Is there any other way to get whispering death egg without the dvd?

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I was wondering if there was any other way to get the whispering death/thunderdrum eggs besides buying the dvd. Like maybe another payment method?

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I dont think so

I dont think so... but I have some codes for both dragons... but hold on! I cant just give dat for free! :P


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i thought you're serious ^^

you know, if you were serious about it, i will be one of the few people who will make a line for it! hahaha! but if you're willing (if only ^^) i'm just here. :) and i'll give you whatever it takes! :P


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Whispering Death

As of right now (as far as I'm aware), the only way to get a Whispering Death or Thunderdrum is by using the codes that come in the Rider's Of Berk DVDs.


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DVD Code

Currently, the only way to receive codes for a Whispering Death or Thunderdrum is to purchase a Dragons: Riders of Berk DVD. The code will come inside with the DVD.

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i don,t know how to get whiespering death i like him can me please someone tell me how to get him and code for him

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buy dvd from walmart...i hate

buy dvd from walmart...i hate this way.i don't munderstand,why the thunderdrum and the whispering death need to be with a code?! Okay,I understand,for money,but the game gets enough with the buying of gems.why these dragons can't be free like the other :( ??!!!


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Ugh! I can't buy any riders

Ugh! I can't buy any riders of berk dvd's as there is no walmart in my country :(



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