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>>Crickets chirp. Squiid seems to have a question she wants to share, but is unsure if she'll get a response.

>>Squiid appears out of a dark hole.


Hey guys, it's Squiid! I've been on this forum for a while now, and I've gotten to know a lot of you, and I suddenly realized I have a particular "game fandom", I suppose you could call it, that seems to be a bit...unknown. And it makes me sad! Because I really love said game!


>>Squiid fidgets with the corners of her fedora.


Does anyone play SWTOR? I was wondering if there is anyone out here who likes to play it! :D If any of my forumer friends play this game, I would be happy to discuss it. I was just curious to see if I'm the only one! (I haven't met anybody who plays it yet.)


>>Squiid grabs her ukulele and jets out of the room.


Squiid out!



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I'm just a friendly little squid wandering the internet. 




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Meet Stormy Eyes, otherwise known as Stormy. As a child, she washed ashore Berk in a basket, and was taken under the wing of the Jorgenson Clan. It quickly became obvious that Stormy has pure Berserker tendencies, and most often, they're rather uncontrollable. Really, she means no harm- but running around the school with an axe, especially early in the morning, tends to have an effect on certain students around the school.

When she first came to the School, after encouragement from her clan, Stormy was viewed as dangerous and untrustworthy. She was only a teenager at the time, but she worked hard to make it obvious that she was much different than her bloodthirsty ancestors- though she's more closely related to the Berserkers than she would like to know.

Stormy's first dragon was a Skrill called Hurricane- she raised him from hatching, and the two have been best friends ever since. You might say the dragon and rider grew up together, and as Stormy won the trust of her fellow classmates and dragon riders, she also became well known for her impressive bond with the sometimes unstable dragon. Life was a challenge for a young dragon trainer and a Skrill, especially as a first dragon, but their equally hyperactive personalities soon forged a bond between them, which is something not seen often between a Skrill and a rider.

Now, at the age of 20, Stormy has grown a reputation as one of the most bombproof students in the School, heading up her own strike team called the Valkyrie Riders, and defending her "home" for the past 8 years. In the course of those 8 years, however, Stormy made a shocking discovery, that forced her to keep a deadly secret for a long, long time.

But she kept that hidden for many years, and the only one she ever told was one of the newest teachers to the School, and later, one of her partners in "crime": Eret son of Eret, former servant of Drago Bludvist. But that's another story....




Stormy by the INCREDIBLE TohiLosi! TYSM AMIGO!



Stormy's Dragons:



Scaremaker/Screaming Death/Male



Tempest/Monstrous Nightmare/Female

Smaug/Monstrous Nightmare/Male

Riptide/Deadly Nadder/Male

Scorpia/Fireworm Queen/Female

Earthshaker/Whispering Death/Male

Thorn/Sand Wraith/Male

Magni/Wooly Howl/Male










Octave/Death Song/Male


Slash/Speed Stinger/Male

Sugar/Sweet Death/Female




Nidhogg/Night Terror/Male

Wave Rider/Tide Glider/Male




Viggo/Devilish Dervish/Male

Vibrant/Flame Whipper/Female

Do I have too many dragons? Yes. Do I care? Not at all.


and look at these two dorks who started it all

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Alright we can continue now.


Prepare to meet some of my favorite characters!


Squiid's Hall of Completely-Obsessively-In-Love-With-These-Characters




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All you need to know about this section? These are all my innocent cinnamon rolls and I love them lots. DON'T TOUCH ANY OF THEM OR YOU WILL DIE.


The Valkyrie Riders

We live,

We die,

We fight,

We win,



I've never cared for castles or a crown that grips too tight,

Let the night sky be my starry roof and the moon my only light.

My heart was born a hero and my stormbound sword won't rest,

I left the harbor long ago on a never ending quest.

Now I'm off to the horizon,

Where the wild wind blows the foam,

Come get lost with me, love, 

And the sea shall be our home.

Cressida Cowell


... at some point ? | School of Dragons | How to Train Your Dragon Games


Proud lover of Skrills and the Berserker tribe!

(Made by the incredible EvelynFreya!)




