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I know I made a post yesterday about this, but you know what?? I'm tired of all of this. 


The devs are NOWHERE TO BE FOUND and when they appear it's always to bring a new hybrid, event, feature whatevs. 


And I'm SICK of this game being EXACTLY AS IT DID when i first started playing all the way back 2016.


DEVELOPERS: we don't need new features. We don't need new dragons. We don't need new minigames. 


We. Need. Bug. Fixes.

We. Need. Redesigns.

We. Nee. You. To. LISTEN.


Take a good look at ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE LEFT THE GAME bc of your inconsistencies. Veteran players refuse to play SoD because the game is broken whichever way yall wanna see it. Whenever u guys add something new, bugs ALWAYS seem to be a consequence to your additions.


So i've had it. I tried keeping silent for over 4 years but now is the time i feel I say this: I aint playing your game until YOU GUYS keep YOUR PROMISES.


So, don't expect new posts or money invested in the game from me. I'm done.





My in-game info:

+36,000 UDT points · +2,600 trophies · Level 21


I usually enter the game to collect trophies or fly around, so I don't talk much

My friends call me Pandemii, but I'm fine with whatever you want. 

My favorite things to do in-game are fly around with my dragons and go to Thunderrun Racing.

My favorite dragon species are the Sand Wraith and the Skrill.

I created this account in 2019, but I've been playing this game as far as 2016.

I don't give my friend code since I want to meet people first, and then decide for myself if I want to give it out.



My dragons:

· Caelum- Titan Sand Wraith · Cassiopeia-Deadly Nadder · Hydrus-Whispering Death

· Scorpio-Triple Stryke · Cepheus-Titan Skrill · Andromeda-Stormcutter



My clan:

Proud member of The Dragon Racers.  Clan banner by httyyd. Thanks so much!

Thnx again EmeraldHuntress65.

Previous clans:

Savage Racers, The Light Fury Racers, Harbingerz, WARZONE, Permanent Damage, Collateral Damage.

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*ate my own subject*



Favorite Potats: Azaelia, ToothlessColdNight, zHarleyQuinzelx, XXPadTheMadXX, ANICIOI, BlizzardTheBezerk


Trophies: 34,000+


Clans: Collateral Damage. Status: Elder and Savage Nation. Status: Leader


Link to YouTube channel:


Magnificent Collateral Damage clan banner by HiddenSilhouette aka EmeraldGemsHuntress65 & edited by me.




About me


Main Dragons:

Savager(Titan Goregutter)


Hailstorm(Titan Snow Wraith)

Midnight(Titan Sand Wraith)

Eclipse(Titan Triple Stryke)


Racing Dragons: Mainly pouncer but if I want to use boosts, I would switch to I will lose(adult Sand Wraith)


Beliefs(about SoD): Fix bugs and glitches(not fun glitches), bring back all the evnt racing tracks because otherwise you made some really good tracks for almost nothing. Bring back Gronckle Run. FIX THE BUMPING GLITCH. bring back speed armor. Admins, listen to us. Make more gem quests. get rid of racing time ban and DNF/ -5 trophies glitch or get rid of the hackers who do it. Fix battle event glitch and fix the names and insignias of the ships(you did it for events, why not the rest of the year when we nonstop kill our allies and destroy their resources). More quests please. Add dragons already in thre franchise instead of unrealistic hybrids(even though many of the things in this franchise are unrealistic). No, I do not hate SoD, otherwise I would have quit, I just think it has the most potential out of any HTTYD-based game.


Racing type: I don't really use boosts unless I do actually have them(almost never happens) or unless you boost. I will blast you and trap you if I get bumped or if you fart on me(the green gas thingy) or throw a box in my face or boost. And yes, 

I. Love. Racing.



Racing skill: Good. Not Strykana good, but more like Jyharri good.

Favorite Dragon: Triple Stryke

Favorite songs: idk I like a bunch

Ive been playing since game came out, but I was a tiny kid, so I barely knew what was going on XD. I've only started playing seriously since 2018 and only started actually trying TRR almost a year ago.


