Thunder Run Racing Tutorial/Tips/Shortcut Guidance

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Ciao a tutti! Hello to all! 

I may be new here on the Forums, but I've been an active player just about every day for the past four months.
And my main interest as of recently has been racing.

But, it took quite some time to even get at the decent degree of where I stand now.

And besides the booster-obsessive racing persona that majority have come to know me by, I can also offer advice and guidance to others who are interested.


Therefore, I've created this video for the sole purpose of providing assistance to starter racers and/or those who seek the shortcuts in each track.

(I do happen to know just about all of them, but for the sake of not having the most agile dragon, I stuck with the most simple of shortcuts that could be performed over time with practice.)

* I am aware that my racing is a bit spazzy during these clips, due to Bandicam interfering with my FPS. It was very difficult to steer with such a choppy frame rate. My apologies for the inconvenience in viewing quality. Please, enjoy! And I hope this video does some sort of help! *

    ~ With our sacred dragons, we soar above the skies with pride! We are the Vehement Dragon Riders! ~     

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thank u, just not that i was searching for

its good u show the shortcuts.

Can you mabie do an experiment for me? i noticed that even with thootless ( that is really good to turn ) i cant turn as well, i tried to see some videos and i come to an hypotesy, that the ones that plays with computers are more advantaged with turning in race ( since i play with ipad )

Can you mabie see if you can figure out if it is right? cuz i love racing but if that is true i will keep losing :(






My profile page:



I was a little girl that got to life at an island very far away, I was in love with the dragon trainers, so when I saw they put up an academy I started Traning as much as I could, I always fighted to train, I discovered everything I could about dragons.

When I was ready I entered, and it was like a dream.

i ment my family and clan: Dark Fury Knight Racers and made new friends.

Once when I was alone I saw Spinel and we had a stong bond together.

i loved snoggletog, the air got filled with the spirit of cheer and everyone was happy.

Once when I was at berk one snoggletog day I saw a baby nadder playing in the snow while nobody was looking and trying to ea5 a piece of cake on the floor, she was so beautyfull, she was black with blue spots and details and loved the snow clearly.

I got her up in my hands even if she was trying to escape and gave her a little snoggletog hat on, gave her a little cake and got her asleep in my arms, she clearly was hiding from others and only got out that day.

From than on we did all together, she was strong, loyal, fast and one of the most intelligent dragons I know.

Once I discovered that she could make hers spikes glow, that was beautiful and amazing, too cuz she never missed a shot at the trainings, we have been on adventure together and love each other, and we will always do.




Fakta about main dragons:



He was the adult Sandwraith that i found when i just arrived at the school, he is loyal and friendly but only counts on me and other dragons.

He can resist the alpha command power when the spinel’s make his glowing Armor.

He is so intelligent and one of the fastest dragons i know.

He saved me from many attacks from hunters and animals.

He loves snoggletog and halloween cuz she can play with snow, enjoy the lights and scare ppl.

He have a shiny armor that can light up when he want, the armor is made of spinel’s and he is happy about it.

He is joyful and loves to prank, he is protective and don’t want to let me go for even only some minutes.

I love to sleep under his wing cuz when he lights up they are so beautiful.

And he loves cookies!!!!


Dark sky:

Dark sky was too there when the licawig attacked me that time, she is intelligent and smart and so gelous about Spinel’s speed, they always challenge each other for the one that can get more sheeps ( and of course she always wins ).

She is so good at shooting that she never miss her's target.

She have the same thing as Spinel, she can make the blue part glow, just not the body but the top of the spikes.

She has fire that can melt everything and is herself very fast, even if not as much as Spinel.

She too have the power to resist the comand power, only if she changes to crystal ice skin and have the same effect as the one Spinel have.

She have an other problem too! she can't fly without me cuz we been too much togther...

She loves snoggletog because she can light up everything, loves snow and the spirit it gives to ppl. and everybody loves her, but hates Spinel’s bad and annoying snow games and always want him to get in troubble.

She always listen to advices and is nice with evryone.

And she loves to wake me up for the crismas day.



a bit like this bow


art by others:

Me with my dragon Dark sky

Thank u so much Tosi Lohi! ( hope i spelled correct ^^; )


Me and my Sandwraith Spinel without his Armor 

Madet by the talented Piggxl ^^

Me with my bow

Madet by Zikta ^^ thx a lot!!

Spinel  my sand wraith by XxPurpleHolkingxX ^^

( again hope i spelled correct XD )


SURPRISE!!! by XxPurpleHolkingxX ^^









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Try This..

Hey there, Electro!

Thank you for your input!
Hmm, I have never played the game on the mobile version, nor have I ever played it on an iPad. Sorry!
But I can point out a simple trick that helps with turning for both PC and iPad users.
Have you tried tapping on the break during sharp turns?
Such as the first big turn in Gronkle Run?
Next time you're racing on a track that has many turns, just give the break a quick tap, do not hold down.
Also, clothing/gear could make a significant difference as well.
As you can see, there are little dragon "icons" present on certain types.

These are just several examples of gear you could be on the lookout for:
(This is the male version/but the female version also has these items.)


Shoulder Pads: 





Hope that helps!