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"Don't listen to her. She's just making sure you shoot me first if things go south." -Gault Rennow (Star Wars)

"Impressive. Most impressive." -Darth Vader (Star Wars)

"Monster is a relative term. To a canary, a cat is a monster. We're just used to being the cat." -Dr. Henry Wu (Jurassic World)

"I've got a jar of dirt!" -Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)

"The Captain said I had to." -K2-SO (Star Wars)

"I'm seeing dead people. Uh, why am I seeing dead people?" -Toran Eagleborn (The Quintar Chronicles)

"Trust is like a delicate bird with feathers of silk. And yours is dead!" -Tuffnut (HTTYD)

"A wild goose chase. Well, this is the only place in the world where the geese chase you!"- Ian Malcom (Jurassic Park)

"I was up the chimney with my good friend the senator." -Toothless (HTTYD Books)

"Fooooooooood." - Grover (Percy Jackson & the Olympians)

"She is far, far away. She walks in starlight in another world." -Kili (The Hobbit)

"A man will never know how far he's willing to go, until he steps to the edge and looks down." -Viggo Grimborn (HTTYD)

"Oh look, a rainbow!" -Gruffnut (HTTYD)

"Well, you're no fun at all." -Mirelei (The Siren's Lament)

"Destruction is perfectly okay as long as it's humorous destruction." -Stormstriker217 (here on the forums)

"May your cookie always be slightly too large to fit in your glass of milk." -I have no idea honestly

"Thank you, Tuffy." -Snotlout (HTTYD) 

"That much irony should be illegal!" -Tuffnut (HTTYD)

"I can't pft understand pft your accent pffft" -FloofQueen (Trashcan)

"You know what I always say. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. And then beat 'em." -Skavak (Star Wars)


1k gifs MY EDIT star wars Ewan McGregor Obi Wan kenobi sw edit obi wan ...

1k gifs MY EDIT star wars Ewan McGregor Obi Wan kenobi sw edit obi wan ...

#Sassmaster Obi-Wan




Art done for me by splendid artists here on the forums!


Mirelei the Siren from my book, the Siren's Lament, done by the amazing TohiLosi!


Thank you, my good friend and wonderful artist, Stormstriker217, for this fabulous (and first ever) drawing of Skari!



Skari done by the amazing donnala, thank you so much! 




My adopted Infertide, Blazee, by alicornbrodie! Thanks ever so much!

My adopted Deepfisher, the sneaky and fish-loving Angler, done by the incredible hootowllighbulb!



Armaggedon the Doomfang by the amazing themasterplan47! Thankee (as we say in Dragonese)!


Romans 6:23: For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life.



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Voltron: Legendary Defender

Avatar: the Last Airbender


Miraculous Ladybug (?)


Dear writers: You know when your characters are having a good day, and then you crash their party with an awful plot twist and its SO MUCH FUN? Yeah, the feeling is kind of like this:

 Ruff and Tuff (Ruffnut



Squiid's Characters

Well, here's where I put all my RP and non-RP cinnamon rolls. Enjoy.

Eternally under construction, probably, since I procrastinate :D



A treasure hunter, a scoundrel, and a grave-robber; can you get much more untrustworthy than that? Well, Skari sure can. Unreliable and shifty, Skari uses his quick wit and charming personality to wriggle his way out of the toughest spots. He has a particular liking for shiny objects and is considered a thief-for-hire, occasionally, risking life and limb (though he's not overly fond of that). Once acquainted with him, you either realize right away he's not to be trusted- or, usually, you realize that much too late. On rare occasions, though, you can break open his heart of stone and find a soul of gold inside...well, I could be speaking literally or figuratively.



You won't hear much about Nellie on these forums, since I never RP with her, but in the rare case I say something about her, it's probably her superb shooting skills. Mildly terrifying, but if you're on her side, it's quite useful. She's got a lively personality, loyal to a fault and completely, blatantly honest. Though I mentioned her loyalty, it's true she's loyal to one person- her boss, of whom she self-appointed herself his personal bodyguard. Needless to say, he doesn't really mind. Especially since he sort of needs one.



Ah, Finn. Used primly in magic/cyborg/or-anything-like-that RPs, Finn is an interesting case. With the ability to shapeshift into a dolphin at will, you might say his name is apt...ha! Get it? Finn? Okay, I'll leave now. Anyways, he also has a metal arm, of which he's modified to do various things with. And yes, when he shapeshifts into a dolphin, he has a metal fin. It's rather funny. He's a huge sweetheart, which isn't saying anything for his rather bad past, and he likes long swims in the ocean in his free time...



