There's a new bird in town!(kinda)

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Ya Bird Zapticuno
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Hello everyone! Zapticuno here! While I'm not entirely a new player, it's been a couple years since I've played School of Dragons! The last time I played was on mobile, and I did make an account... but I don't remember my login information. Whoops.


Anyway, this does give me a chance to start anew, amend some things I wish I did/didn't do lol. Right now I'm gonna start playing, so yeah! Well, I hope you all are doing great!


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Welcole to the coop! XD Hope you have a wondeful time. :)


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Hey! You can request a free drawing via PM now! Yay! :3


Ya Bird Zapticuno
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Hahaha! Thank you! I am quite

Hahaha! Thank you! I am quite enjoying my time so far! Got a Flightmare as the dragon I had to save from the cage and named him Goli, because the head kinda reminded me of a Golisopod lol. Also got a little Nadder, named him Strike!

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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

Welcome back!  Who reminded you about the game?  Did a little bird tell you? XD


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Ya Bird Zapticuno
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Thanks! Lol, not really, I

Thanks! Lol, not really, I had remembered about the game somewhat recently, and decided I should hop back in!

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*slides out of the shadows*

Welcome back! ^_^



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Also, please welcome my baby brother, likecheese, to SoD!

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Ya Bird Zapticuno
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Thank you!

Thank you!

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*Poof! A wild Toothyhas come to say Hewwo!*

Why hello my birdy friend! Don't mind me, a random catto who totally doesn't eat birds, who's just stopping to say hewwo :P

I hope you enjoy the forums and welcome back to the game! I guess you don't have to play SOD to enjoy the forums :3




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Ya Bird Zapticuno
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*suspicious bird noises*

Sure sure, if ya try to eat me, you'll get electrocuted anyway XD Anyway, thank you for the welcome!

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Welcome back to SoD!

I also returned to the game not too long ago, as a lot of things have changed.

If you have any questions, we are here to help.





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Welcome back!!!

Welcome back!!!


I am lazy so my siggy is somewhat nonexistent

But I do have 100+ Dragons

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My friend code is GNLFFE

I have been playing since 2015

but I started my forum login only a year ago.

I love cats and dragons

Sleepy Wolf