Shows I like:(in progress)


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Aloha Lola

As someone who claimed would leave the game a while back, only to return because of its many memories, I have to agree wholeheartedly with Chroma over here. 


Most of my best friends no longer play School of Dragons merely because the developers fail to listen to their community and decide to cover their mistakes (ie, bugs, glitches and broken promises) with new features.


I returned in hopes that the game would be better, and although I do enjoy it, I am saddened to see more errors to the game than when I first started playing in 2017.


As game developers, their main concern has to be their clients. The consumers. The players. Wholesome game companies have been left in ruins for the same closed mentality that the SoD Team/Jumpstart has had since all these problems arose. 


If they do not learn from their mistakes, soon enough they won't have enough players in-game, and will have to close it down. 


No one is online anymore. It is harder to reclute new members to brand-new clans. And overall, the game feels like a ghost town.


And so, if Chroma will protest with not playing the game until the developers listen to us, I shall do the same. 



Want to see all of my dragons? Click here:

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· Amateur writer, professional procrastinator ·

(credits @ArtBird for the Light Fury wallpaper & TosiLohi for my profile picture)



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Ya i've been doing that a lot

Ya i've been doing that a lot lately


by my amazing friend Lady fighter

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by Iamthesenate

Httyd with other franchises mix:

Warmetalgarurumon (Wargreymon x Metalgarurumon) DigiLight [my mascot for this account] by InkyDigiWing

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Dracomon fury who's Warmetalgarurumon's older brother by InkyDigiWings

WargreymonWarmetalgarurumon's mom Wargreymon by InkyDigiWings

MetalgururumonWarmetalgarurumon's father Metalgarurumon by InkyDigiWings

Catra (She-ra and the princesses of power canoned character) as a nightlight by ApertureNightFury12345 (InkyDigiWings now)

Liza (SATPOP OC) as a Nightlight by ApertureNightFury12345 (InkyDigiWings now)

Lizshade (Liza x Nightshade are OCs of SATPOP) by ApertureNightFury12345 (InkyDigiWings now)

Sary (Fresh precure OC) as a Nightlightlight by me

Other franchise OCs:

Sary vs Cure Cherry (Fresh precure OC) by me

Sarah Higashi (Fresh precure OC) by me

Singer (Suite precure OC) by me

Cure Singer (Suite precure OC) by me

Allisa Kurokawa (Suite precure OC) by me

Forum Request + Flamering by ImDerpySheylaMy Yoshi Flamering made by ImDerpySheylaYT

an amazing headshot of my Startouch elf OC Regiana made by DyliehIdol1214

Regiana the startouch elfmy Startouch elf OC Regiana (one of my favorite OCs for The Dragon Prince) by me

Lunaraisia (or just Luna for short)Lunaraisia or Luna for short the Celestial dragon (My second favorite OC for the Dragon Prince) by me

Regiana and Lunaraisia together made by TosiLohi (also my new Profile pic)

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Aayla the airbender by NightFury125Aayla my airbender (ATLA OC) by me

Kaida (human form) by NightFury125Kaida Lake Jr. human form (ToA OC) by me

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Kaida (dragon form) by NightFury125Kaida dragon form by me

Monstrous Kaida by my friend toothless0603

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Alina (dragon form) by NightFury125Alina dragon form by me

Alina (cat form) by NightFury125Alina cat form by me

Liza (SATPOP OC) by me

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NightShade by NightFury125Nightshade (SATPOP OC) by me

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Catra fan banner by NightFury125

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Viking name: Delphox Alpha


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that's all i have for now bye!

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Azymondias Dragon Prince GIF - Azymondias DragonPrince Dragon ...

ok now really bye

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Death Star blew up my subject

Those are some of the reasons why i quit playing.The servers are always empty.



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Swirlfire burned my subject again...

