Thoughts of Guilt: Chapter 40: Family Ties, Part 3

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And now for the 3rd act of the very large chapter Family Ties.  This is the final act of the final battle with Truvor.


This is the longest chapter I have ever written.  It is very long, but the 3rd act of anything is usually the longest.


Hope you guys enjoy!


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With the subjects heed them u don't have to Sound like Yoda I do

Thoughts of Guilt


Chapter 40


Family Ties, Part 3


          “‘We’ll be fine.’?” asked Cazi.

          “Yes,” I replied, quickly turning my attention to the girls.  “I know you practically had no say in this, but did Hyrith fill you in?”

          Annabeth responded, “Not much, just that you need Caz and I to finishing this.  That is all I need to hear.”

          “Same here,” added Cazi.

          Suddenly, Firestorm had broken out of the amber bonds and then proceeded get Truvor out of his.

          “I thought that Sirena’s amber shots were harder than this?” declared Annabeth as she drew her dueling swords.

          Hyrith then added, “Most young dragons and their blasts are yet at full strength until they are young adults.”

          Truvor straightened up and then patted his dragon, who had landed next to him.  Truvor then reached across his saddle for something.  He drew out another sword, which was probably his regular sword he would use.

          “Well, well, well.” Truvor then said.  “Looks like this will have to be done the old fashion way.”

          Annabeth then gasped, “Why do you have Anora’s charm necklace on?”

          “Oh this little trinket?” Truvor asked looking at the charm.  “This is mine.”

          Truvor smiled as Annabeth told him, “No it is not.  You stole it from my dragon when you had captured her.”

          “I stole it?” Truvor said surprised.  “I was the one that made it for you.”

          Annabeth got wide eyed, “How… How could you be the one who made this for me?”

          “Annabeth, come on,” Truvor spoke.  “I thought for sure you would remember by now.”

          “Remember what?” asked Annabeth, more curious then angry, at the moment.

          “What happened to your family?” questioned Truvor.

          “If you supposedly gave that to me, why don’t you tell me,” Annabeth countered.

          “Ah, it was day much like today,” started Truvor.  Truvor randomly walked around as he told the story, “About mid-afternoon when our island was attacked.  Who was it that attacked us…?  Oh Yes… The Berserkers.”

          Annabeth’s face looked more and more like Truvor is telling the truth; like Annabeth did not want to believe it.

          “The attack lasted all day,” Truvor continued.  “Our people were doing fine, until night fall.  With exhaustion and fatigue setting in, the elders of the tribe knew we could not hold out too much longer, especially when a fog had rolled in.  It was decided that those who had families should escape out the back way, before daylight, and get to safety; while the rest of the able-bodied vikings stayed behind to buy time for those who were escaping.”

          I whispered to Annabeth, “Does this sound true?”

          “Yes…. Yes… it… does,” she slowly said.

          “Do you remember what happens next?” asked Truvor.

          Annabeth stared at nothing in particular to go on with the story, “I got on Star Scream to help protect the escaping families and give them any cover if we were detected.  Anora was with me, but before I took off and left a man, who was a friend of my parents, gave me the charm necklace for me.  He had previously made one for Anora, so I asked for a matching one for me.  Before I left, the man came up to me and handed me the charm and told me to be careful.  I had met the man only twice before.  Come to think of it, your features Truvor look very similar to that man.”

          “What if I told you that man and I am the same person,” Truvor announced.

          “That can’t be possible,” Annabeth shook her head.  “Right after the man had given me the charm, another attack had started; this time from the rear.  They somehow knew we would try to escape out the rear, if we knew we couldn’t win.  Fiery arrows and large boulders crashed onto my island.  Chaos then ensued.  The Berserkers landed, bringing the fight to us.  There was no way of escape then.  It was either them or us.  I then tried to find my family.  But for the life of me, they were nowhere to be found.  I had lost count how many Berserkers I took down.  These savages seemed different than the regular Berserker soldiers you would see.  They dressed like Berserkers, but these men were tall, more muscular, and more skilled in close combat.”

