There is a perfectly legal way to get free diamonds in-game

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There is a perfectly legal way to get free diamonds in-game

I do not see why anyone would want to hack SoD or take advantage of glitches.


Here is how to get lots of free diamonds:

1. do all the in-game quests to stock up on udt points

2. develop your farm so that you can do the farm quests and bring in loads of gold for your efforts(farming is very profitable).

3.when you have enough udt points (I think it is 30,000 udt) you can buy a boulder stable for about 3600 gold and 2 gronkles for about (I think) 2000-3000 gold

4. do in-game quests of a few hundred alchemy lab games to level up the gronkles to level 5

5. go to hatchery to upgrade them to teen

6. and you will have an 80-90% chance to get 10-100 diamonds per round for the stable quest

(the quest is in the stable and is in the lower-left corner, it alternates with an eel mission, so skip the eel mission, wait 10 minutes, and you can send out the dragons to the mission it is called CONSTRUCTION ZONE)

each round takes 0 diamonds and 1.5 hours(slow and steady)


14 diamonds and 10 minutes(fast for those who want to put a 20% chance of losing 4 diamonds on the line)


I used the faster method that had some risk of losing 4 diamonds and brought in 50-300 daimonds a day.


p.s. the gronkles usually bring in better prizes when well-fed

p.p.s when you have enough gold or diamonds buy a third boulder class dragon and you will have 100% chance to win

p.p.p.s I have worked hard at saving up diamonds from the stable quests and bought myself the dual-expansion pack when it was on sale.(it took a few months of gaming but it was worth it)

p.p.p.p.p.s. this is not a hack since you have to put a few months of work/gaming in order to get any significant number of diamonds and This is using the standard version of the game available from the windows app store and this website.


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Boulder class dragons in general are good for that quest.  so are Sand Wraiths.  I use a Sand Wraith, a Hotburple (hotburples are better then gronckles for it), and either another boulder class dragon or two non-boulder class dragons that I want to level up.  a sand wraith and a hotburple get it up SO MUCH.  and i use it for leveling up teen dragons to level ten, and right now for leveling up one of my sand wraiths to level 20 (I already have a maxed one, and I want all of mine to be at least level 20).  I have been using this for a long time.  I can't wait to see how good titan sand wraith is at it!


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Personally, I prefer to use 2 eruptadons to get 100% or my titan gronkle with a hotburple to get 100%

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Uhhhh.... Diamonds?....

They're called Gems, not Diamonds.  Plus, you can get 100% success rate with only two dragons, any two of the following four will get you 100% succes rate:  Hotburple, Snafflefang, C. Quaken, Eruptodon.  Oddly enough, the quest is called "Construction Zone"  But the Shovelhelm, the construction specialist of the Boulder Class, doesn't even get one of the highest success rate values, hmmm, need to fix that.  Rockatoa, Brickticks out!

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each gronkle egg costs 2700 gold (with sufficient udt points) or 200 diamonds (without sufficient udt points)

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you can still get the gem quest, but the bad news is that you have to spend 1-2 hours of refreshing quests to get between gem quests now.

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Campfire imps scampered off with my subject again...

I noticed some seasonal quests in that slot, I did one of the seasonal ones and skipped the next, and it went back to the one I had just done. Hopefully it'll show up after I skip some more, or maybe it will go back to having the Construction Zone quest there too after the holidays. That was pretty much my way of getting gems...

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le bloop

Others need to see this so they stop complaining, but what do I know. There will always be people who complain when the game gives us almost easy gems into our hands, you just gotta do a bit of work to get there.