Thoughts of Guilt: Chapter 44: Back to Normal

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Sorry for the wait again.

Between trying to end the story well and writers block, traveling and other things, I have been having a difficult time writing.


But I hope you like this chapter anyway.


The next chapter will be the last chapter.


Enjoy. :)


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Thoughts of Guilt


Chapter 44


Back to Normal


          Waking up, I could to me what sounded like nothing.  The sounds I heard were the everyday sounds you would hear in Berk: commotion, occasional dragon fly over head, metal work from Gobber’s shop… relaxing for a change.  I sat up in bed, rubbed my eyes, and looked around the room.  My sisters were not in their beds.  I decided to put on my everyday clothes and walk down stairs.

          I walked into the kitchen and saw my mother washing dishes.

          “Oh,” mother stated as I entered.  “You’re up finally.”

          “Finally?” I questioned.  “What time is it?”

          “Oh come now,” mother smiled and turned while wiping off a plate.  “You’re good at solving mysteries.”

          I chuckled, “By the looks of the sun in the sky… I’d say afternoon?”

          “Another mystery solved,” she declared and put the plate up in the cabinet; though asked if I was hungry and I answered I was not.

          “Man,” I said as I sat down as mother went to the cooler to grab the yak milk.  “What time is it exactly?”

          Mother had grabbed a cup and set it down for me to start pouring the milk, “It is after lunch.”

          “Wow, I slept in,” I added.

          “Well,” mother stated as she sat down and looked at me.  “For the man saved his father, saved his family, saved his friends, and saved his home… I think he deserves to sleep in a time or two.”

          “Everything is back to normal, I finally said.

          Mother countered, “In a way, everything isn't back normal.  The mystery is solved.  And our family is back together.  Things are back to the way they should be.

          No words needed to be said by me, I just smiled while grabbing my mother’s hand and held it.

          A few moments later, “Where is everyone off too?” I asked.

          “Well,” mother began.  “Your sisters are out flying around somewhere… on their dragons.  You’d probably say something like, ‘I didn’t know they could fly on their own,’” I chuckled while mother continued.  “Dagmar is off shopping-shopping, like actually shopping.  And your father is out doing a few things with Stoick.  He said something about getting reacquainted with how Berk is run and the changes that have been made since the peace with the dragons had started.”

          Mother paused, “But where are you going to be off to?”

          “I really don’t know,” I replied.

          “Oh come now,” mother said as she got up and walked behind me.  “I’m sure you’ll find something to do… But before you go,” she stopped me from getting up out of my seat.  “You better eat this first.”

          It is a Brown Trout sandwich with lettuce and her special sauce.

          “I just made this when I heard you stirring up in your room,” she added.

          “Thanks,” I said appreciatively.

          I did not think I was very hungry until I started eating; then within a few minutes finished the sandwich as well as my milk.  Getting up from my chair, I hugged my mom and bid her a good afternoon.

          Exiting my house, I stepped outside.  I took a deep breath in, closed my eyes, breathed out, and then opened my eyes again.  The village of Berk seemed quite calm and quiet to what I have been used to these past several days.  Berk is anything but quiet.  The elders of Berk going around and seeing to the needs of the villagers, saw some of my friends passing by either on their dragon or on foot, cattle and livestock being herded from the farms to be sold at the marketplace, vegetables being transported from one place to another, the twins going around pranking either each other or unsuspecting folk… this seems quiet and relaxing to me; run of the mill normal for Berk.

          I decided to check on Fredrick and see what he was doing.  I checked in the stables to see that Fredrick is not there; neither is Fintan or even Snowball.

          “Your sisters took them all out for an exercise flight,” came mother from behind me.  I kind of flinched some as I was not expecting her to come over, “And also to get reacquainted and to just be dragons for a day.”

          “What are you doing?” I asked.

          “Walking outside,” she said.  “What?  Can’t your mother be seen in public with her son anymore?”

          I grinned and shook my head, “That’s not what I meant.  But anyway…”
          “Why don’t we go up to Gobber’s shop?” mother interjected.

          “Fine by me,” I answered.

          I bowed and held out my right arm.  She took it with her left hand and we walked our way to Gobber’s shop.  Mother was not expecting that show of etiquette, and smiled… while trying not to laugh on how I exaggerated the bow.

          Mother never once let go of me as we made our way up and around to the left to the shop.

