Things I've Gotten from Coin Chests

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Title says it all. Here's everything (exespt the things I got before I was paying attention XD oops)


totems of differant dragons 

stature's no #
speed stinger egg 
wispering death egg (I HAVE SIX! :C)
farm decor 
speed boost 
yaknog (way to many now days)
helments (a lot less now days)
hiddious Zippleback egg 
Thunderdrum egg 
Gronicle egg
Nadder egg
Nightmare egg
I don't think what they were numberd as changes whats in 'em all that much (as in 90, 170, 250)
also I wrote this with a cold, and in the night, sorry.






I have never done this before, :) I will learn any help will be well recived









Sorry for the bad writing and spelling, I have slight Dysgraphia and  thus my thoughts arn't very easly understood (Plus I talk in an Accent sometimes and it bleeds into my writing) :D 

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I have yet to get an egg from the chests :/ so many totems though



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Captcha doesn't like me very much

TOTEMS ARE SO ANOYING!!! But I get 'em all the time. Just keep buy'in 'em and you'll get an egg soon, I currently in my bag have 3 wisperingDeaths, 2 Zipplebacks, 3 Gronckles 4 Nightmares, and one Nadder.... but I want to save my stables for a Dragon I don't already have


DON"T LOSE HOPE you'll get one soon :D

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Well last week I got an egg from a battle event for the first time (a changewing) so I'm hopeful! 

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Aloha I am a subject!

Huh, I don't think I've gotten any bracers before... could be wrong though, I did get quite a few masks
Also we need lore on how so many totems exist stat



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I belive You can't get the

I belive You can't get the bracers anymore, but I know I did before due to the fact that I never buy 'em but I have around 9... not sure though.


I know right? Maybe we can make it a thing to try and get at least one of each totem from the coin chests :D Lets make it happen! (also I think we can see all of 'em in the store)

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I have had really bad luck with coin chest, it's probably because I don't buy them that often but when I do and get the boring mask and annoying totem. For some reason, for battle event chests I almost always get Changewing skins (and I don't even own a Changewing! XD) and the Whispering Death War-paint skin (I think I've gotten 5 of those).


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