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If I had a dime for the amount of times I've gotten "SeRvEr CaLl TiMeD oUt", I'd have enough to buy a mansion at this point.


In all seriousness though, the amount of crashes I've gotten in this latest update are rediculous. It's worse then whenever a new expansion is released. Now those make sense, because there's new islands or whatever. But this? Good land almighty. Yesterday, I kept getting "progress failed to sync" multiple times just trying to do the Dreadfall main quests. Only way I could "fix" this was closing the game (at the risk of it freezing from lag) completely and then hopping back in again. Take a sip of your current drink if you...



  • Can't do the event battles, because "server call timed out".
  • Can't do the event racetrack because well...I've explained it in another thread that I haven't been able to access it at ALL for over a year despite everything I've tried. Three words: Infinite loading screen.
  • Can't do some of the Dreadfall battle tactics because the game will FREEZE when it's an enemy's turn and there's NO unfreeze/unstick/skip option.
  • Can't do daily quests because some quests are broken. Oh joy! They're timed too!
  • Can't access the farm.
  • Can't access Loki's Maze.
  • Have somehow de-leveled.
  • Don't have hundreds of GEMS to toss at chests for candy. Shouldn't it be gold instead? We can't get daily gems from logging in at the moment.


I'm begging the people who work on this game to fix these issues, add an extension of the event, and/or increase candy rewards. Like the poor mobile users will be at LEAST two days behind, and with all the issues the events already got between bugs, tremendous lag, and non-stop crashes, it's proving to be a huge frustration for plenty of people. Just look at the forums here. If y'all need to do some extended maintenance, then please do!


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Can't access the farm? *Raises hand* This girl right here! It's annoying. Honestly, I'd be ok with them shutting the game down for a few hours for maintenance and bug fixes because all the bugs are getting really annoying.


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I managed to access it and am glad I have 3 skele-chickens, 2 skele-sheep, 1 skele-hog, and 3 spiders for candy and the time is the same as their regular counterparts. Have you tried accessing the farm via character selection page and through the Lookout area? If both are still giving you trouble, I feel for ya.



Same. The issues here are just beyond annoying at this point. Also when I was doing the main dreadfall quests, I found there was a HOLE in the map in front of Gobber in New Berk. I had to hover above him just to do the quest!

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Just tried it again from both the viking selection screen and the Lookout, still no luck. I'm still getting the "server call timed out" message. It's sort of concerning that this problem doesn't seem to be widespread. Less widespread issues usually mean that they're not fixed very fast.

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Oh Look, Another glorious morning. Makes me SICK!

I logged onto my computer to try and play since my phone doesnt have the update.. I couldnt get into my farm because it would tell me I got logged out whenever I tried, and after about 7 minutes it gave me a server call timeout message, and then the game crashed once it got past the loading screen every time I tried to log on. I stopped trying because my computer overheats very fast and I was playing it while the screen was broken.. maybe this will be fixed soon.


Leaving the forums because I swear every  thread ends up starting an argument. Am I the only one noticing this? Maybe. I'm only gonna be online if I get a PM.

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I hope it's fixed today. I haven't been on the game yet today so I'm hoping I can get into my farm today.