          “Finally going back to my house… or what was left of it… I found my family packing my things and none of theirs.  I asked them what they were doing, my mother briefly said, ‘Anna, since you are one of the few dragon riders our island has, you have to get yourself to safety.’  I told them that they wouldn’t stand a chance without me being there.  ‘Well, we don’t stand much of a chance now,’ said father.  ‘We are outmanned, outgunned, and outmatched.  You must get yourself to safety.’  After a few seconds of debating about it, I told them they could come with me.  I could fly Star Scream and they could fly Anora.  They thought for a moment and then realized they could make it.”

          Annabeth paused as I see her eyes starting to tear up, but she continued, “The moment we had exited my house, a boulder had crashed into it, destroying the rest of what was left.  The battle had gotten a lot worse.  The Berserkers were taking over our main hall, fires had started all across the village, screams could be heard…,” Annabeth trailed off but then started back again.  “I went to our stable to saddle Anora, throwing my saddle bags on Star Scream, and then coming back outside.  I saw that my parents were locked in battle with several Berserkers.  Suddenly a boulder came flying through the air and… and flew into the stables.  Anora was still inside.  I could hear my dragon screaming for me, but when I tried to run back in, a viking with a hood and mask grabbed me from behind and started to drag me by my arm away.  I then yelled for Star Scream.  My other dragon had already seen the man take me and flew after me.  Star Scream shoved him and fended off of me.  I looked back to see if my parents were still there… they were not.  I couldn’t hear Anora screaming anymore.  I saw the stables collapse in from the center.  I knew then that it was all up to me now.  Got on Star Scream and flew to get some supplies from the food storage.  One of the few buildings left standing.  I rushed in and got what I could get; for I didn’t know how long I might be flying.  Our island is far away from any other island or tribe.”

          “I came out to see that a group of Berserkers were trying to capture Star Scream, but I hopped on my dragon as he let out a tremendous roar.  This seemed to scare them off, but I felt the ground beneath us start to shake then crumble beneath us.  I thought as though an earthquake was occurring, but saw that it was not.  Something burst through the ground and came up.  It was a dragon I now know to be a Whispering Death.  When Star Scream tried to jump out of the way, I was thrown off my dragon back into the now burning food storage building.  I had already sustained a few injuries from the previous attacks, but when I was thrown back, I must have hit my head and even broken a few ribs; or at least it felt like I did.  I felt extremely weak and then collapsed.  The last thing I saw was a Whispering Death, another reason I don’t like them,” Annabeth finished.  “When I woke up, it must have been the next day.  Not one single person could be found on the island.  I searched for my parents and then my dragon, but found none of them.  This made me to believe that my Razorwhip was still alive, but I had very little hope that my parents were alive.”

          Truvor then added, “No, I’m sure they’re long gone by now.  I’m sure they are all long gone by now.”

          I then interjected, “How would you know?”

          “I told you,” Truvor replied.  “I was there.  I was the man who gave you this charm for you.  I made it.”

          Cazi then put a question to Truvor, “If everyone on Annabeth’s home island died in that attack from the Berserkers, how come you are still alive; if you claim you were there?”

          “You still haven’t figured it out have you,” Truvor chuckled.

          As soon as Truvor said that, I knew what he meant.  I said, “The reason you are still alive is because the Berserkers let you live.”

          “Ah, someone finally gets it,” Truvor shook his finger.

          Hyrith inquired, “Why would they let you live?”

          “Okay, so maybe you don’t get all of it,” Truvor answered.

          Before Truvor could go on, Annabeth answered the question, “They let you live because… because you knew they were coming.”

          “So now you know, Annabeth,” Truvor declared.  “They let me live, because I’m a Berserker.  They let me live, because planned the attack.  They let me live because I was their leader.  That Whispering Death you saw, was Firestorm.”

          My friends and I all gasped.

          “Don’t sound too surprised,” Truvor stated.  “I thought by now from what happened at Icestorm and everything since then, you would have realized I’m not what you think I am.”