Im on the disagreeing side here. The DEVs DID listen to us recently. They gave us back the gem quests, and I couldn't be happier. I guess you could disagree on that cuz its not actually a bug fix, but it was really nice. Now, you think the hybrids are bad? I suppose you could think so, but come on, admit it, the hybrids actually look cool, and I appreciated it, especially this month's Abomibumble. It didn't come out with bugs and glitches, and that is certainly a improvement, comparing to last time. And yes, I admit, the game has a lot of bugs and glitches, but I'll play it anyway, cuz Im still looking forward to more improvement. If you don't want to play the game, then don't play it. Its just that simple. You can quit the game, you know. Anytime. I did the same a year before, then came back recently. 

Scroll down below!


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My Seashocker, Ocean, done by Sohki!



River, also done by Sohki!

My adopted bunnies, Sam(left) and Fluffy(right)! (From Moonfyre)


My Deadly Razortail, Swiftspine, Made by the talented StormShear57!

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Both Night Lights were made by AndreaEaston(Thanks, Andrea!)


Male Lycanwing, Midnight                                                            Female Lycanwing, Shadow

Both Lycanwings were created by the amazing AMAZIEing!(Get it? Amazing? AMAZIEing? Never mind....)



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Hi, my full username is SilverAceWing, but you can call me Ace. I am a proud Christian, and for all those who do not know Jesus yet,

"Believe in Lord Jesus, and you will be saved - you and your household."

I am a very big dragon fan, and this is my second time of school of dragons.

I used to play it, but I erased it for some reason(I can't remember why I did that). By the way, my name was NOT inspired by SilverWillowWing. Its because I like the color silver, in httyd books, it says 'the best is not the most obvious' so I didn't like gold, which is the best. I chose silver, which is second-best. And 'Ace' because I am very fast in TRR, 'Wing' because I mistyped the 'g'. It was supposed to be 'wind', with a 'd'.


Clan : Isle of Gazoo


Current Clan Position : Elder


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Main Viking : SilverAceWind


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Where to Find Me in-game : Training grounds, mostly, sometimes Wilderness when Im trying to take screenshots.


Favorite Dragons Top 10 : Dramillion, Razorwhip, Dart, Dreadstrider, Speed Stinger, Light Fury, Death Song, Pouncer, Night Fury, Woolly Howl


Favorite Dragon Classes : Sharp, Mystery, and Strike


Expansion Packs Completed : Icestorm Island, Battle for the Edge, Rise of Stormheart, The Hidden World, and Secret of the Leviathan





Yes, I am a MASSIVE Pokemon and HTTYD fan!


My favorite pokemon is  Lycanroc, especially dusk form! I like Eevee too, cuz, well, who wouldn't like that cuddly cute pokemon?



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Bye-Bye, and thanks to all the users who gave me some amazing art!


The prize that was here has been taken by Flittington. It is now closed.

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Yes, they hear us!
The difference is that in the past they used to make several posts promoting changes. But nowadays, they don’t do that anymore, and that’s okay.
About the Hybrids, I believe that nobody likes them for pure lack of thought ... First, the franchise is OVER in the third film. So, they needed to create something for the games to remain without losing their essence (because original dragons from the games would take over and soon dragons from the movies would just be "special participation"). Second, Hybrids are more realistic and natural than Titan Wings ... you can see hybrids in the real world, but an animal that mutates after a certain lifetime? pft ...
Third and not least, the franchise talks all the time about how dragons are mysterious creatures, even if scientifically correct ... if they can mutate themselves, they can create hybrids with ease, even if they come out strange.
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They could have added the

They could have added the sandbusters but instead we get these hybrids which in my opnion fine add them but do it after all the dragons from the show are added not now

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Not just Sandbuster, but several others like some from the second film and others from the last RTTE seasons. But I believe that they will take advantage of the fact that these are more orders and only add in Expansions, when they come back from the hiatus.

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I know there's more but i'm

I know there's more but i'm using the Sandbuster as an example but I'm not so sure they'll add anymore expensions even though almost all of us want one

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A Note from a Veteran:
The game continues like this because nobody knows how to ask for bug fixes, that's the truth.