          “Oh there you are,” Hiccup said as he came out of the shop and saw me and my mother coming up.  “If you don’t mind, I would like you to come here.

          Mother slipped her hand out from my arm and nodded to me to go in with Hiccup; mother followed in behind.

          “Father,” I said.  “What are you doing here?”

          “Getting reacquainted with the jobs and such around Berk,” he winked at me.

          Hiccup explained, “What your father is trying to say is we have been working on your Family of Racers Tournament first place prize.”

          “Yeah,” I responded.  “I had a question about that…”

          “I’m getting to that,” Hiccup said.  “I’m sure you figured it out as well as we have, that Fishlegs had stumbled upon the Gronckle Iron metal.  So we don’t actually know how to make this metal on a grander scale, yet.  Fishlegs has vowed that he will figure it out the formula for Gronckle Iron.  That being said…”

          “You don’t have enough Gronckle Iron to make a complete saddle,” I finished for Hiccup.

          “Yes,” Hiccup answered.  “With the help of your father’s advice and Gobber’s expertise and my handiwork…”

          Hiccup paused as my father revealed something covered by a large cloth on the table.

          “Wha… It… It’s a bow,” I said speechless.

          Father began, “Yes.  With Fishleg’s earlier help this morning… a little trial and error… he was able to, with his dragons help, create enough Gronckle Iron for Gobber craft and then for Hiccup to refine.  Then with some advice from me on how you like your bow, we were able to make you a custom bow.”  I took the bow and felt it out some.  “It is slightly bigger than your normal bow, but you could grow into it some.”

          Hiccup added while he showed me, “I added a couple gears on the center of the bow to where you can collapse it in half.  There are also two sets of gears at the top and bottom of the bow where you can tighten or loosen the bow string to your liken.”

          “I don’t know what to say,” I said.  “Other than, ‘Thank you.’”

          “Think nothing of it,” Hiccup replied.  “I’m just sorry it wasn’t a saddle like was promised.”

          I answered, “Well, when Fishlegs figures it out, you guys can make it then.  This bow will do very nicely in the mean time.”

          The feel of the bow is a tad bit heavier than my wooden bow; but since it is metal, it will so much stronger.  And with the gears and the bow capable of collapsing in half, packing will be a lot easier; will not have to worry about breaking bow or the string.  Also, with the adjustable bow string, it will allow me to replace the bow string as well.

          Father said he still had something other things to do with Gobber around Berk and Hiccup said he needed to go to the Academy for some business with the other riders.

          “But don’t forget about the race we are still doing,” Hiccup mentioned.  “The race will be towards dusk, so in a few hours.”

          Before leaving, Hiccup made mention to meet his dad and Annabeth in his house.  My mother went with my father and Gobber, and then Hiccup left for the Academy.  Hiccup said, before he left, he still needed to make a few calibration tweaks to the gears and balance of the bow.  So I left the bow in the shop and made my way to Hiccup’s house.  Anora was standing outside the house.  I entered to find Annabeth just walking over to Stoick; she must have just arrived.

          “Thank you for coming, Jarl,” said Stoick.  “I wanted to talk about that dragon.”

          Annabeth then remarked, “I’m sorry that Anora attacked Berk.  She did not know that Berk is friendly towards dragons; she was under the influence of Truvor…”

          “Calm down, Annabeth,” Stoick assured.  “I know that dragons can change after being a rogue dragon.  Look at Thornado.  I know you wanted to personally apologize for your dragon, but I wanted to make sure you know you are responsible for your dragon.  If I ever catch your dragon or anyone’s dragon as much as… as… sinking a boat… you’ll be hearing from me.  You might have a few rough feelings towards Anora for a while, but those should fade with each time you show everyone Anora is a good dragon.  This evening’s race will be a good opportunity to show her off.”

          Annabeth was just about to say, “Thank you,” but Stoick held up his hand, “Just keep your dragon in check as well as you have done Star Scream, and you will be fine.”

          Annabeth still got in her, “Thank you,” and then exited the house with me.

          Annabeth brought up, “Cazi wants us to meet her in the forest.  Just follow the path towards the Academy and then go north and she flag us down from there.”

          “You go on,” I said.  “I’ll catch up.  I would like to see if my sisters are back with my dragon yet.”

