Is there a plan?

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Oswald the Agreeable
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I overheard some of the other vikings… and they are wondering if there is in fact a plan, and if so what it might be?



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Hi Oswald the Agreeable,


Right now, we are doing everything we can to take care of spam. Not only do we have CAPTCHA enabled on the registration process, but also when creating new posts as well. Myself and the other admins  go through this every morning and block/remove the users and posts as well as block their IPs. 


We are continuing to look at other options to help us prevent more spam. Thanks for your concern. 

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I'm not sure if you heard anything from Brynjolf, but I suggested some things to him, such as Antispam (Drupal project found here) and a site where you can block the spammers unless you are already using it (found here) If you want more info on the bots go here





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Now, I think I know why the spam has stopped. :3

nothing here.