          “So why?!” Annabeth demanded.  “Why do all of this?  Why tell us you’re a Berserker?!”

          “‘Why should I tell you?’” Truvor repeated.  “I want you to know this before I kill you all.”

          “Not unless I kill you first!” Annabeth exclaimed as she rushed Truvor.  “Star Scream, get Firestorm.”

          Star Scream as well as Anora flew up to take on Firestorm.  Cazi motioned to Sparklebolt to go help her friend’s dragons.

          “So what are doing now?” asked Cazi.

          I shook my head, but Hyrith spoke up, “If that egg hatched and Truvor has it, we must stop him from using the ‘mystical’ weapons to evolve the hatchling into a Shadow dragon.”
          I then declared, “I didn’t know you could do that and why would you bring back the very weapons that he would need to complete what he wants to do?!”

          “Because Jarl,” Hyrith spoke.  “If the hatchling is a Shade Fury and not the Shadow dragon, if Truvor tries to morph Shade Fury into the Shadow Fury he is in for a big surprise.”  Hyrith went on to say, “Yes, he needs the four ‘mystical’ weapons to be placed on the center of the four smaller circles with the hatchling in the center.  But he also needs four dragons from the respective dragon classes to be on the edge of the circle behind each weapon.  But if one of those dragons are not the right dragon, then Truvor won’t get what he wants.”

          “What are the classes?” asked Cazi.

          “Sharp, Strike, Boulder, and Mystery.” Hyrith replied.

          I then added, “Sharp could be Anora, Strike is either Sparklebolt or Electic, Boulder is Firestorm, and Mystery could be the hatchling from the egg.  But isn’t the hatchling supposed to be in the center?”

          “That’s the whole point,” Hyrith answered.  “That is where Sun Rose comes in.  She is The Golden Nadder of The Golden Isles and has qualities that even I don’t know about or don’t understand.  Even though she is a Deadly Nadder, where she was born has everything to do with being a Mystery Class dragon.”

          “But that would mean the Truvor has every dragon that he needs,” I informed Hyrith.

          “Yes,” Hyrith stated.  “But again, that is where you come in.  As long as that hatchling is not in the center, we are fine.  You must get to that hatchling, where ever it may be and keep it from being used by Truvor.”

          “And where do you think this hatchling is?” I asked.

          Cazi then tapped Hyrith and I and pointed back towards the cave.  The hatchling was emerging from the cave.

          “That’s the hatchling?” questioned Cazi.  “It looks more like an adult Sand Wraith to me!”

          “Oh, did I say that any hatchling hatched, from a suspected Shadow Egg, in the shadow of a storm in that one room on The Golden Isles, grows five times as fast as a normal hatchling does?” Hyrith said.

          “Uh, no,” Cazi said.  “No you didn’t.”

          Hyrith said, “Every Shade Fury does practically all of its growing within the first hour, after being hatched.”

          “That’s nice to know,” Cazi sarcastically said.

          “Hey guys?” asked Annabeth, who had been battling Truvor.  She then said in between parries and attacks from Truvor and her own blocks and attacks to Truvor,  “Anytime… you guys… feel like… helping me out… feel free… to join in… anytime.”

          “Oh right,” Cazi said as she took the other dagger Hyrith had brought.

          When Cazi left, I straight out asked Hyrith, “What exactly is your plan?  Even with all our secrets, you still kept me in the dark from a lot of stuff.  What are you planning on doing?”

          Hyrith flat out responded back, “We are going evolve that hatchling.”

          “You’re going to do what?!” I exclaimed.  “Give Truvor exactly what he wants?”

          “No…. well yes, in a way,” said Hyrith.

          “You got to be joking, Hyrith!” I continued raise my voice.  “You are putting our friends in danger, me in danger, yourself in danger, and our dragons in danger… And you want give Truvor what he wants?”

          “Jarl, trust me on this,” Hyrith spoke, nearly pleaded.  “After all I’ve trust you with not telling anyone about this… being willing to put everything on the line for me… I’m asking you to do it one more time.”

