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I hope I'm not being annoying for being quite active recently (sorry if I have been, though...)


I've just seen soo many suggestions go through the Forums that I think it'd be nice if everyone pitched in their ideas in a thread full of them! 


Here's how I propose we do it though: try to suggest only 2 things that you'd think go wonderfully in this game.


For example, here are my suggestions:


1. A new Dragon Tactics feature where you could earn trophies by dueling another player.

            (Dragons and Viking vs. Dragons and Viking)


2. Communication wether in-game or IRL with a Mediator.

             (I think you all know what I mean by this...)


Let's suggest some stuff!



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Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile.

There's a lot of things I could suggest, but here's my two things: 


1) Be able to have a collect all button from your farm, for example you have a chicken farm because you race in TRR often, and you have to spend like 20 minutes just feeding or collecting all the eggs, and I think it would be easier just to have an option that could collect everything for you and not waste any time. It'd be useful for CoC when you have to race for a long time and not waste any time just farming.


2) Have boosts cost coins! I use up like 50 boosts a day, which adds up to a total of 200 gems a day. If they costed coins, they would be so much easier to obtain, and you can buy a lot more compared to if it costs gems, which is pricey if you use them a lot.



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I only use like 50 boosts a YEAR soooo... that just shows I'm not going to spend gems on boosts, but I would totally spend every coin I had if boosts cost gold(also, it then would be possible for me to race in CoC, not full time tho, I don't have that kind of time in my schedule XD). I also love the collect all idea. like "colect all chicken/dragon nip/anything else product". It honestly takes me twenty five minutes to collect all the chicken eggs and feed them again so they'll be ready.


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Flare ate my subject (and lunch)

I doubt that they would change power-ups to gold because they need a way to make money. The only way they could make money is if people buy gems or membership. So if they changed it to gold a good portion of customers may stop buying gems.









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Great job and thank you SIlver Phantom! :D

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Running around aimlessly, what about you?

I love both of your ideas!

If I were to add two more, then I'd say:


Bigger Islands

Race to the Edge shows that Outpost Island is way larger than the teensey island we got in-game. It doesn't need to be completely massive, just a bit larger. Otherwise, it's like comparing the Statue of Liberty to a smaller one you'd find In a gift shop.


Clan 'Legendary Titans'

I can't remember where I originally saw it, but someone said that clans should pick a 'legendary titan' to follow. According to Rise of Berk, we have the Green D.eath, the Screaming D.eath, Foreverwing, Purple D.eath, Bewilderbeast*, and Shellfire. There doesn't need to be all of them, and it's all based-off of Pokémon GO's Team Mystic, Valor, and Instinct.


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I had already shown the idea of the "Alpha System" in the game  XD

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I think Flare ate my lunch too.

I 100% agree with all of these suggestions! Here are mine:

1. Allow clans to build their own hierarchies. I say this because my clan has an advanced system involving co-leaders, a leadership team, an honor guard, elders, and members. It would be extremely helpful to have a unique system.

2. Make some sort of clan clubhouse where you can hang out with clanmates. One especially important feature would be that cross-chat(where your chat appears in different locations) would not occur by only allowing players to speak in clan chat while in the clubhouse. It would help clanmates discuss issues without any drama spreading. It also would give clan members things to do with their time. I would imagine it would be something like a large hideout.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely the admin will see these ideas. Still, I think they are at least decent ones that should be at least viewed. Thanks for your time.





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Flare ate my subject (and lunch)

All great suggestions!

One thing that I've constantly mentioned on the forums are battle prizes. Delete gold from gold. It's really frustrating to get a worse prize than a beginner who got bronze.

Another thing would probably be adding a way to archive dragons. I have so many that I have trouble finding my Thunderdrum when it's time to battle.

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You know what would be awesome.... Is if you could organize your racer dragons in TRR.... Because when you got over 70 dragons and need only 5-10 of them... makes searching for them super annoying...


Dragon tricks would be cool too :P Like twirls, or flips and stuff like that...


Some information on me?

Sure Why Not....



Was kinda obvious.. But... 




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Uhm. Perhaps message me for this...


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Favourite area in SoD?


     If you're ever looking for me in game..... Just.... go to the highest spot of the map, and you might be

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Where I live?

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     The Leader of the Glass Wing Riders.........


How are you in racing?

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Buuut.... If you fire at me.... Do expect me to become the biggest jerk on the track.....




No, I am not showing all my dragons here...... I have too many. I'll just make a video of them all later....


I'll post it to my youtube channel when completed.




Hey got Discord?

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Yeah... I think that's it for now. Enjoy.



This... This needs some touch ups... and more colour.... -.-...... Give me a bit.