack.

    When I returned to Berk, 3 days after my return the adorable dragon hatched. Willow was the perfect name. 




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    Ok I'm letting egg hatching

    Ok I'm letting egg hatching slide this one time since its kinda magic taming but enjoy!

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    Bump and a special

    Bump and a special thundereaver will be released today that is starwars themed


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    Here she is This one can



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    Bump a de bump bump bump

    Bump a de bump bump bump

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