          I calmed down slightly as Hyrith continued, “As long as the Shade Fury does not think it is in danger by you or anything else, it will act like any other baby dragon.  If this works, the Shade Fury will be just a normal, everyday dragon….. just with mystical powers and accelerated attributes such as strength, speed, etc.”

          “Oh is that all,” I chuckled.  “Shall we join the girls?” I motioned towards Cazi and Annabeth fighting Truvor.

          “Thought you’d never stop talking,” Hyrith winked at me because he had been doing most of the talking.  I was just asking the questions.

          Hyrith drew his sword and I already had my sword out.  I motioned to Fredrick to go help capture Firestorm, while we dealt with Truvor.  Fredrick complied as he nodded and flew after the others chasing Firestorm.  I put the one mystical dagger I had back on my belt; for some reason, the dagger still gave off some energy that I felt that helping me along.

          Annabeth and Cazi had kept Truvor from going too far from the stone circle.  Hyrith joined in with the girls, but I worked my way around the back to outflank Truvor.

          Annabeth then said after I had got into place, “There is nowhere to go.  You are outmatched four to one.  Give it up, Truvor.”

          We had Truvor surrounded.

          “Oh… you would like me to just give up now,” Truvor said.  “That way you would have to stop yourself from killing me.”

          I saw Annabeth start to lunge at Truvor, I tried yelling, “No, Annabeth!” but it was too late.

          Within just a few moments, Truvor had disarmed Annabeth of her swords with a few skillful motions of his sword and pinned her then against him with his left arm, bringing his sword up to her neck.

          “Alright, hold it!” Truvor demanded.  “Or you’ll be minus one friend.”

          Electic was still nearby, so Truvor ordered Cazi to get him under control.

          “Now,” Truvor spoke.  “Why don’t you all take your weapons off and drop them on the ground… Slowly!”

          Since I am behind Truvor, or somewhat behind him, I turned my body away from my left hand to hide what I was doing with it.  I slowly reached under my tunic to grab the dagger, while at the same time tossing my sword on the pile with the other weapons.

          After grabbing the dagger, I kept thinking, “Glove, glove, glove…”

          “Alright Jarl?” Truvor asked, before Cazi put the other dagger on the pile.  “Now put your dagger in the pile too.”

          “What dagger?” I said.

          Truvor cocked his head, “Don’t play coy with me.  You know what dagger.”

          “No seriously, what dagger?” I said as I lifted up tunic with my right hand showing me I had no dagger in my belt.

          Truvor’s face looked like his heart skipped a beat, “Okay where is… What’s behind your back?”

          “Uh, trees… ground… grass… water…” I listed.

          “No!  What do you have in your left hand?!” Truvor urgently called for.

          I replied, “I don’t have anything ‘in’ my hand.”

          Truvor then stated, “Alright, if you don’t have anything to hide, show me your hand!”

          I slowly revealed my left hand.  The dagger did indeed change to the glove when I thought about the glove.

          I corrected Truvor, “I don’t have anything ‘in’ my hand… I have something ‘on’ my hand.  You have to be more specific.”

          “Okay,” Truvor said, breathing deeper, I am guessing to calm himself down.  “Put the glove down.”

          “You want me to put the glove down, right now?” I wanted to clarify.

          “Yes!” Truvor said in a tone now irritated.  “Just put the glove down now.”

          I gladly obeyed, “Sure… I’ll put the glove down.”

          I started to slowly squat down and then act like I am taking my glove off… but then I suddenly slammed my left hand on the floor.  When the glove impacted with the ground, it set off a wind explosion that threw every back… including Cazi, Hyrith, Annabeth and even Electic a little ways.  My friends picked themselves of the ground and Annabeth shoved Truvor’s body off of hers.

          I walked over to Truvor who looked like he had hit his head when he was thrown back, “Sure.  I did just what you said.  I put the glove down.  Like I said, you need to be more specific.  You didn’t say I had to take my hand out of the glove.”