          Annabeth got on her dragon and flew out to go see Cazi.  I worked my way back to the house.  When I walked back to our house, I saw a Skrill with my sisters, their dragons, and Fredrick.  At first I thought it was Cazi, but with what Annabeth said and then seeing the rider of the Skrill, I knew it was not Cazi.  I went over and introduced myself to the Skrill rider.

          “Nice to meet you, Jarl, your sisters have told me a lot about you,” the girl said.

          “Good I hope,” I declared.

          “Yes, all good things, all good things,” she chuckled.  “My name is Angie, and this my Skrill, Nina.”

          Angie is maybe a half inch taller than me, about five foot, six or seven inches.  Angie wears a dark red shirt with long sleeves, skirt with dragon teeth on the edge of it; and also wears a light jacket or cloak over the dark red shirt, short sleeve with a hood.  Angie has violet eyes with very dark blue hair with teal and purple streaks highlights.  Her dragon Nina, a female Skrill, is black with teal marks and highlights.  Both Angie’s hair and her dragons colors match, except for the very dark blue and black base colors.

          Asvord and Elsa said that she will be joining us in the race this evening.

          Angie then said, “I’ll see you guys this evening, but I need to go do some chores around the house… as long as my brothers Jack and Axtar or sister Klora haven’t messed up the house more or something for me to get done in time for the race.”

          We all laughed while we waved to Angie as she flew off.  I then mounted Fredrick; my sisters and I flew off on our dragons to go see Cazi and her secret.  Flying out past the Academy and into the forest, we were flagged down by Annabeth.

          Once landing and dismounting our dragons, Cazi spoke, “You guys are just in time.”

          Asvord then asked, “Just in time for what?”

          Annabeth declared, “You know how Sparklebolt and Electic have been acting a little weird?”

          “Kind of,” Elsa replied.

          “Well,” Cazi explained.  “They have been mating.”

          We were kind of surprised, me and my sisters, but not at the same time.

          Cazi went on, “Sparklebolt has already laid her egg; I’m just waiting for it to hatch.  It should be any time now.”

          Cazi took us to the egg, which was off to the side next to a creek.  Sparklebolt and Electic are right there; dragon and viking alike are waiting with all anticipation.  Six minutes later, a little movement could be seen from the egg, but neither Skrill made any attempt to put the egg in water.

          “Why aren’t they going to put it in water?” Annabeth asked.

          “I’m not really sure,” Cazi replied.  “I’ve never seen a Skrill hatch before.  I got and trained both Sparklebolt and Electic from their late teens into adulthood.  But I never have seen a Skrill egg hatch.  I thought if it were supposed to be put in water, then either of my Skrills would put it in the water.”

          We saw the egg start to crack then I said, “Hit the deck!”

          As we jumped back on the ground, Asvord questioned, “I don’t see any deck.  What do I do?”

          When we took cover, we looked back to see the egg explode, shoot up, and as it came back down an electric shock came from Sparklebolt who was looking on.  The shock struck the egg and it completely split apart now… and down came the cutest dragon; maybe not as cute as a Gronckle, but nonetheless still cute.

          “Do you have a name for your egg yet?” Annabeth asked.

          Cazi answered, “I did, but I changed my mind… Skybolt.”

          “Nice,” I said.

          “Because the egg went high into the sky and the shock bolt hit it.  So Skybolt,” Cazi said.

          Cazi came over to the hatchling, held her hand out, Sparklebolt and Electic nodded in approval, and Skybolt lifted up its head to Cazi’s hand and touched it.  Cazi then picked it up and started heading back towards Berk.

          “Where do you think you’re going?” I inquired.

          “It is getting close to ‘go’ time,” Annabeth said.  I just looked at her and Cazi as Cazi said, “The race, doi.”

          “Oh yeah,” I replied.

          “Oh my yak ribs, Jarl,” Asvord declared.  “We get done with a mystery and you don’t know what to do.  This is what a ‘normal’ day looks like in Berk.”

          “If it is, it needs to change," I chuckled as I ran and jumped on my dragon.  “See you at the finish line.”

          Annabeth jumped on Anora, “Not if I see you first.”

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I love how Skybolt hatched. Good chapter. Can't wait for more.



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OMG I LOVE IT i lovr how you


i lovr how you introdused my charecter.

i accoually new seen an skrill egg hatch. 



