Thoughts of Guilt: Chapter 23:

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I'm sorry for all the delays in posting the last few chapters, but every time I leave time to write in my book, something comes up that changes my plans.


There is action in this chapter, but there will be even more action in the chapters to come.


I hope you guys like the chapter and please comment.  :)


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With the subjects wise this one is. Heed them do you not have to

(I noticed that the forum now separates paragraphs.  I didn't space them out to see if you guys could read it better or not.  If you can, I'll leave it.  If not, tell me and I'll change it back)

((I made a couple of edits with the chapter title and at the end.))


Thoughts of Guilt


Chapter 23


One Step Forward, Two Steps Back



          I started running down the steps of The Great Hall.  Hardly anyone was outside as most everyone was inside The Hall.  Once down the steps, I sprinted out towards the western side of Berk.  I kept an eye on the ground to see if I could track Hawk and his men.  Since it had just rained, once I got out of town, I could clearly track where they were going.

          I kept following the trail which stayed along the coast.  After a few minutes of running I came up on the beach where my friends and I first found Annabeth.  I took some cover behind the last few trees right in front of the beach.  I saw there were four vikings, three already in a boat about a half mile rowing out to sea with the fourth still on the shore.  I looked and saw further out in the sea was a ship anchored about a mile from shore.  When the viking turned around, it was Hawk.  I was getting tired of being one step behind, so I took some action.  If Hawk is hiding something, he would run.  If Hawk was not hiding something, he more than likely would not run.

          I stepped out from my cover and called out, “Hawk!  What are you doing?”

          Hawk froze looked out to the boat and ship and then back to me.  The moment he froze I started walking out slowly.  Hawk looked at both of them again and then took off.  I started sprinting after him.  Hawk ran away from me staying on the beach.  It was kind of difficult running in sand, but Hawk was having just as much trouble.  He probably figured that out as he started running back towards the forest to the right.  When he did that, I took an angle towards the forest that would cut his lead on me in half.

          By the time we got in the forest, he was only fifteen feet in front of me.  He took left and started running back north again.  I then realized I still had two bolas on my belt.  So I reach for one and started to take aim.  The bola was not enough to wrap completely around his legs, but I thought that this could slow him down some.  I threw the bola at his feet.  This caused Hawk to stumble and take a tumble to the ground.  Therefore I was able to catch up to him and jumped on him.

          We took several rolls over each other as Hawk kept struggling to get free.  After one of the first rolls, my helmet had come off.  When we finally stopped rolling after five or so rolls, unfortunately I was on the bottom with Hawk on top of me.  A teenaged man’s strength is no match for a middle-aged adult’s strength.  Hawk had grabbed my hands and kept pushing them down.  I still had them up and was pushing back.  I knew Hawk had his strength, but I have my wits.  I remembered an old trick my mom taught me and my sisters a long time ago.  If someone is ever trying to hold you down or has you by your hands and is pushing your hands back, start resisting by pushing back against their pressure then suddenly cross your arms over each other.

          I did this to Hawk and caught him off guard.  He lost his balance and his face planted onto the ground.  I shoved him off of me and rolled away from him.  When I rolled, I quickly got to my feet.  I saw that Hawk had done the same, but this time drew his knife.  He started waving it around waiting to strike.

          “Oh great,” I thought to myself, then said out loud, “Hawk!  Why are YOU doing this?”

          Hawk had swung out at me during my sentence.  My voice ran high as he took his knife in his right hand and sung down.  When he did that, I barely dodged his attack, so my voice ran up in pitch a tad.

          Hawk replied, “You wouldn’t understand, Jarl.  You’re puny little brain would not understand.’

          “Try me,” I answered.

          He took a few more swings.  I dodged by jumping back, ducking my head, and then having to tumble roll over my should to dodge again when Hawk tried to swing down again after I had ducked down.

          I stood back up and Hawk said, “It is something big… bigger than all of us.  I hardly understand it.”

          “Then why are you doing this?” I questioned.  “What is there to gain?  Is it money?  The treasure?”

          Hawk took a few more swings and of course missed every time; though a few times he got really close to slicing me.