          “I’m sorry I lost my head there for a second,” Annabeth admitted.  “I am so angry right now at Truvor for being apart if not the one to blame for my parents and my whole island being destroyed.  Learning this about Truvor now just brought back a lot of anger and loss that I had already dealt with and put away long ago.”

          “It is alright now, Annabeth,” said Cazi.

          “Yes,” I added.  “I just knew what Truvor was trying to do.”

          “Jarl?” asked Cazi.  “I thought you had the other dagger?”

          “I do, it is right here,” I replied, showing them the glove.

          Both Cazi and Annabeth had a look of, “Really?  A glove is a dagger?”

          “Okay, it is a long story, which can be told in one word,” I said, holding my left hand flat out in front of me.  “Dagger.”

          The glove gave off some white “smoke” which engulfed my entire hand; and when the “smoke” had cleared, the dagger was left behind.

          The girls thought that is amazing.  Cazi questioned, “Does it activate when you say the other weapons it is supposed to be?”

          Hyrith was about to answer, but I was quicker, “No, it is more based on thought.  You think of a staff, glove, or dagger.  Within a few seconds, like you just saw, it will change for you.  I don’t think any device will ever be voice activated.”

          “Okay enough with the ‘mystical’ science lesson,” declared Hyrith.  “We got to evolve this hatching before Truvor wakes up.”

          “Woah, wait a second,” Annabeth expressed.  “Isn’t that what we just stopped Truvor from doing?”

          “Yes,” I answered, as Hyrith went over to the hatchling.  “But according to Hyrith, we are going to do it differently.”

          “Okay,” responded Cazi.  “I guess he is the expert on anything Golden Isles.”

          We walked over to the weapon pile to put our weapons back in their sheaths or holders and then slowly went over to Hyrith, who was trying to greet the Sand-Wraith-like Shade Fury.  The Shade Fury had paid no attention to us while we had fought; it was too busy curled up sleeping near the entrance of the cave.  Hyrith reached into his pocket, and pulled out some Dragon Nip.  The nip aroused the Shade Fury.  This dragon is probably fifteen feet long with a wing span of ten feet.  I still could not get over its size, since it is just a new born hatchling.

          Hyrith led the Shade Fury by the Dragon Nip to the center of the stone circle.  When he got there, he dropped the Dragon Nip and let the Shade Fury nibble on it.  Hyrith never once touched the dragon.  It had then curled up again, now around the Dragon Nip.

          “Okay,” I said as Hyrith back up from the dragon and back over to us.  “Now to go find Firestorm.”

          Before any of us could even move, and large thud could be heard behind all of us.

          “It seems like I have been able to say something and it immediately come true,” I said as I turned to see Firestorm lying quite still on the ground.  Anora was the one who had carried him back over here.  I then thought, “Man, Razorwhips must be stronger than the let on to be.”

          “What?  Now say, ‘Gold should be plummeting from the sky!’” Cazi quipped.

          “Very funny,” I answered.

          Annabeth rushed over to her dragon to say, “Good girl.”

          Hyrith then asked Annabeth, “Could you have Star Scream drag Firestorm around to northeastern edge of the stone circle?”

          Annabeth nodded and called Star Scream over.  She said a few commands as well as motioning at the same time to have Star Scream drag Firestorm around to the one circle.

          After that was completed, Annabeth walked back over to Hyrith, Cazi, and I.

          Annabeth then told what we all are observing from the Shade Fury, “As Star Scream was dragging Firestorm over and then getting him in place, the Shade Fury did even ‘bat an eye’ at us.”

          “If you noticed when Anora dropped Firestorm down, the Shade Fury didn’t even left its head up to see what was going on,” Hyrith described.  “New born Shade Fury are very single minded.  It is when these dragons feel as if they are in danger, do they start to be their full potential; even at this very early stage in its life.”

