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So Is Toothless last night Fury? 


And for light fury is female dragon or both Male/female? Cause In trailer there baby light fury






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are you asking if the light fury is a hermaphrodite...?


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Hey uh well i don't quite understand your question but ... Yes toothless is last night fury but SPOILERS His and light fury offspring look like night fury  so i don't know if it still makes toothless last of his kind 

Toothless's mate is female light fury. and another one that is standing next to baby in trailer seems to be male  and yes there are more light furies because it is confirmed that Female light fury is not last of her kind so baby one is probably offspring of male light fury  and another light fury that lives in a hidden world  i hope that answers your question or helps you a bit 




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If light fury really female

If light fury really female dragon then how make other same light fury without night Fury?


i was really hoping there more night Fury but why last night Fury...

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UH what ? you are confusing everyone  First of all Light fury doesn't need night fury to produce offspring that look like  light fury because  they can breed with another light fury   if 2 light fury breed  offsprings are white colored and they are light furies because both parents are light furies  ONCE again i repeat Light fury ( white colored dragon that is with toothless ) Is NOT last of her kind meaning that there are more that live in that land with rest of the dragons  so  other light fury that you see in the trailer baby one  has one of its parent next to it  and another one might be out for hunting or something  end of silly thread that we don't even understand what question is 

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there might be more night Fury! But Viking never seen them so probably live somewhere very far away that island of night Fury and only saw Toothless so might be Toothless travel somewhere then other night Fury why Dreamworks can’t confirm it if still there or not 

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Toothless is last of his kind there is only him left because new villain grimmel  have hunted every single one of them  to him only good dragon is a dead dragon and he has this obsession of hunting night fury dragon and he even tells hiccup that '' I have hunted every night fury except yours'' meaning that he was searching for last Night fury to hunt or kill which happens to be a toothless  and there are no more night fury !  Toothless has only one choice to breed with a different dragon that is closely related which is Light fury to save the species from being extinct! and night fury mates for life which means that Light fury is the only dragon that toothless will spend the rest of his life with. in the hidden world away from a humans . P.S  In the trailer clip, stoick said that Night furies come from hidden world so there is no island full of night fury dragons. I will not reply this anymore i explained you everything  that you probably need to know

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Spoopy New Year




Grimmel made sure that Toothless was the last. He actually thought that he'd killed all of them until someone brought it up, and spent the rest of the movie going after him.

Grimmel lives for the hunt, which is why he swore to eradicate the species entirely.



And to clear up your first point - The LF shown in the film that is with Toothless is NOT the last of her kind. She is technically a subspecies, who can breed with the NF. The LF species is also not just female, they are male as well. After watching the background in a lot of scenes in the movie, it is clear that there are a lot of other LF in the Hidden World.

The babies of Toothless and LF are Night Lights, which is a blend of the two. Notice that they have traits from both parents, and not the complete jet-black colour of Toothless, nor the brilliant white of the LF. When looking at the LF, she is the bright white, rather than a blend. The white of one of the babies has the tips of his/her ear nubs black.



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So I think the question might

So I think the question might be, are ALL LightFury dragons female or is it possible for a LightFury to be male.

The answer is that LightFuries can be male or female, so it's not like males are black and females are white, it's a different breed of the species and can be either gender.


I'm guessing that there was at one time a female NightFury, hence Toothless existing. But Grimmel has since hunted down most of all the NightFuries and the rest have died in some way or another.

So it appears that Toothless is in fact, the last NightFury





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