          Hawk then responded, “Power, revenge, retribution, justice, vengeance, retaliation, punishment...  Call it what you may.”

          “If you need help with something, why didn’t you ask for any?” I wondered.

          Hawk just laughed, “Haha, I don’t think after what I’ve done anyone would listen.”  He holstered his knife and promptly continued, “After all… I did just try to kill your mother.”

          I was enraged and tried to rush him.  That was my mistake.  He tried to jab me with his left hand.  I blocked that and then tried to throw a right cross.  But hardly after I thought of that, he threw a right cross which landed squarely on my jaw.  I fell back to the ground on my right side, completely dazed by that punch.  I was not knocked out, but my head started ringing.

          After shaking my head a couple times and getting back to my feet, I instantly looked back to where Hawk was.  He was now thirty or more yards in front of me.  I took out after him again.  I did have one more bola, but it was so small I would not be able to throw it hard enough.  Even with my arm strength, it would be hard to get the right trajectory when both of us are running especially with him being slightly faster than me; if I were to throw the bola now, it would probably be a few feet short and not even bother  Hawk.

          I saw he took another left heading back to the shore.  So I again took a better angle to cut his lead to approximately half the distance, fifteen yards.  For a second I wondered why he would go back to the coast, until I saw in front of him near the shoreline what he was running for.  It was Ohmarr’s sea blue Zippleback!

          “What did Hawk steal that?” I thought.

          There were several stones and boulders of all sizes on this shoreline, as the northwestern side of Berk had very rough, rocky, and dangerous waters for ships.  Hawk was able to get on Ace and had the dragon start to lift off.  I knew I had to have Fredrick to continue the chase, but I still had to slow him down until my dragon could get here.  So as Hawk had Ace start to lift off, I grabbed my last bola, slowed about ten yards before Ace, twirled the bola, threw and aimed for Hawk’s head.  It hit on my target.  Hawk grabbed his head and Ace stopped moving as fast as he was going up.  So I ran again and used those last ten yards to run and jump on some boulders, using them practically as stairs, and jumped over on to Ace’s back.

          Ace was aware of it and so was Hawk.  Hawk used the same commands as Ohmarr would use to tell Ace to start flying… fast and high.  I could barely hold on to Ace’s spikes that run down the middle of a Zippleback.  I was able to pull my way up the spikes and near where Hawk was sitting.  Hawk looked back and saw that.  He slowed Ace down some, turned, and started to punch and kick with one leg out of a stirrup to get me to get.  I kept trying to dodge Hawk’s strikes; but with the dragon moving and trying to hold on, it was near impossible.  In fact, when Hawk threw a kick with his left leg, I grabbed it.  However, as soon as I did that, Hawk made Ace do a barrel roll.  So when we went up side down, I went back to grab something, but whiffed.  I started falling to the sea below… obviously.

          I had turned myself around back to the south and saw Fredrick flying after me, but no one was with him.  He must have flown away once he was saddled to come find me because dragons seem to know when their rider is in trouble.  Fredrick already knew what to do.  He was coming to me from a higher altitude and then dove down to come up right next to me.  He turned himself so that I could grab onto the saddle.  I did not even have enough time to put my feet in the stirrups before I had to pull Fredrick up before we both crashed into the waters below.  I arched Fredrick back up to recover from the dive.

          Now I had to locate Hawk.  Left… Front… Right… “There Fredrick!” I said as Hawk was flying back over the forest range of Berk.

          Fredrick and I took out after him.  My dragon made chase.  Hawk used everything he could to shake me.  He had roughly a fifty yard lead on me; but when you are flying a dragon, that is not very much.  Hawk tried diving down and flying through the forest area.  He tried sharp, hard turns in every direction.  But every time he tried to shake me, I got just a little bit closer.  Hawk did not seem like the best of riders as the moves he made were not that hard, they were just sudden.  Sure I had to dodge the trees and anything that would get in my way.  I dodged the obstacles by flying over them, under them, to the right of them and to the left of them; I sometimes had to duck my head when I went under a fallen tree.

          Hawk then flew out to the cliff areas on the northern side of Berk.  For some reason I started have flashbacks of rescuing Dagmar because we were nearly in the identical area but closer to the edge of the cliff to start.