I’m a veteran, I’ve played this game since its launch, but I’ve only basically entered the real forum this year ... I see everyone complaining, but always HERE ON THE FORUM, the worst possible place.
ADMs themselves ask that they ask us to contact them via email, because that's where the support team works, and not here on the forum (because ADMs aren't always online for that).
Basically, I'm a player who doesn't even have 1/3 of the bugs that most players have, because I always contact support via email and they fix the bug directly in my account, as everyone really should be doing. Become aware of it!


Regarding the errors and inconsistencies in dragons, there have been times when they fixed animations and divulged them. But they have never stopped tinkering with dragons ... lately, several have received retexturization and a remodeling in some aspects such as the face, tail or (mainly) wings . The difference is that they no longer change the animations or publicize the changes, which is really needed but no one asks for it back here on the forum (I have only seen 1 or 2 in MONTHS). I even sometimes try to show some mistakes in dragons, but rarely do players reinforce or feel uncomfortable with it. The only wrong model responses on dragons I have are from Grapple Grounder and Hobblegrunt, but apparently no player cares about mistakes in Flightmare, Quaken, Rumblehorn, etc ... So, don't blame the developers for not hearing a voice that does not exist.
And lastly, the developers are not to blame for induction or errors. Adding a new dragon, for example, does not mean that there are no others working on farm objects, skin re-texturing, Dragon Armors, etc ... the Events Seasonal are there to prove it. As for the errors, most are partly to blame for DreamWorks, which is "to blame" for the outdated model of the Grapple Grounder and the wrong model of the Hobblegrunt.


I'm not saying you're not right. This is something that really needs to be done, but it should start with US players, that we should pay more attention to the beneficial movements here on the forum and not simply blame the developers and/or leave the game waiting someone to guess what's wrong.
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:( Your Subject has ran into a problem and needs to restart.

I'm gonna straighten a few things out: I'm a veteran player, but I still play this game normally as much as I first started playing it. I play the game because it still runs, despite the occasional "timed out" errors and domain crashes. This game was a mess from the start, but it helped me build a ton of paitence and developed big brain tactics to work around the situation.

In other words; personally, I still play the game because it's fun... and it's the best running game my laptop PC has, ironically.


Another thing: Redesigns are never needs, even when everybody else calls for it. Since it doesn't negatively affect the games preformance or hinders smooth gameplay, it's not a requirement to fix the designs. It's a desire. A want. You WANT <dragon species> to be redesigned.



But I can add one crucial thing that IS a need, and SHOULD be #1 priority:




Nobody can change anything about their accounts unless they email for a reset password. You can't change your passwords, nor can you change your emails. That is a total MUST for obvious security reasons.

That is the only thing in my opinion that I care about. The devs can leave the game half-broken, add new junk, enable child slave labor and lootbox gambling, thus add some more glitches. Just fix this totally humongous security hole that been plaguing the game for over 3 years! >:V



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Everyone can have their own opinions about this. But I think it'd be best if I cleared some things and/or added some stuff to my argument.


First of all, I am speaking on behalf of those players who have complained to the devs about their game being as broken as it is. Some agree with me, some don't. 


But I speak on behalf of them:




2019 (number 2, number 4) (happens to me ocassionally, especially, like vary said, during Battle Events)


2018 (number 1, number 2, number 3 are some that can still be found to this day in TRR) (the screenshot resembles the glitch where all players loose -5 trophies in a race; still happens to this day)


2017 (problem discussed recently about dragon stats not being canon to what they have in their profiles) (minor bug but some “veteran” players can’t see their Titan or recolored dragons when viewing their profiles)


I know most of yall won't even look through these posts, so that's why I decided to point out some that I thought were key and present in the game as of now.