Who said the Grimborn boys didn't have any family? (Well, no one, exactly.) I can't really say much about Iduna without giving a bunch of Race to the Edge spoilers, but she's observant, gentle, and quiet; and, honestly, no one exactly knows how she ended up marrying Viggo Grimborn and keeping a close eye on all his operations Beyond the Archipelago. She seriously can be scary if she wants to. Beware.


More coming soon! Whee! -dances away from all my impending tasks-



And here is the best Hiccup gif I have ever found. Enjoy.

oh Hiccup sweetie what are you doing with your face??



After watching Family on the Edge: 

 Paradise of Fanfiction

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A tribute to the fun personality-based choices you can make in Star Wars: the Old Republic.

I have two Sith Lord characters. One of them is sophisticated, collected, a devoted servant of the Sith Empire, and a really all around Viggo-style villain. The other is absolutely insane and defected from the Galactic Empire because they wouldn't let him have a pet Nexu. 

Meet Chayaraa Argos and Tavos Xan, the chaos and order of the Sith Empire.


Darth Vader dancing


Well, you survived to the end, and now you probably know way too much about me :D The more you know, right? No? Okay. Anyways...

May the Force be with you!


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I CRI ;-;


 (Please, just call me Red, or RedWind. No need to add 123 on)

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Indom the Sand Wraith by Scarfy Wings!

by Ally Kay


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~My subconscious is about as subtle as Captain America on the Forth of July 

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(Also I know I listen to trash music but I like trash music :3)


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M'um m'aloo!

>>Squiid falls off her chair and spills coffee in her lap from pure shock.




What server? I have a Lvl. 49 Smuggler on Begeren Colony (because I ain't a subscriber, and her story is finished, I miss her so ;u; and her adorkable husband), and...well, I have a BUNCH of other characters. An insane amount. I wanted to play through every storyline. And I'm nowhere near done... bit of a plot/story freak oopsie

*le squeal*

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le bloop

Corso is so cute! I love him as my Smuggler's husband. If I was a male smuggler, I'd probably go for Risha, though her eyebrow raising being her only expression is funny to me. We should totally meet up somewhere, Ord Mantell perhaps? Though if we'd want others to show up we'd have to arive to a neutral area like Hoth or something XD. I play on the Shadowlands server btw. 

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M'um m'aloo!

Yeah, that would be fun! However, if we're going to Hoth, I recommend bringing some hot cocoa and blankets. Brrrrrr.


Okay, Shadowlands. I'll have to check and see who I have on there.


Corso is the most perfect human being on the Earth. (Or, considering that it's the Star Wars universe, the galaxy.) I mean, he's a dork and he's just...he's amazing. He's gentlemanly and sweet, which is something some characters lack... I admit, my Smuggler likes to think she's independent, but she'd be a mess if it weren't for him X3 Gosh he's fantastic. I am pleased to see I'm not his only fangirl in the universe XD Second runner up in the Republic side is definitely Doc, a female JK romance companion. Because of like 100000 million reasons.


I'm playing a Male Smuggler through right now, and the romance with Risha is GOLD. So many funny lines, and Risha is annoyed with his constant flirting, but I can tell she's warming up to him. Definitely worth it. My Smug thinks he's hot stuff and Risha doesn't agree, though he'll probably convince her soon XD


I could go on about my favorite characters... *whispers* I love them all.

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Le bloop

I have an ongoing fanfic between my F!Smuggler and Corso because I am absolutely in love with the dialog between him and Ace(the generic name for all Smugglers). I'll have to see what the romance is for Avakii, because I heard that pretty funny. Problem is, you get her so late into the game that Ace has probably started a romance with Risha :\. Curse you Belmora. 

My smuggler, a female Zabrak named Eria, was a flirtatious girl with a quick wit from day one. Her only goal was to mess with poor farm boy(because it's funny). Now if you turn your head to her half-brother, a Bounty Hunter, well, I haven't worked out much for him but the voice actor makes me laugh. The voice is so deep and has no humor in it. Makes the bounty hunter seem edgy, lol.

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M'um m'aloo!

My female Smuggler is a human, and her character is pretty much based off of my own personality because she was the first character I created. She's a very down-to-earth, likes-to-do-things-her-way type, and she's pretty sassy at times (a per usual for the Smuggler). Unlike a lot of the others I've seen play through the Corso romance (I may have done the research, heh), my Smuggler just simply liked Corso because he was loyal and sweet, and she found that enjoyable. Even when Risha or Akaavi complained about him, she'd defend him, because she clearly knew they weren't seeing enough of his compassion or adorkableness. She likes to deny it, of course, but she's a bit infatuated with her farm boy X3 She even ignored those handsome flirts at every spaceport for him. And let me tell you, it was worth it, because Corso thought the world of her afterwards.