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Nice story

Love your chapters so far looking forward to the last chapter. I've always wanted to write fan fiction about httyd but just haven't found the time and I can't think of a good plot, so I've kinda just stuck to drawing if you ever need anything drawn for your story or just want something drawn please just pm me.



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Blossom and Sparky's backstory: [from Vikings PoV]


   It is the first warm day since the last winter.

My name is Ruffnuff, I am fifeen years old. To make a long story
short on how I got my name, my parents are friends with the Thorstons
and our parents both had babies within the same week. My mother really
liked the name that the Thorstons had named their daughter (Ruffnut)
and decided to name me Ruffnuff. Me and my Sand Wraith, Sandstorm are
very anxious for a race taking place tomorrow. The race is going to be
held at Amourwing Island, it will be just a few of my friends and me.

   I spent most of the morning doing my daily chores. When afternoon
rolled around I decided to take a short flight with Sandstorm before
making food for tomorrow and designing our war paint. Our short flight
ended up taking longer than we thought it would as we got sidetracked.
As we were flying around the Wilderness we found a place to land and
the flowers are beautiful this year and I really wanted to draw some
of the beautiful lilac blossoms. I was almost done with my drawing
when I saw a rather large shadow pass over the ground I looked up to
see a beautiful lilac colored dragon  headed in the direction of
Amourwing Island, it looked a lot like a zippleback but the sun was so
bright I couldn’t get that good of a look at it. I watched it until it
flew out of view, then went back to finishing my drawing. After I
finished I whistled for Sandstorm who was enjoying a pool of water
close by, I mounted and we started back for our house.

   After arriving back home I feed Sandstorm his favorite meal of salmon
and a few halibuts, grabbed a sandwich which my mother had left on the
counter for me, and headed up to may room to design our war paint for
the following day. An hour later I had finally finished my design, I
ended up being a simple design with a few lines on the face and a
flame going down the wings, the colors were going to be lilac and
orange because every time I tried to think different colors my mind
kept going back to the dragon that I saw earlier. I then realized that
I didn’t have the paint colors for my design so I decided to take a
walk down to the port to visit Trader Johann’s ship which had just
arrived yesterday. He had the perfect colors and I had brought just
enough to pay for them I saw that it was getting dark and I knew that
my parents might get a little worried seeing as I had not brought a
dragon with me, so I decided to take the short cut home. When I got
home my parents were also just arriving home, they had been visiting
with some of their friends. I went inside and started to pack my bag
for tomorrow I put in the paints that I had bought and threw in my war
paint design then started to make our food. I put an apple in the bag
then went straight way to making a perch sandwich for lunch. For
Sandstorm I tossed in some salmon and halibut. I headed out to the
stable to check on Sandstorm before going to bed, seeing that
Sandstorm had already fallen asleep I headed up to my room to do the

   The next morning I woke up early I was excited and nervous for the
race later today, I had done plenty of races in the past but neither
my friends nor I have ever raced at Amourwing Island that is part of
the reason we choose to hold the race there then none of us will have
an unfair advantage. After getting dressed in my racing outfit which
was a pair of long gray legging with a black skirt and shirt, I
slipped on my shoes with the leather bands. I did my hair in a simple
French braid in the back with lilac and orange highlights to
compliment my chosen colors, then I placed one of my favorite helmets
on my head, I grabbed some of my black wristbands and shoulder pads
and quietly went downstairs not wanting to wake my parents. I prepared
myself some breakfast which consisted of a piece of toast from some
bread that my mother made earlier this week, and I fried up some eggs
over the hot coals from last night. I hastily ate my breakfast, and
cleaned up after myself. I wanted to get to Amourwing Island early and
seeing as my parents hadn’t woken yet I decided to leave them a note.
Then I grabbed my shield, walked out the door and headed to the stable
just a few yards away.

   I opened up the heavy door to our stable, walked inside and lighted
our monstrous nightmare gel lamp we have inside. Seeing that Sandstorm
was still asleep I went over to where I kept his racing saddle. It was
a little dusty from not using it much this winter so I decided while
Sandstorm slept for a little longer I would polish it. I grabbed the
oil we use for polishing our saddles and a cloth and got straight to
work. Ten minutes later the saddle was polished and looked good as
new, I could tell that Sandstorm was stirring so I went to grab some
breakfast for him. I went to the corner where we kept the fish and
noticed that there wasn’t much left so I grabbed my fishing poll and
chose to get him some fresh fish from the stream next to our house
while he finished waking up. The fish were biting really well this
morning so it didn’t take me long to fetch him a good size breakfast
of a two salmon, one herring, and one halibut. When I went back in the
stable Sandstorm was completely awake and hopping around waiting for
his breakfast. I tossed him the fish and he quickly gulped them down.
I strapped on his saddle and saddlebag then we walked outside. After
closing the door I mounted Sandstorm and started the hour trip to
Amourwing Island.

