Thoughts of Guilt: Chapter 25: First Distressed, Now Stunned

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This week has been up and down for me.  Example, I thought yesterday was Thursday and thought two days ago was Wednesday.  XD  I had two Wednesdays this week.  So sorry for the delay, but I was planning on doing two chapters this week anyway.  I can't make any promises, but I want to be able to post Chapter 26 tonight.  For one thing, Chapter 25 and 26 are connected as 25 ends right before something as the chapter was getting long.

I hope you guys enjoy this chapter.  There is more humor in this chapter even with something else... hinted at in the title.

Please comment to tell me what you think of the story thus far.


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Thoughts of Guilt


Chapter 25



First Distressed, Now Stunned


          Stoick swore both me and Hiccup to secrecy.  Stoick said that if a thing like this were to get out beyond those who already knew, it would not bode well for anybody.  Stoick suggested that I start using any clues I already have to find solid evidence to insure my father innocence.

          Stoick added, “This is a great opportunity to prove yourself for the Berk Guard.  Hiccup.  Let Jarl take the lead on this, but still back him up if he needs your help.”

          Hiccup and I nodded and then walked outside and were greeting by Snotlout rushing over too us.  Tuffnut stuck his foot out in front of him and Snotlout tripped over it.  The Twins started laughing; well we all sort of chuckled.

          Once Snotlout gave a glare to the Twins, he asked, “So what’s the verdict?”

          I said under my breath, “How ironic that choice of words…”

          “What?” he replied.

          “Oh…, uh…,” I returned trying to say what I just found out without saying what just found out.  Then Hiccup took over and filled the others in, “There is going to be a three day delay in the case against Jarl’s dad as some new evidence has come up.  My dad has given Jarl some time to come up with other evidence to support Asvord’s case in defense of her father, while my dad waits for his.  This is a great opportunity for us to use this delay to help out Jarl and his family here on Berk and also on The Golden Isles, as they have to have some relation to this case.”

          Everyone agreed that this was good news and that they would help in any way they could.

          Sapphire then asked me, “So where do we start now?”

          I had been thinking about that since the conversation was nearly finished with Stoick.  I thought for a few moments; but in those moments I saw Ohmarr walk casually in the same direction that Hawk and those other men went earlier.  That cannot be a coincidence, especially considering what I learned from Dagmar.

          I told my friends in a general way what I found out from Dagmar, but just about what she had told me about Ohmarr with what he did earlier in the day.

          “We should probably follow him don’t you think?” asked Explod.

          “Yeah,” I answered.  “But don’t turn around yet,” I said as I grabbed Explod from turning around.  “Just stand here for a second to see where he is going exactly.”

          There was a couple moments of silence as Hiccup and I, who were faced the opposite direction, watched where Ohmarr went.  I figured that he would take the same route through the forest over to where we met Annabeth for the first time, I have been thinking of just calling the place, “Annabeth’s Spot”; but in reality, Ohmarr took the far ramp down to the docks.

          Hiccup stated, “Looks like he is going down to the docks.  Do you think he is going somewhere to meet Hawk because he had was riding Ohmarr’s dragon?”

          “That’s possible,” I said as I walked down the path a little ways as Ohmarr went down the ramp far enough so as to not be able to see us.  “On the other hand since Hawk is gone, where would he go?”

          I turned around to face my friends from the other side, “Okay.  Hiccup.  You take the remaining Academy Riders and take the same path that Ohmarr took.  But make sure he doesn’t see you guys, so don’t take your dragons.  I’ll take the rest of my friends and run to the opposite end of the village to take that ramp down to the docks.”

          Hattori then caught on, “So we trap him down on the docks so he’ll have to explain himself.”

          “Exactly,” I answered.

          The Academy Riders took off and my friends took off to get to the other side of the village.  I was about to follow my friends when I saw the Twins had not turned around yet.

          “Uh… Ruff, Tuff.  You can turn around now,” I stated as I started to run after my friends.

          They realized that the others were leaving them, so they dart off after them; sometimes the Twins are dumber than a… than a…  On second thought, I do not think anything is dumber than the Twins.

          I caught up to my friends and hurried our way down to the main docks.  After getting to the front by the time we got down to the main docks, I halted everyone to easy up and go slower to not be as noticeable but just as swift.  The ramp that Ohmarr took goes by the waterfall, but you would have to jump down a few natural ledges to get to the base of the waterfall to walk across the beach and get on to the docks pathway from that side.

          The docks seemed a little busier today then in days past; although it would figure as ships were getting ready to leave to go out on a fishing voyage.  We had gone about halfway down the docks… and there was Ohmarr.  I do not know if he knows he was followed or not, but there was Hiccup as well coming up that way.  So not if but when Ohmarr saw us, he could not get away without drawing attention to himself.

          Ohmarr had turned down the first docking pier on his side but the last from our point of view.  This pier is where a lot of the smaller fishing ships along with personal boats that belonged to their respective owners from the village.  Ohmarr was about to either untie his or steal a small rowing boat from the pier when he saw me and my friends coming.  He was about ready to take off back the way he came; but then he saw Hiccup and the other riders coming, he knew he was trapped.  So he just stood there looking around to see if there were more people coming as we came over; Hiccup’s group and mine met at where Ohmarr was standing.  Cazi had walked around to get behind Ohmarr just in case he had any notion to jump into the water.

          I was expecting a, “Why are you guys following me?!” demand, but I did not get that.  Ohmarr’s demeanor was very tense and distracted; something a tailed person would usually act like.  Snotlout shoved his way through to the front and was about to get in Ohmarr’s face to demand what he was doing.  I stuck out my right arm to stop him momentarily while instead Hiccup spoke first, “Where are you going, Ohmarr?”