My male Bounty Hunter is a big guy, and he could pretty much crush people on accident or on purpose, but he's a gentle giant. Many think he's dumb, since he's a very gentle and kind person, but he's actually as sharp as a whip and as quick as one, too. He thinks his sole purpose on earth is to protect Mako, since she's the first person who actually stuck around with him and stayed with him. I actually don't play much on him as of now, but I think I need to pick him up again soon :3 What a sweetie.


My male Smuggler, Shaynh, is canonically considered Adelaidia's (my fem Smuggler's) brother. When they were reunited later, Adelaidia thought Shaynh had crashed his ship into a supernova (which he did), and Shaynh thought Adelaidia had been roped into the service of Rogun the Butcher (which she was). The male voice actor is pretty funny to me for the Smuggler, and I got to like it more once he started sassing with Risha and trying to get her to fall for him. The flirts with Risha in general are really funny, because of the things she has to say...once, Risha was telling him about Tatooine's climates, Shaynh suggested they shed some layers, and Risha told him to keep his clothes on. It was hilarious; I cracked up.


*whispers* Someone stop me, I could talk about my chars for days.

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I thought I was the only one that plays SWTOR XD

I'm a level 50 light side Sith Marauder. I love to play SWTOR but I only play it when I have so much extra time because it eats away those hours :p

(I'm actually thinking of playing it again sometime this week)


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There are only 2 signs before our savior returns. First, the gospel will be translated in all languages and received to all world tribes to hear the word. The second sign is all of the nations will turn against Israel and plan to destroy the Jews once and for all. As the armies arrive, Jesus will emerge as pure and fight all the armies all against one. There begins the rapture to break down the old world, then form a new one.

Today the bible has been translated to 98% of all languages, and now Obama wishes to plan offences against Israel.

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M'um m'aloo!

*squeals again*



The Sith Warrior storyline is amazing though, honestly. I absolutely love my female char who played through it. She's a gem. My male Sith Warrior is a little less interesting, but at least he's cute ;D Ask Vette.


>>Squiid gives everybody cookies because she's so happy she's found other fans.


>>Squiid is a very happy squid.


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le bloop

The only Empire class I currently know how to play is the Bounty Hunter. I can't play any of the force using classes because I don't play close up unless I'm an assassin, which in very few games I am(I prefer long range healers for my rpgs)

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M'um m'aloo!

I play RPG games usually for the plot and/or characters, but I really like any close up DPS classes. I had a blast playing through my JK Guardian for that reason. My Smuggler is long range DPS (DPS is traditionally one of my favorite things to do, for no reason other than I like damage dealing :>) That's why my companions gotta be A+ healers, because I'm a reckless lunatic DPS class XD *cue Elara Dorne from the Trooper Story yelling at me from a distance to stop being so reckless*

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Sorry Squidy.....

......  But I'm more of a Star Wars the Clone Wars kinda person.  GO CLONE TROOPERS!!!!!!  DI.E BATTLE DROIDS!!!!!!!!  YAY R2-D2 AND R2-KT SHIPS!!!!!!!  GO VENATORS!!!!!!!  ETA-2, ETA-2!!!!!!!  DELTA-7B, DELTA-7B!!!!!!!!  Y-WINGS AND ARC-170S RULE!!!!!!!!  YAY COOL LEGO PARTS!!!!!!!  Hmmm, that reminds me, I have a new Lego droid I'm working on, and I'm thinking about giving him a B-2 series Super Battle Droid's special blaster arm attachment!  After all, he's already got a beige battle droid torso, dark grey battle droid arms and legs, a light grey base with black shaft lever on his back, and the absolutly cutest head you ever saw, it's a pair of normal minifig dark grey binoculars, on top of one of those light grey technic pieces that can be used to attach thins with studs, which is attached to a little dark grey claw piece.  He's adorable!!!!!  Plus, he looks great with the rest of the model, which is top secret!!!!!!  But I'm glad I got to share my new little droid with you!!!  Anyway, CLONE WARS RULEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!  Rockatoa, Jedi General Brickticks out!