Now, on to the topic of hybrids. I'm sorry, but not all of us are in the same page. I'm not saying they're ugly, I'm just saying they're innecessary compared to what a lot of us have been asking the devs to fix as far as 2017 ^^


Not everyone wants hybrids. I do have to agree with what SilverAceWing said about glitch improving concerning the Abomibumble, but again, compared to all these glitches and bugs that we have now, I'm sorry to say that it's little.


Debating your point about "If you don't like the game, then quit": I never said I disliked the game, so please don't say false claims. I said I was tired that we weren't listened by the developers. If I hated the game, I would've quit a long time now, right? But I didn't; as I said, I played for 4 years because I actually enjoy School of Dragons. 


Also, clearing this up for everyone who reads this: I NEVER ASKED YOU TO STOP PLAYING. That's your choice. Those who do, good. Those who don't, good.


Now, onto what Neón said. 


I do apologize for the impatient tone I have; but you have to understand, as someone who's emailed the team before multiples times but has been ghosted, there's a breaking point. 


And to be frank, it does start with the players. We've suggested stuff and/or asked the developers to look into things since 2014:







2014 (I agree with what chimchim said)


Here's why we're posting things on the forums: as SilverAceWing said, admins DO read through the forums. Not too long ago, an admin; not only that, A GAME DESIGNER replied to LissaFish's "Petition for Long Night Flight."


And I quote directly,

MALKATH - Game Designer (ADMIN)

"Okay, I hear you guys. I'll see what can be done." (07/15/2020) at 18:50

POST #39


See why we're posting on the forums?


If we managed to get a Game Designer's attention to something so many people wanted back, you can't reproach on those who decide to post forum threads asking the developers to look into the game regarding bugs and glitches. 


We want to be LISTENED. If many of the glitches or bugs were fixed since the game's launch, I can assure you there would be way less people complaining in the forums. 


And thank you for mentioning dragon animations. Personally, I've seen people's disappointment directed at the Grapple Grounder's animation and/or design. Now, I can't speak on behalf of the Quaken or the Rumblehorn, but the Flightmare has been a topic of discussion that MANY PLAYERS find annoying:


And some of these were made in 2020. As in, recently.


So yea. People have been complaining. You might've not noticed, but saying that you haven't seen many people complaining about the Flightmare is a huge lie. Not only that, but players have resorted to MAKING SIGNATURE BANNERS so that every time they make a post, the topic of changing Flightmare colors is still as relevant as when the developers decided to make them dull.


I'm not trying to make yall change your mind. It's ok to have your opinion. But i do feel the need to add evidence to back up my argument bc many people forget that these issues have been on the game way back when. 

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About Flightmare, I have even seen all the repercussions on the bluish tone they put on the skin, but I have not seen anyone talking about details as great as, which are the color distribution and the animations that, even if they have been changed, still do not continue not at all faithful to what the series presented us. When I tried to talk to people about this detail of Flightmare and about Rumblehorn and Quaken, nobody even paid any attention ... so I do see a certain inattentiveness on the part of the players.
About sending emails, most may have revolted just because of the delay (because, really, they take too long to visualize). But practically 100% of the time they solve the problem, just be patient.
Regarding the post in general, I was offended because by your tone it really seemed that you were disappointed to the point of asking the players to stop playing. Fortunately, you clarified this for me and were more relieved.
I think that, for this case, there should be some kind of ADM that can take care of the forums, something like a "bridge" between the players and the ADMs, because I see a lack of communication apparently. This professional could also help maintain the forum clean and spam free.
ADMs really pay attention, but only when we get to their ears, it takes a LOT of work ... we really needed a forum ADM.
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Good point. Although I have to say that a lot of dragons in Sod don't even keep their canonicity. Devs really just need to keep the dragon's origins in mind if they fix or add dragons.


Might be. But since it's been over two weeks (my last email to them) and I haven't received response from the team, u start to question their ability to listen. And I didn't send out just a minor bug thing or an addition. I sent out a pretty serious email that I needed urgent attention. but nope. I had to deal with it myself smh.


AND I AGREE. There should be someone as a "mediator" between the community and the developers. But until that happens, imma go to hibernation mode.



