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I recently bought a thunderdrum DVD and redeemed it.  It worked but for some reason I have to start a new profile to have it.  Is there anything I can do to have it on my og profile.  I did not start the new profile yet.  Please help asap


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I got the DVD a long time ago

I got the DVD a long time ago so I don't remember fully, but I think I know what happened.

When you get those dvds and codes, you still have your original profile, but you are able to make another one so you can start out with the dragon (Thunderdrum or Whispering Death). Those codes give you a free profile to add to your account, so then you have at least two profiles/Vikings. :) When you start the new profile and exit, you should be able to see two different accounts. However, the code won't really do anything for your first board. The codes are used to make the Thunderdrum/Whispering Death be your STARTER dragon, which is why they make you have another one. I hope this helps! But PM the admins if you have issues.



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What's is that a gronckle??? Hahaha

Bummer i wanted the t.drum for my og profile.  I'm not really interested in starting a new profile.