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SleepyHollow is recruiting new members. We are a fun, family clan that loves racing and role playing. We are a close family and are looking for fun, active players. Minimum requirement is 100 trophies to join. The requirements are as follows:



  1. Please be active at least twice a week, if you are unable to please pm me. (Des and Sky, I know you are busy, this does not apply to you)
  2. Earn at least 50 trophies per week, 100 if you are an elder. PM if you are unable.
  4. Loyal to the clan please, we don't want split allegiances with other clans.
  5. Be a family and have fun, artwork is open to all who want to make something. Looking for an artist for the clan.
  6. No backwards racing or cheating, you will be reported.
  7. Have fun in the clan, it's not all about trophies, however, that is a strong second requirement. Above all have fun and be yourself, trust the clan and be loyal to friends.



Dark Storm ~ SleepyHollow


PM with any questions. I am currently leaving our rank out, as I get people who join just to be in a 'top clan'. We are near the top now.


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Clan Positions:


Leader: Dark Storm

Head Elders:

  • XxXSleepyHollowXxX
  • XxSleepyHollowxX
  • SleepyHollowRider
  • Ginger Moon
  • Kick The Dust Up
  • Enderdragontrainer
  • Skylare