   When I arrived at the island I got the paint and design out from my
saddlebag then started painting Sandstorm, first I paint the flame on
his wings and finished on his face. Then I did a quick few lines on my
face and watched for my friends to arrive, they were all going to come
together as they all were at Berk for the weekend. Beautiful Wind and
her night terror, Runaway landed on the Island, I was excited to see
her and ran right up to give her a hug. I then realized that my other
friends weren’t with her.

“Hi, Wind where is Lisard and Scarlet?” I asked.

“They ended up not being able to make it their parents made important
last minute plans that they had to attend to.” Wind said.

“Well then I guess it will just be a fun one-on-one race. I guess we
should probably set up the track we want to use, did you bring the
colored flags?” I questioned.

“Yeah I have them right here in my pack.” Wind answered.

“Good lets fly out and set them up” I responded.

   Wind and I flew out and set up the track, it had a lot of ups and
downs and turns. We would do three laps. We went to the starting line
and counted down from five together. When we got to one to both yelled
go and took off like an arrow, because my dragon has bigger wings we
were in front. We were almost half way through the first lap and were
almost neck in neck with Wind when Sandstorms ears shot up seeing my
dragons ear go up we slowed our pace and let Wind pull ahead, it was
then that I heard it too an ear piercing scream from that of a dragon
that is injured. Completely forgetting the race me and Sandstorm sped
toward the scream at full speed, only slowing down when we got there.
When we got there I saw that it was indeed a scream from an injured
dragon, the lilac dragon that I had mistaken for a zippleback but now
saw that it is a Grumbling Rufflewing, which is an extremely rare
dragon of a massive size, has two heads, a split tail and is
considered aggressive. The Rufflewing had its left wing pinned under a
pile of large boulders that must have fallen from the cliff up above
it. I realized that if it is aggressive I would have a hard time
getting close to it, but I had to try to help it because it would be
harder for me to just leave a dragon helplessly injured then try to
help them even if they are aggressive.

   We landed close to the Rufflewing but far enough away that it hadn’t
noticed us yet; I got off of Sandstorm, pulled out a halibut from the
saddlebag and slowly made my way closer to the Rufflewing. When the
Rufflewing saw me, she got startled and started flapping her wings
which resulted in one of the rocks rolling do from the cliff and
landing on her wing making her yelp in pain, it was then that she saw
she could not fly away and she started to get defensive she shot a
blast in my direction; the blast upset Sandstorm who is very gentle
but is extremely protective of me, he got into a protective stance
between me and the Rufflewing, and would have blasted it with one of
his powerful blasts had I not pushed his head away at the right time.

“Sandstorm, calm down I just startled her she’s fine she won’t hurt me.”

   I tried to calm Sandstorm down with my voice and thankfully it
worked. Sandstorm, pouting walked a few steps away and sat down
watching the Rufflewing as if to say ‘she’s my human, don’t even think
about hurting her’.

   I then continued walking toward the Rufflewing with each step I took
the Rufflewing seemed to get more and more anxious but I knew I
couldn’t do anything from a distance so I slowly crept forward toward
her. When I was almost an arms distance away I held out the halibut,
the Rufflewing at first just sniffed at the fish then quickly and
unexpectedly snapped up the fish in one bite. As I stood there I
slowly reached out my hand to the dragon and looked away, had it not
been for Sandstorm I probably would not have my hand the Rufflewing
had unexpectedly snapped at my hand just has Sandstorm had pulled me
away. Then and there I realized that it would take a lot more than a
fish for this dragon to trust me.