          Hyrith then told the girls further what he wanted to do.  Hyrith wants to use Anora and one of Cazi’s Skrills in the process to evolve the Shade Fury.  At first they did not want to, but quickly said they would if it would help them out of the situation we are all in and to stop Truvor too.  Hyrith said it would, so Annabeth mounted Anora and flew to the southeastern Sharp Class circle and Cazi picked Electic, who she said is the stronger of the two, mounted him, and flew over to the southwestern Strike Class circle.  Finally Hyrith maneuvered Sun Rose to be next to the northwestern Mystery Class circle.

          “Now Jarl,” Hyrith spoke from his dragon.  “Take each of the mystical weapons and place it in the center of each smaller circle.  Do you know which one goes where?”

          “Yeah, I think I figured it out,” I replied.  “Cazi’s dagger goes in the Strike Class circle.  Truvor’s sword goes in the Sharp Class circle.  The staff goes your Mystery Class circle.  And finally, the glove goes in the Boulder Class circle.”

          I had to change the dagger back to a glove when I set it down in its place.

          “Very good,” said Hyrith.  “Now guys; what is about to happen, is supposed to happen.  Do not be afraid.  The metal and compounds in the ‘mystical’ weapons will react with the materials and minerals in the ground beneath the stone circle.  Also, the weight of each weapon in each circle will start a chain reaction of events that will start the evolving process.”

          I stepped back after I had put the glove in the Boulder Class circle.  I then circled around to the south side of the stone circle, and mounted my dragon.  I did not know what was about to happen, but I wanted to be on Fredrick in case we had to abort the process.  Hyrith then told the girls to do the same if Hyrith felt that things were not going the way they should.

          Once Hyrith had finished, the four circles depressed slightly into the large circle.  Something amazing, yet frightening the occurred: The weapons from each circle started to float above their circles and started to spin.  A few seconds later, a light blue lightning-like strike reached out from each weapon and struck the dragon that is adjacent to them.

          “Stay the course!” Hyrith yelled.  “Those blue like lightning strikes will not hurt your dragons.  They are just tapping into their natural energy, the natural energy they get from their dragon class.”

          Annabeth and Cazi looked frightened, but stayed the course; even Hyrith looked a little unsure of himself.

          The weapons kept spinning faster and faster until each let off the same “smoke” when I turned the glove into the dagger.  Each “smoke” ball was about two feet off the ground.

          I had forgotten about the storm which had been closing in on The Golden Isles this whole time.  The wind is now extremely strong, almost to the point of being straight line winds from a squall line.  The wind is howling and the trees are blowing violently.  No rain had yet fallen, but the clouds are really starting to look quite menacing, being dark grey and looking very agitated from the strong winds.  Fredrick is having trouble staying in one place without having to readjust his footing to not get knocked off by the winds.

          I turned my attention back to the show happening on the stone circle.  As soon as I looked back there, four other light blue lightning beams branched off each of the now glowing white “smoke” balls.  These other light blue beams then touched the Shade Fury and started to lift the dragon up!

          The Shade Fury had closed its eyes as well as Sun Rose, Firestorm, Electic, and Anora.  Hyrith had said something, but the wind is howling so much I could not hear him.

          But what I did hear was from someone else, “NOOO!!  That power is supposed to be mine!!”

          I looked to my left to see that Truvor had regained consciousness and ran towards the center of the stone circle.  Truvor jumped in next to the Shade Fury.  I flew Fredrick around to Hyrith because he frantically started waving to get my attention.

          Seconds later, Hyrith exclaimed to be heard over the wind, “You gotta get Truvor out of there!  The evolving process cannot be stopped.  Anything in the aura, which is lifting up the Shade Fury, is still there when the process is complete they will have the same power of a Shade Fury.  Not only that, there is no telling how powerful the explosion will be then once the process is complete.”

          With my mind now firmly made up, I knew what I had to do.  Hyrith had said before when we were planning that this process takes away the powers of a Shade Fury and converts them to be basic, fundamental attributes to the dragon.  If anything is near the Shade Fury when this process is occurring, the powers will be passed from the Shade Fury to whatever or whoever is in the same aura.  But if I go in there, then I might be given the same power.  However, if I am not able to get Truvor out of there along with me and the Shade Fury in there, my friends my go with us when the aura explodes!

