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First, I would like to thank the developers of this game for your work. This game is great and provides a lot of fun.

In the German translation, some texts are shifted.
For example, the Turtle Pond is called a Turtle, Turtle as Turtle Feed, Turtle Feed as Turtle Eggs, the Turtle Eggs as Changewing Skin, ...


One more thing ....
If at Johann's Job Board a job comes in the rubbish bin, then a text on the time display appears 'Welcome to Flight Club...'.
After closing and reopening Johann's Job Board the time display can be viewed successfully without overlaid text.


I think it's a simple shift.
Perhaps this can be easily corrected. Am I right? I hope so.
My children and I would be glad to have the right texts to the objects.


Thank you very much!  :-)

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shifted text examples