          Then while Fredrick and I were still giving chase, he had Ace let off some gas and then spark the gas to try and knock me off course when the gas exploded.  This did not work; however, it re-extended his lead while trying to avoid the explosions.  Still, with all the maneuvering “tricks” Hawk tried to pull, I had trimmed his lead to a little over ten yards.  After the three explosions he had Ace set off, extended the lead to now over twenty yards.

          “If that is the way you want to feel about it...,” I thought to myself.  “Fredrick,” I cried out down near his head so he could hear me over the wind and a Thunderdrum’s hearing.  “Shockwave, regular power!”

          Fredrick’s hearing was better than an average hearing of a Thunderdrum.  Although, I had to keep my commands short or else he could not hear me that well.  Get his attention and then cut to the chase.

          Fredrick fired the wave of power.  Hawk seemed to start to lose control of Ace when the wave took them over.  This shot was not even Fredrick’s strongest blast.  It was actually one of his lowest power shots.  Yet Hawk and Ace acted as if Fredrick shot them with one of his Sonic Blasts.  It may have been more of Ace not expecting the wave; throw in the wind and the flying conditions must become too turbulent with the shockwave added with the gusts to fly straight.

          A second after the shockwave hit them Ace had started to spew gas.  Then when Hawk continued to lose control of Ace, a few seconds after that the two crashes with the surface below and started tumbling towards the cliff.  The moment when they hit the ground Ace for some reason or another sparked the gas for an explosion that erupted on impact with the ground.  Since I was so close to Hawk when Ace ignited his gas, the force of the explosion had so much force that when it hit us, we too flew out of control.  The force from the explosion knocked Fredrick straight up.  Things were happening so fast that neither Fredrick nor I had time to react.  When Fredrick’s head flew upwards, my body went forward and knocked into the top of Fredrick.  The impact caused me to come out of the saddle and start to tumble on the ground.

          It was not too far of a fall to the ground, as Fredrick and I were already flying close to the ground anyway, I was able to stop myself from rolling over and start to slide on my stomach; but I was not able to stop my momentum.

          I looked forward to see Ace and Hawk fall over the side.  My heart skipped a beat seeing that.  Then I realized… I am going to go over the side too!  There is about ten yards left before I do, so I tried everything to slow me down: putting my feet first and grabbing on to anything that went by.  My grip kept slipping off of things as I had too much momentum.  The edge got closer and closer until I went over the cliff and started falling… obviously.

          I looked down to the sea, after going over the cliff, and saw a slash below.

          “That must have been Hawk,” I said solemnly.  But then I was about to have the same thing happen to me.

          I was falling… and then all of a sudden stopped falling.

          “Did you get him?” I heard a familiar voice.

          Once I knew I had stopped falling I looked up to see Sparklebolt’s face looking at me.  Cazi had maneuvered Sparklebolt to catch me.  Fredrick had flown after me when Sparklebolt got a hold of me and then flew closely under Cazi’s Skrill when Cazi slowed her dragon down so that I could get back on mine.  Sparklebolt saw that, unloosened his claws of my arms, and was then able to gently fall down into my saddle in a sitting position.

          I slowed my dragon down to turn him to see who else was there; Hiccup and Annabeth with their dragons in addition to Cazi and hers.

          I then asked Hiccup, “What about the ship?  Did you see it?”

          Cazi quickly poked a joke, “So now I just saved your life.  What thanks do I get for it?  He wants to know about the one ship.”

          I kind of chuckled at what Cazi said and then Hiccup answered my questions, “Yes we saw it and the other are tracking.  What happened to Hawk?”

          I looked down to the sea below and then said, “He fell too.”

          The others were somber for a moment and then we followed Hiccup and Toothless back to where the others had gone after the ship.

          I started to have remorseful thoughts of Hawk that I would be to blame for his demise.  It seemed like every time I could get some evidence to prove my father’s innocence that somehow it would disappear.  Every time I get one step ahead, I seemingly have to take two steps back.


(I thought maybe I could add the link to my next chapter at the end here)

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Subject do I need why Hmm? Above them can be a Jedi Master, No?

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