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Lightning thought the subject was trying to attack me... RIP

       I got my flightmare banner right here in my siggy, and I don't even own a flightmare on my main viking.



       There are two sides, as every story has, and both have good points.


       If the devs really do respond best to emails, then it would be nice if it was broadcasted as much as their dragon pack sales. Like, if every time you went to make a bug report thread, it would have a bold letter message at the top of the screen saying something like: "Consider emailing your bug reports to instead. It's more likely to get noticed!" Or even "Contact us directly!" with a link to their contact page.


       Now, the players do have breaking points, but game development really isn't a walk in the park. While there's something to, 'speak louder, they must not be able to hear us', that's not entirely true. If people report 100 different bugs, each of them is going to get less attention. One way we could help is marking what the biggest issues are, and ONLY talking about those. For example, boat raid glitches. Those are pretty bad. If we stopped complaining about graphics and 'fix the bugs' without even listing what they are whenever we mention it, I think we would get further.


       Another thing; This is NOT a supportive community. All the games that I've seen that keep bringing me back (Horse Isle 3, Sylestia, etc.) have AMAZING communities. That's not to say a community always makes the game what it is. There are several games I enjoy with horrid communities, but it certainly plays a major part. Yes, the developers have a responsibility to fix the bugs (especially since people are paying for their game), but we can't really say they aren't doing anything because we can't see the coding issues they are facing. And screaming, demanding, and ranting everywhere in their forums isn't exactly very encouraging. If anything, I think it makes them less inclined to even check in anymore. Here's a little piece of advice when trying to get something from someone; honey attracts more flies than vinigar. Even if you don't sugar coat every message you send, being polite, even with eachother, helps.

       "I'm sorry, but I can't enjoy this game with all the bugs it has. Perhaps I'll come back one day, but for now I think I'm going to move on. I hope one day I can enjoy this as much as I used to." 
              is much better than

       "This game is so bugged, I don't even care what happens to it anymore. Devs, I'm tired of you not listening. I'm sick of all the events and hybrids instead of bug fixes. Unless something changes for the better, I'm done. Good luck, cause it looks like you're gonna lose all your players pretty soon."


       If YOU were a developer, which one is more likely to encourage you to work on your game? Which one sparks your sense of obligation? And which one puts you on the defensive and makes you say, "We don't care what you think. It's obvious you don't understand the effort put into this. If you don't appreciate all the work we do, then who cares if you leave? We still have plenty of players who are willing to be patient."


       Not everything is on the devs, it's the community's job as well. How many of you, when reporting a bug, follow the guidlines they made? None? Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's none, or at least so few of you it's hardly noticable. Even I am guilty. They have that sheet for a reason though. Knowing what device you are on, what time it happened, etc. are incredibly useful to fixing the bugs. They can look at the log history, they can review their mobile scripts vs their pc ones, they can run tests on the right devices and see if they can repeat the issue, and many more.


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Of course we're all salty. We're all the salt of the earth, placed on the world to give love and to be good and kind to man, animal, and the land itself.


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Well, I wholeheartedly agree with what's said above. It feels like the game is falling apart gradually, and I know for a fact cancelling CoC was a bad move, to "fix glitches". Nothing really got fixed, sure gem quests came back, but really, there's so many "server call timed out" and "you have been logged out", glitches that set your dragons to level 1, etc. Some people can't even GET INTO TRR or even the game itself.


A lot of my closest friends quit. It's rare to see a lot of friends online now, and it's depressing how it just became an abandoned town over time. People still play, but I see people making their quitting announcements a lot, whether it be on the forum or discord. Really, if the devs don't fix anything, this game would just go downhill and eventually shut down. Although many others and I are frustrated with the game's glitches, (for me at least) the game holds a lot of memories, fun times, and amazing friends, that's why I never really fully quit. Sure I retire here and then because of school but it's not like for good. I can't say the same for everyone.


It's sad to see the game that's given a lot of people good memories just slowly fall apart because of frustration and glitches. 



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