          Hyrith continued to talk, but with the wind howling and the humming noise now coming from the aura I could not hear my friend.  I looked my other friends and saw that they were passed out; I knew I had to do it.  I looked at Hyrith.  I made a face that said, “I’m sorry, but I have to do it.  We have no time”

          Hyrith had said that if each dragon could be pulled away, the process would be stopped.  There was no time to get every dragon pulled away in time.  But the evolving process is now nearly complete, I had to go in and break it up myself.

          When I stared at Hyrith like that Hyrith said something, but I could not hear him.  He probably said, “Jarl, if more than two things are in the aura at the same time, you won’t make it.  You and Truvor will both be killed!”

          I looked down at Fredrick’s eyes.  He stared straight back at me.  Before I could even signal him with a nudge to fly forward, Fredrick took over and flew in there himself.  I tried to grab Truvor and keep flying forward, but Truvor had grabbed the Shade Fury which the aura had a firm grip on.

          “What are you doing?!” Truvor demanded.  “This is my power!  This is what I’ve been wanting every since I found out about it!  Drago says that he has the power to rule the archipelago.  But with this… one could rule the world.”

          I grimaced as I tried to pull Truvor out of the aura, but he and the aura were fighting back.

          “If I can’t have this power,” Truvor declared.  “Then no one can… and I’ll bring you with me.”

          Truvor grabbed me off my dragon.

          “Fredrick!” I yelled.

          Fredrick flew out of control out of the aura and hit the ground.  I am stuck in here with Truvor.

          “If I can’t have my revenge on your family, Jarl,” Truvor said while I tried to push him away.  “Then I will take you down with me!”

          “Not if I can help it,” I stated, and then yelled as loud I could.  “Fredrick!  Come back buddy!  I need you!”

          No matter how loud I yelled, Fredrick could not hear me.  Since Thunderdrums are very hard of hearing, I do not think anything could wake him up.

          I was running out of time.  Out of options…

          “Wait,” I thought.

          “What are you trying to do?” Truvor asked, almost laughing.

          I punched Truvor in the face as hard as I could, grabbed my bow which was still on my shoulder, reached for an arrow, and aimed at my dragon!

          “Sorry Fredrick!” I thought.  “But I can’t let my friends die.”

          I let go of the bow right before Truvor grabbed for my bow.  I ignored Truvor trying to keep me in the aura, but I focused my attention on my dragon.

          When the arrow struck Fredrick on the top part of his head, the thickest of his scales, he seemed to yell in pain.  Although when he saw me, flew back to me.

          “Oh now you don’t,” Truvor said trying to keep me from reaching out to my dragon.

          Fredrick was hovering right above the aura, looking straight down at me.  I struggled to get my right arm free from Truvor’s grasp and then reached out to Fredrick.  Truvor tried all he could to keep me from reaching my dragon; Truvor even tried punching me in the sides.

          I said under my breath as I reached out, “Fred… rick… Sonic… blast!”

          I know he could not hear my command, but what I am reaching out for is Fredrick’s spike with the broken tip.

          Just inches away…

          I screamed out and punched the spike.

          Fredrick then fired a powerful and tremendous sonic blast.  The aura immediately exploded with great force.  Dragon and viking were thrown back.

          When the aura exploded… everything flashed black for me!

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I am a Mage of Fairy Tail, I do not need a subject

Hang on. You're saying were turning our drgons into Shade Furies??



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No.  The evolving process was

No.  The evolving process was just using your dragons' natural energy to complete the process.  Only the Shade Fury dragon itself could become a true Shade Fury.  If one other thing is in the aura with the Shade Fury, then the power is passed on to it.  But if there is more than one thing in the aura, then the power from the aura will become unstable and explode on itself, possibly killing anything that is In the aura.  Everything else would just be thrown back.

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Cazi the Conquerer
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I am a Mage of Fairy Tail, I do not need a subject


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Been thinking of DC comic subjects have I. One for Flash, I need