          Ohmarr had a very distraught look on his face as well as still looking very worried; almost like getting caught by us was the last thing on his mind.  Ohmarr replied with a tone as if he were pre-occupied, “I uh… was er… going… um… fishing.  That’s it I was going fishing.”

          Garth questioned, “With what, a camouflaged pole?”

          Trying to give Ohmarr the benefit of the doubt because of our conversation the night of the feast, I asked Ohmarr, “What’s wrong?  I want to try and help.”

          The others were a little caught off guard by what I said because they thought we were trying to accuse Ohmarr of doing something wrong.  Ohmarr looked like he was trying to make up another excuse while he kept looking around as if he were being watched by someone else.

          Then all of a sudden, he leaned forward to speak in a softer tone and said, “Okay.  I’ve wanted so long to tell any of you this but was forced to stay silent.”

          “What’s wrong?” inquired Hiccup, noticing something is definitely wrong.

          Ohmarr gave one more look around behind us to see if someone was coming then whispered, “Vlarrin is not dead.”

          We were all shocked to say the least, although Snotlout was stupid enough to blurt out what he said loud enough that anyone could hear him, “Vlarrin isn’t dead?!”

          We all quickly, “Shushed” Snotlout while at the same time I glanced to my left to see if someone had heard us and saw that several of the vikings loading the fishing ships next to us had stopped working but did not seem to have heard what Snotlout said.  The very next moment, Snotlout was about say it again… then pow!  Cazi gave him a right cross square on the jaw.  He stumbled backwards off balance.  Everyone got out of his way to let him fall backwards, except for Ruffnut.  This time she stuck her foot out and made Snotlout trip.  He fell as quick as he was punched, was then shoved by Tuffnut, hit the pier, and went head over heels into the water below.  This gave a carousing laughter from the vikings who were watching.

          “Nice distraction, Cazi,” Astrid complimented.  “I’m just sorry it wasn’t me.  I was on the wrong side and would have done it if I had a clear lane.”

          Meen then added tapping one of her pans she keeps with her, “Yeah, me too.  I would give him what fur with my pan.  But that was one whale of a punch anyway.”

          Cazi replied with a bow and even bowed to the vikings on the ships, “You’re welcome.”  Then with more of a natural tone spoke, “I wanted to punch him earlier, but only thought at the moment to shove him.”

          With Cazi’s quick thinking, the other vikings who had looked up went back to what they were doing.

          I then whispered to Ohmarr, “censored… How can this be?”

          Ohmarr was still glancing around to see if someone else was watching us, but then Ohmarr spoke softly, “There is something wrong, but we can’t talk now.  Meet me back at my house in fifteen minutes.  Trust me on this.”

          Ohmarr looked me square in the eye when was finished.  After a couple seconds I replied, “Alright.  But make sure you come.”

          Ohmarr for the first time was relieved and started to untie the boat again, “Don’t worry, I’ll be there.”

          The other could not understand why I was letting him go and Astrid relayed what everyone was thinking to say, “Why are we letting Ohmarr go?  He is definintely hiding something.”

          Ohmarr was about ready to shove off, so I kneeled on my left knee and looked at Ohmarr but answered Astrid’s question, “If we don’t see Ohmarr again, we know he was lying and just trying to escape.  But if he really does come back, we can trust him a little more that he is telling the truth.”

          When I said that, my friends seemed to ease up a little as they understood what I was trying to do: I am testing Ohmarr to see for sure one way or the other if we can trust him, whether he is involved with the mystery or not.

          I stood up as my friends and I saw Ohmarr row out of the docks and then to a northerly direction.

          “Where do you think he is going?” asked Annabeth.  “Should we follow him?”

          I answered, “I have a hunch and I don’t think we should.”

          Annabeth wondered why as I turned around to walk back a little ways up the pier.  I replied, “If we are testing him to see if we can trust him, if we don’t track him he might be more apt to trust us when we tell him, ‘We want to help you so you can help us in this mystery.’  Trusting someone is a two way path.  If you want to trust someone, make it so they can trust you first then you’ll be more able to trust them back.”

          Annabeth agreed and then Meen stated, “So in a way what happened to Adam Thorvald?”

          “Yeah,” I said, which reminded me of something.  Meen explained to Annabeth what she meant as Annabeth was not around for my first mystery, The Clue of the Missing Socks; I then added, “You guys go ahead to Ohmarr’s to wait, I need to follow through on a lead that I don’t know if it is true or not.”

          My friends wondered why, but said they would meet me there.  Snotlout was swimming back to the pier, so Cazi went back over to help him up.

          “No hard feelings?” Cazi said, though I could tell she was trying not to smile.

          Snotlout replied, “Well… I guess not, you just trying to just me up.”

          Cazi bent down and stuck out her arm for Snotlout.  He grabbed it then Cazi started to pull him up… then let go of his arm and made him fall into the water again.  Everyone laughed, though I saw it coming.  Snotlout looked very perturbed as Annabeth helped him up onto the pier… but not without scaring me again by briefly letting go and grabbing back onto Snotlout’s arm.

          I bid my friends, “See you later,” as I walked off.  I was going to the Thorvald’s.  With what Vemund said about knowing the second viking that was in the ship when I saw Vlarrin arguing with the second viking, I would to follow up on that to see if Vemund had anything else to say about it.

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I love how I got to punch Snotlout. Also, did you know there was a censored?



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Need a new subject I do, yes. Any ideas have you? Hmm?

It was supposed to be the first two letters of How because the speaker stopped short of finishing the word.


*glares at the censor* -_-  You censor words that don't need to be censor, but don't censor words that should be censored.

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Star Wars, do I enjoy. Evident, is this not? XD