Those Dreadfall Skins tho...

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​Mmmm...I gotta say, those are some really nice skins. Honestly I think the new dreadfall skins are prettier than any of the other racing/warpaint avaliable. They're gorgeous. I've never bought a skin before, mainly because I was saving gems for things that are useful in-game, and most of them don't look all that great on my main dragons. But, there's a first time for everything, I just had to get that white nightmare skin.


My only qualm is that the skins change the base color of your dragon to a standard color. The white nightmare paint would've looked GORGEOUS on my navy blue Monstrous Nightmare. But...she still looks pretty even if now she's brown. So pretty my roommate saw my computer across the room while I was flying her and said "ooooo, that's a pretty dragon!" So while I'm a smidgen dissappointed, I'm overall very happy with the new look. Definitely worth the gems to have my top battle dragon looking flyyyyy (even if in the next few days EVERYONE gets the skins)



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Just checked them out, they look pretty neat! 


Do all the skins change the base colour? Because I won't be buying them if that's the case. I'm just not a fan of the skins that do that ;_;


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sorry :(

They all appear to change the base color....hard for me to tell because even when I have a dragon with skins avaliable, sometimes it shows the default dragon colors and sometimes it shows my dragon in the store. I know for a fact that the nightmare white paint changes the base color though. 


I'm not a fan of it either, but in this one case I like the paint enough that I don't mind changing the color, but I might not always leave the skin on. I think it's because of all the intricate detail, it'd probably be a lot harder to make if they kept the base color. 

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Noooo :( I don;t want to make my dragons look default aa... 

I don't think making an 'opaque' skin is very different from making a transparent one. Maybe we'll get transparent ones another day.

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I just checked them out too.

I just checked them out too. I don’t really use those dragons very much except Toothless, and Toothless can’t change color so might as well buy his. 


Can’t even afford any of them anyway. Haha.






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The vivid turquoise toothless

The vivid turquoise toothless is sooooo pretty, I'd get it in a heartbeat if I had a Toothless. And I feel you on the gems now I only have like 50

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Toothless cmon!

Whoaaaaaa i gotta check this out!



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When you take the skin off, does your dragon go back to the color you had it??? Or will it be stuck at brown? Cus I really want one, but not if that's the case! Please check and let me know!! :(

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I'm pretty sure it'll change

I'm pretty sure it'll change back to it's original color, it's like putting the hookfang look or a hero skin on your dragon

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It does..

I just broke down and blew most of my gems and bought some. Yes the dragons go back to normal. My freakout was because they are gorgeous skins so I really wanted one, but I don't ever use other skins. So my experience with using skins is very limited.