   Even though the dragon had snapped at me I knew I still had to get
the boulders off of his wing. Slowly I walked around the dragon to its
left side with Sandstorm following my every move not wanting to leave
me by myself. I reached for the first boulder but then realized I
would have a hard time trying to move the boulder without hurting the
Grumbling Rufflewing anymore then it already was, so using hand
motions I told Sandstorm to grab the large boulder on top. Sandstorm
grudgingly listened, he flew overtop and picked up the heavy looking
boulder, Sandstorm then set the rock down next to me. When Sandstorm
had picked up the rock it upset the Rufflewing even more and she
emitted a gas similar to that of a zipplebacks but in a way it was
different, the other head than set the gas on fire it was a large
blast and I would have been burnt had it not once again been for
Sandstorm. I tried one last time to try to get close to the Rufflewing
but I could tell that it wasn’t so keen on me being there and neither
was Sandstorm. I backed up a little to try and get another idea on how
to help it.

   After another failed attempt to get the boulders off of its wing, I
had to sadly come to the conclusion that the dragon didn’t want help
or at least not from me. I started to back away to go find Wind when
the Grumbling Rufflewing made a strange gurgling noise, similar to the
noise Sandstorm makes when he is sad. I decided to try one more time
to help the dragon, this time it was slightly calmer and seemed to
finally realize that I wasn’t there to hurt it. I reached out my hand
one more time slightly more apprehensive this time but still knew it
is the first step of trust on both sides. After what seemed like
minutes the Rufflewing reached her heads and touched my hand, I guess
it finally trusted me.

“I will name you Blossom” I said talking to the left head.

“And you will be Sparky” I stated gesturing to the right head. “Now
what do you say we get to work getting those boulders off of your

   When we finally had the boulders off I examined her wing surprisingly
it was not broken just a few scratches here and there. I then gave
them another fish and mounted Sandstorm to go find Wind. I found
Beautiful Wind setting up camp.

“What happened to you?” she asked.

“Oh, just helping injured dragons.” I replied.

   Shrugging her shoulders Wind walked off towards the trees I presume
to find fire wood. I looked up a few minutes later when I saw a shadow
on the ground to see Blossom and Sparky coming with a couple of fish
in their mouth. I was so excited to see them, when we had flown off in
opposite directions I never thought I would see them again, but here
they were right in front of me.

“Blossom, Sparky oh I’m so excited to see you. Now I can show Wind
that I was telling the truth.” I said smiling.

   Runaway came out of the woods a few paces in front of Wind, as soon
as Blossom and Sparky saw the Night Terror they immediately got in to
a defensive stance between me and the night terror.

“Sparky, Blossom what wrong?” I asked not seeing Runaway yet.

   Wind came out of the woods a few seconds later just as Sparky and
Blossom shot a warning blast toward the woods to try to scare away the
smaller dragon. The blast narrowly missed Beautiful Wind, she dropped
all the wood that she was carrying, if I wasn’t so worried about
getting Sparky and Blossom to calm down it probably would have been a
funny scene. I finally was able to calm Sparky and Blossom down by
getting between them and Runaway to show them that Runaway wasn’t a

“Wow you guys sure are defensive” I muttered to them.

“What was that for?” Wind asked a bit perturbed.

“Wind meet Sparky and Blossom, Blossom and Sparky meet Beautiful
Wind.” I said. “This is the dragon I told you about earlier.”

“Honestly, to tell you the truth, I didn’t believe what you said
earlier I thought it was just an excuse for losing.” Wind replied

“Oh, come on, me and Sandstorm lose?” I said trying you fluster her.
“Well anyways, Sparky and Blossom brought supper lets get the fire
started then we can cook supper.”

“Okay, coming right up.” Wind answered.


   Supper was really good, it consisted of grilled fish and the apples

that I brought. After supper we packed up and headed for home. We
arrived home a little before dark. Sparky and Blossom had followed us
all the way home and I

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Master Jedi am I, nor do I need not a subject. Who am I?

Thank you very much. :)


I was similar.  What I did was came up with a title, and made a story to match the title.  I made a title that would grab someone's attention: The Clue of the Missing Socks.


Just write one that you would want to read and then ask your friends if you could use their characters in your story and then there you go.


I love reading mystery stories and model my way of writing, though mines from first person pov, like the original Hardy Boys stories.


I'll keep it in mind.  When I get this story done, I was going to take small break inbetween Thoughts of Guilt and my fourth story, so in that time, I might ask you.  Thanks for offering.

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Nice story

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Its fine.

Its fine.

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With the subjects heed them u don't have to Sound like Yoda I do